2600 FAQ Dead Links File

The links listed below appeared in previous versions of the 2600 FAQ, but they have moved without any forwarding address. Please mail me if you locate any of the files referenced below.

Last seen alive in version 12.2+

Have any new games been released lately?

Greg Troutman (mor@crl.com) recently posted a beta version of This Planet Sucks on his web page.

new games

On a related note, VGR (vgr@clark.net) is the author of Indenture, a dos version of 2600 Adventure, complete with larger levels and enhancements. See the Indenture FAQ for more information.

cart lists

VGR (vgr@clark.net) maintains the giant 2600/7800 list which contains entries for most 2600/7800 games, although it has not been updated in a while. In addition to manufacturer's model number, the list also includes rarity ratings. Here is the plain text version and the html table version.

Last seen alive in version 11.5+

cart lists

Bert Whetstone (cudabert@magicnet.net) has converted VGR's list into several popular database formats. The files below are in zip format.

Atari Field Service Manuals

Grant LeTourneau's (snapsnar@tezcat.com) web page contains on-line versions of Atari Field Service Manuals for the 2600 and 5200.