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Spectravision produced a large number of 2600 titles and was doing quite well until the Crash. Perhaps best known for producing the mail order-only game Chase the Chuckwagon, Spectravision had a decent lineup including many rare games that are sought after today such as Bumper Bash and Mangia. Three games were sold exclusively through the Columbia House Record Club - Bumper Bash, Gas Hog, and Mangia. These titles may have been sold in Canadian stores since they seem to be more available in that part of the continent. Spectravision was also the only company to deliver a keyboard add-on for the 2600, the Compumate, although many had made similar promises, including Atari. Spectravision is one of the few 2600 era companies still in business today, although they're now known as Spectra Video. You can visit their website at

View Catalogs Produced By Spectravision

SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Bumper BashStandardSA-218
Challenge of NexarStandardSA-206
Chase the Chuck WagonStandard 
China SyndromeStandardSA-205
Cross ForceStandardSA-203
Gangster AlleyStandardSA-201
Gangster Ruine       
Gas HogStandardSA-217
Master BuilderStandardSA-210
Planet PatrolStandardSA-202
Planeten Patrouile       
Super Baumeister