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Former Atari employee Jay Miner founded Amiga in 1982. Only two games were released by Amiga for the Atari 2600, although they also released a controller and peripheral. Mogul Maniac used the Joyboard to add body control to the game - the player stands on the board and leans in the direction of desired movement on-screen. Amiga had plans for some innovative products, such as the Power Module (memory expansion) and a pair of 3D glasses. Sadly, these never saw the light of day as Amiga moved out of the console videogame business and concentrated on computers. Amiga can be found today at, although the company has changed directions many times over the years and is now in workstation software development.
SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Mogul ManiacStandard3120 
Off Your Rocker 3130Box icon
Surf's Up 3125Manual iconBox icon