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Sega was known for their arcade games at the time of their entry into the home market. They initially licensed their games to Coleco for the ColecoVision console and later to other companies including Atari. Games such as Frogger, Zaxxon, and Pengo were very successful, so Sega decided to publish its own titles. The games that followed were Buck Rogers, Congo Bongo, and Star Trek (three games that Sega also published for the 5200). Then they teamed with Bally/Midway to release Tapper and Spy Hunter, but the market was crashing and Sega decided to get out of the market. However, three years later saw the release of their Sega Master System, a competitor to the Nintendo Entertainment System. After several mildly successful consoles, Sega has decided to get out of the console hardware business altogether and return to producing games for other companies' systems. You can find out the latest Sega news at

System View:

SystemTitle Cart StyleModel #YearRarityCartManBoxROMShot
Buck Rogers: Planet of Doom 005-03  
Congo Bongo 006-03   
Spy Hunter 011-03   
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator 004-03   
Super Zaxxon 012-03    
Up 'n Down 009-03   
Zaxxon 008-03