Game of the Bear - Atari 2600


Game of the Bear

One day Ursulo the bear was walking around, minding his own business...when suddenly a weird floating machine appeared and teleported him into the lair of the evil mystical scientist Doctor Wizardo! Now Ursulo must find the three keys and defeat the evil Doctor Wizardo in order to escape from the haunted laboratory.

Game of the Bear Box


Your objective is to get the three keys needed to access the room of Doctor Wizardo, defeat him, and get out of the haunted lab.

But it will not be an easy task! Ursulo must carefully navigate through multiple rooms filled with creatures and mechanisms in order to discover chests containing the keys necessary to reach Doctor Wizardo. When you get a key, an icon will apear next to your remaining time on the bottom of the screen. Since Ursulo has no pockets, he can only carry one key at a time. To pick up a new key, Ursulo mus first use the key he is carrying.

At certain points of the haunted lab, there are teleporters that allow you to move between rooms and return quickly to previously visited areas.

If you lose all your lives or the time expires, then the game is over. If you beat the game, the remaining time is your score, so try to be quick!


Game of the Bear Screenshot Game of the Bear Screenshot Game of the Bear Screenshot Game of the Bear Screenshot Game of the Bear Screenshot Game of the Bear Screenshot Game of the Bear Screenshot Game of the Bear Screenshot

Additional Information

Included with Game of the Bear is the game cartridge, full-color 8-page manual, and professionally printed box. Game of the Bear is an NTSC-only game.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Coding and Design Vladimir Zúñiga
Box, Label, and Manual Artwork/Design Vladimir Zúñiga
adam ford on 09/08/2022 05:39pm
This game has a great metroid like feel, along with some elements of fast traveling back through levels. This game offers a great challenge with great level design that give it a more modern feel. My 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son love this game! We have a great time trying to figure out the levels together. Its a game we go back to often!

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