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Jr. Pac-Man - Atari 7800
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Jr. Pac-Man - Atari 7800
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I may be young, but I'm no baby!

I'm a star just like my folks, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. And I've got twice their energy! Come play with me! We'll race around giant playgrounds. We'll chase down magic candy and run from ghostly bullies who'll tickle me to death if they catch me.

My playgrounds are full of challenging mazes with corners and alleys to hide in. I run faster than a speeding roller skate, ducking behind barriers, dodging those mean bullies. I can even race from one side of a playground to the other. That's a lot of ground to cover!

But I've got to play a lot harder than my folks to live up to the Pac-Man family name. That's why this is a whole new game!

Jr. Pac-Man is another classic arcade game faithfully brought to life on the Atari 7800 by programming wizard Bob DeCrescenzo. Jr. Pac-Man follows the popular Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man arcade hits, bringing new features such as a large, side-scrolling maze and bonus items that not only move about the maze but also destroy power pills they come into contact with! Bob DeCrescenzo's 7800 rendition of the game is even complete with the intermissions from the arcade.

This fast-paced, frenetic Pac-Man experience is not to be missed!

Includes cartridge and four-page, full-color manual. Available in NTSC and PAL television formats, please specify above when ordering.

Author Bob DeCrescenzo
Number of Players 2
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K



Reviews (4)

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Reviewer: BenjaminR
03/20/2014 12:54pm
The graphics are absolutely perfect, but I have to mention that the control is not quite right. I tested this game with both the original Atari 7800 and the Euro pad controller. Jr. Pac-Man will not always reverse on the fly or turn down a corner when you really need him to, and that makes this game a lot less fun that it could have been if the programmer would have taken the time to correctly iron out the non-responsive controls. Too bad, I really loved playing the arcade version of this game, with a controller fix, this game would be perfect. Can’t give this a better review because the controls are junk.
Reviewer: Horace Grant
07/04/2012 03:52am
I purchased this game a few years ago from this site.
I must say, its about as close as a port of an arcade version of PMJR can get for a system of the day.
I rate this 7800 port of JR with 5 out of 5 stars.
Very well done homebrew.
I look forward to more games in the future.
Reviewer: Nathan Strum
12/15/2010 02:47pm
Jr. Pac-Man is one of many sequels to Pac-Man, this time featuring Pac-Man's son. The usual group of monsters is in pursuit, and you're still eating dots and power pellets, but the key difference this time is that the maze is much wider than usual, meaning you have a lot more dots to eat, and a lot more ground to cover. Complicating matters are the lack of escape tunnels and the toy bonus items that periodically bounce through the maze. Instead of just benignly hopping around waiting to be eaten, the toys turn normal dots into larger ones that dramatically slow you down (but give you more points), and they'll also destroy your power pellets if you don't get to them in time.

Jr. Pac-Man is an excellent port of the arcade game. The graphics, including the title screen and intermissions are all faithfully reproduced. The sound is very good, although the 7800's limitations are noticeable. The game plays like the original, and is just as mercilessly hard. Fortunately, there are options available to increase Jr.'s speed and give him more lives, and you more of a chance to survive.

Jr. Pac-Man is a solid addition to the growing library of Pac-franchise titles for the 7800. It may be a bit too difficult for the casual gamer, but die-hard Pac-fans who are looking for a serious challenge should check it out.
Reviewer: Jay Comeau
05/09/2010 10:23pm
Wow I am the first to review? I would have thought that everybody who purchased Pacman Collection would have been all over this! Poor Jr has an interesting tale, as Namco never took over the rights to the game, and Midway produced it without proper authorization from Namco. So poor Jr remains somewhat of an orphan as Midway is in bankruptcy and Namco refuses to acknowledge the game as part of the series. The only official home console port ever made was for the 2600, and while it's a fun and challenging game, it doesn't resemble the arcade game much as it really pushed the 2600. It scrolls vertically instead of horizontally, and just doesn't have the same graphical lustre. Until now. Atariage's own pacmanplus (or Bobby D as i like to call him) has produced an amazingly accurate port for the 7800 to go with his fantastic Pacman Collection. It fills a sorely missing gap in the 7800 library, and is worth every penny. In fact, I ordered both at the same time and I am MORE than impressed with the professional grade of the products. In fact I am even considering ordering his 7800 port of Super Pacman, simply because his work is incredible despite the fact I don't even like Super Pac all that much. 5 joysticks EASY.
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