Atari 2600 Prototypes

Note: this file is no longer updated

**      >>>> 2600 GAMES AND PROTOTYPES MADE BY ATARI V4.2 <<<<           **
**                           > by Luc Pycke <                              **
**                             December 1998                               **
** --------------------------------------------------------------------- **
** Titles sorted by rarity (C, U, R, ER, UR)                              **
**                                                                        **
** Based on VGR's giant 2600/7800 list                                    **
**                                                                        **
** Many thanks to Dan Mowczan, Russ Perry Jr.                             **
** and John Earney for lots of good info.                                 **
**                                                                        **


Title with highest catalog number: CX26192 (Klax)

Unknown game numbers between CX2601 and CX26192:
CX26100, CX26191, CX26157, CX26160, CX26161, CX26164, CX26166, CX26173,
CX26174, CX26175, CX26179, CX26180, CX26181, CX26182, CX26185, CX26186,
CX26187, CX26188, CX26189


(x) after a title means that the rom image has been dumped
    and is most probably available for download on the net.

CX2647 Submarine Commander
        * Was officially released by Sears, but not by Atari.

CX2665 Frog Pond (x)
        * A prototype box also exists.
CX2678 Dukes of Hazzard (x)
        * Best Electronics used to sell copies of this
        prototype. There are quite a few around and really
        isn't that rare. A prototype box exists. However,
        another prototype with the name "Dukes of Hazzard"
        exists: it is completely different from the one that
        Best Electronics sold. See --> Stunt Cycle.

CX2679 RealSports Basketball
        * Recently discovered by the guys at Atari Headquarters.
        The game seems to be complete. A prototype box also exists.
        For a full review and some screenshots go to

CX2687 Tempest
        * A prototype box and the game exist.

CX2695 Xevious (x)

CX26106 Grover's Music Maker (x)

CX26108 Donald Duck's Speedboat
        * The box for the game also exists and is displayed
        in the European Atari catalog CO20521 Rev. 3
CX26112 Good Luck, Charlie Brown
        * A prototype of this title was recently discovered
        by a reader of the 2600 Connection. See issue #33
        for details.
CX26115 Dumbo's Flying Circus
        * The box for the game also exists and is displayed
        in the European Atari catalog CO20521 Rev. 3
CX26119 Saboteur (x)
        * Exists as prototype. The game was never released,
        but they ended up changing the graphics and called
        it "The A-Team", which was also never released.
        The game was written by Howard Warshaw in 1983.
        John Earney owns different versions (with different
        names: Sabotuer, Sabature, Sabbature) of this game:
        one of them displays "stop rocket save birdies" when
        the rocket blasts off the screen, while another
        version doesn't display this. The infamous Yar also
        shows up in the game.

CX26122 Sinistar (x)

CX26131 Monstercise (x)

CX26133 The A-Team (x)
        * Same game as Saboteur, except for the graphics.

CX26137 Peek-A-Boo (x)

CX26156 Combat II
        * Recently discovered by the guys at Atari Headquarters.
        The game seems to be complete. For a full review and
        some screenshots go to

CX26169 Shooting Arcade
        * 11 have been found. 1 about 4 years ago sold
        to Tim Duarte who sold it to Bill Zandrew for $210.
        Best Electronics found 10 more copies in 1996 and
        sold them to 10 people for $100 each.
CX26178 Saving Mary
        * Best Electronics discovered eight prototypes
        of this title. It was never released, but was
        mentioned in the first issue of Atarian magazine.

CX26?? Aquaventure (x)

CX26?? Bionic Breakthrough (x)
        * Game for use with the Mindlink Controller.

CX26?? Bugs Bunny (x)

CX26?? Coke-Pepsi
        * -> Coke Wins!
CX26?? Coke Wins! (x)
        * This game was never given an official title and
        doesn't have a label. It's not really a prototype, but
        a complete game which was given out as a promotion to
        retailers. A box for it also exists. The game is also
        known as Coke-Pepsi and Pepsi Invaders.

CX26?? Computer Chess
        * Only recently discovered. NOT the same as Video Chess!
        See Atari Headquarters ( for
        picture and details.

CX26?? Holey Moley (x)

CX26113 Miss Piggy's Wedding
        * Only one known copy exists. Owned by Dan Mowczan.
        Go to Atari Headquarters (
        for screenshots and review.

CX26?? Nightmare Manor
        * This was the working title for Haunted House,
        but a prototype with this name has been found.
        It is rumoured that the same proto has been found
        with the name "Grave's Manor".

CX26?? Pepsi Invaders
        * -> Coke Wins!

CX26?? Polo (x)
        * The prototype is owned by Carol Shaw.

CX26?? Rabbit Transit
        * At least one prototype exists. It is owned by
        John Earney.

CX26?? Stunt Cycle
        * At least 3 prototypes exist, one of which is owned
        by John Earney. His copy is dated 7-31-80 and has a
        generic label. In the game, you're a motorcycle and
        you try to jump over barrels. The same game was also
        discovered with the name "Dukes of Hazzard" (=not the
        same as the game sold by Best Electronics!).

CX26?? Wizard (x)
        * Designed by Chris Crawford.


CX2603 Space Mission
CX2614 Steeplechase (released by Sears only)
CX2615 Hot Rox
        * This was the working title of Demons to Diamonds.
        A (very small) picture of the box can be seen in
        several Atari game catalogs (CO16725) and the Atari
        Log Book. It's on the left of the television set,
            right between Dodge'em and Video Chess.

CX2619 Stellar Track (released by Sears only)
CX2672 Swordquest Airworld
        * Was started by Todd Frye, but was only about 20%
        complete. Probably doesn't exist anymore. (?)
        Note: I recently got an email from a person (Brian H.)
        who said that the prototype *does* exist. Apparently
        a friend of his owns one.

CX2693 Food Fight
CX26105 3-D Asteroids
CX26107 Snow White
CX26116 Galaga
CX26121 Zookeeper
CX26124 Choplifter!
CX26126 Elevator Action
CX26128 Boing
CX26130 Honker Bonker
CX26132 Garfield
CX26134 The Last Starfighter
CX26134 Star Raiders II
CX26138 Super Soccer
CX26141 Motor Psycho
CX26142 Crack'ed
CX26147 Frogger
CX26148 Turbo
CX26149 Zaxxon
CX26153 Thunderfox
CX26158 Surround II
CX26165 Jinks
CX26167 Street Fight
CX26184 White Water Madness
        * Is mentioned in Atarian #3 (Oct 89) in an ad
        from The Ultimate Game Club (p28).
CX26?? 28 in 1
CX26?? 30 in 1
CX26?? Caverns of Mars
CX26?? Challenger
CX26?? Children's Introduction to Programming
CX26?? Donkey Kong (for My First Computer)
CX26?? Fail Safe
CX26?? Family Finances
CX26?? Foxbat
CX26?? Mickey and the Beanstalk
CX26?? Mickey and the Great Outdoors
CX26?? Popeye
CX26?? Preppie
CX26?? Qix
CX26?? Rally-X
CX26?? Robotron: 2084
CX26?? Rocky & Bullwinkle
CX26?? Round-Up
CX26?? Scooby Doo
CX26?? Super Stunt Cycle
CX26?? The Adventures of Max
CX26?? Typo Attack
CX26?? Battlezone (Voice Controller)
CX26?? Berzerk (Voice Controller)
CX26?? RealSports Baseball (Voice Controller)
CX26?? Star Raiders (Voice Controller)
CX26?? Rodeo


CX2601 Combat - C -
CX2609 Defender - C -
CX2613 Adventure - C -
CX2616 Pele's Soccer - C -
CX2616 (Pele's) Championship Soccer - C -
CX2621 Video Olympics - C -
CX2622 Breakout - C -
CX2623 Homerun - C -
CX2624 Basketball - C -
CX2625 Football - C -
CX2628 Bowling - C -
CX2630 Circus Atari - C -
CX2631 Superman - C -
CX2632 Space Invaders - C -
CX2633 Night Driver - C -
CX2634 Golf - C -
CX2638 Missile Command - C -
CX2641 Surround - C -
CX2646 Pac-Man - C -
CX2649 Asteroids - C -
CX2650 Berzerk - C -
CX2654 Haunted House - C -
CX2655 Yars' Revenge - C -
CX2656 Swordquest Earthworld - C -
CX2657 Swordquest Fireworld - C -
CX2658 Math Gran Prix - C -
CX2659 Raiders of the Lost Ark - C -
CX2668 RealSports Football - C -
CX2669 Vanguard - C -
CX2673 Phoenix - C -
CX2674 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - C -
CX2675 Ms. Pac-Man - C -
CX2676 Centipede - C -
CX2691 Joust - C -
CX2694 Pole Position - C -
CX26140 Desert Falcon - C -

CX2602 Air-Sea Battle - U -
CX2604 Space War - U -
CX2605 Outlaw - U -
CX2606 Slot Racers - U -
CX2607 Canyon Bomber - U -
CX2608 Super Breakout - U -
CX2610 Warlords - U -
CX2611 Indy 500 - U -
CX2612 Street Racer - U -
CX2615 Demons to Diamonds - U -
CX2617 Backgammon - U -
CX2618 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe - U -
CX2626 Miniature Golf - U -
CX2627 Human Cannonball - U -
CX2629 Sky Diver - U -
CX2635 Maze Craze - U -
CX2637 Dodge 'Em - U -
CX2640 RealSports Baseball - U -
CX2642 Hunt & Score - U -
CX2643 Code Breaker - U -
CX2644 Flag Capture - U -
CX2645 Video Chess - U -
CX2648 Video Pinball - U -
CX2652 Casino - U -
CX2660 Star Raiders - U -
CX2661 Fun With Numbers - U -
CX2661 Basic Math - U -
CX2662 Hangman - U -
CX2664 Brain Games - U -
CX2666 RealSports Volleyball - U -
CX2667 RealSports Soccer - U -
CX2677 Dig Dug - U -
CX2680 RealSports Tennis - U -
CX2681 Battlezone - U -
CX2684 Galaxian - U -
CX2685 Gravitar - U -
CX2688 Jungle Hunt - U -
CX2689 Kangaroo - U -
CX2692 Moon Patrol - U -
CX2697 Mario Bros. - U -
CX26110 Crystal Castles - U -
CX26120 Stargate - U -
CX26123 Jr. Pac-Man - U -
CX26135 RealSports Boxing - U -
CX26136 Solaris - U -
CX26139 Crossbow - U -
CX26143 Donkey Kong - U -
CX26151 Dark Chambers - U -
CX26152 Super Baseball - U -
CX26154 Super Football - U -

CX2603 Star Ship - R -
CX2620 Basic Programming - R -
CX2636 Video Checkers - R -
CX2639 Othello - R -
CX2642 A Game of Concentration - R -
CX2651 Blackjack - R -
CX2653 Slot Machine - R -
CX2682 Krull - R -
CX2699 Taz - R -
CX26101 Oscar's Trash Race - R -
CX26102 Cookie Monster Munch - R -
CX26103 Alpha Beam with Ernie - R -
CX26104 Big Bird's Egg Catch - R -
CX26109 Sorcerer's Apprentice - R -
CX26111 Snoopy and the Red Baron - R -
CX26118 Millipede - R -
CX26120 Defender II - R -
CX26125 Track & Field (label says CX26127) - R -
CX26129 Midnight Magic - R -
CX26144 Donkey Kong Jr. - R -
CX26145 Venture - R -
CX26146 Mousetrap - R -
CX26150 Q*bert - R -
CX26155 Sprintmaster - R -
CX26159 Double Dunk - R -
CX26170 Secret Quest - R -
CX26176 Radar Lock - R -
CX26177 Ikari Warriors - R -
CX26183 Sentinel - R -

CX2663 Road Runner - ER -
CX2670 Atari Video Cube - ER -
        * Was initially only available through the
        Atari Video Club, but was later sold in stores.

CX2683 Crazy Climber - ER -
        * Was only sold through the Atari Video Club.

CX2696 Asterix - ER -
CX2698 Rubik's Cube - ER -
CX2690 Pengo - ER -
CX26114 Pigs in Space - ER -
CX26117 Obelix - ER -
CX26127 Gremlins - ER -
CX26163 32 in 1 - ER -
CX26168 Off the Wall - ER -
CX26172 Xenophobe - ER -
CX26192 Klax - ER -

CX2671 Swordquest Waterworld - UR -
        * Was initially only available through the
        Atari Video Club, but was later sold in stores.

CX2686 Quadrun - UR -
        * This 32K game was released in very limited
        quantities and was only available through the
        Atari Video Club. However, some people claim to
        have seen it in ordinary shops as well.
        Best Electronics used to sell protos of it.
        A prototype box ("for promotional use only -
        contains no product") also exists.

CX26162 Fatal Run - UR -
CX26171 Motorodeo - UR -
CX26190 BMX Airmaster - UR -
        * Exists in red label format.
        The game was also released by HES and TNT Games.
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