Kid Stuff Records

The following is reprinted from a Usenet post by Christopher Paulin, about the Kid Stuff records made for Atari:

I mentioned these in an earlier post and got a few responses. I'm not selling or anything, just providing info.  I have six 12" LPs issued by Kid Stuff records in 1982/83. They are as follows:


"While on a routine mission, the Cosmic Space Patrol ship, Intrepid, is trapped in a time-warp and is rocketed into the past! It's up to Captain jim Stanton and his computer sidekick, Chip Brain, to find their way back to safety. Blast off for adventure with Atari's Asteroids!"

Songs include: Atari Theme, Asteroids, Time Warp

Yars' Revenge

"Deep in outer space, in the Razak solar system, lives a race of super-beings, half-man/half-fly, known as Yars. when one of their planets is destroyed, the Yars vow to seek revenge against their mortal enemy, the evil Qotile! Fly alongside the Yar warriors, as they attack their enemy in a thrilling space battle! Take off for excitement with Atari's Yars Revenge."

Songs include: Atari theme, Fly, Yar warriors!, Yars' Revenge

Missile Command

"The planet Zardon is under attack! Only the brave men and women of the
Missile Command can destroy endless waves of Krytolian missiles. Join
the Command Team and help defend the universe as you fight back in
Atari's Missile command!"

Songs include: Atari Theme, Missile Command, Zardon Commanders

Donkey Kong

"Everyone in Gamesville turns out to welcome Donkey Kong to the circus. What a day for excitement!! However, things don't quite turn out as
they are planned. Donkey Kong becomes homesick for his old home at the zoo. He breaks out of his cage! Will his old friend Mario be able to help? will Donkey Kong run away? We'll find out when "Donkey Kong Goes Home"

Songs include: Donkey Kong Theme, No More Zoo For You, The Climber, On Top Of The World, Jump Up, Mario Delivers, Donkey Kong Theme (Reprise)

The Amazing Adventures of PAC-MAN

"When the gang of ghosts, Speedy, Shadow, Bashful and Poky steal all the fruit in Pacville it's up to PAC-MAN to get it back and return it to the
rightful owners.

Be there when PAC-MAN finds the fruit hidden in the haunted house on the hill and join in on the hero's welcome.

Don't miss the fun!!"

Side one: PAC-MAN Theme, Take The Fruit And Scoot, Slightly Crazy Lazy Day, The Chase
Side two: The Pack Rat Song, I Hate Fruit Blues, It's My Job, PAC-MAN Theme

The Pac-Man Album (Picture disc)

"Come visit the magic land of Pac-Man and sing-a-long with Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. It's a land of excitement and adventure, so close your eyes and travel with us. Use your imagination and don't miss the fun!!"

Side one: The Pac-Man Theme, Pac-Man's Magic Land, I'm number 1, The Gang of Ghosts Quarter
Side Two: Turning blue, He's Too Bust For Me, If it's a game, The Pac-Man Finale

There they are. I'm a terrible keyboarder and my wrists ache.

Quoted text is taken right off the sleeves. Betcha didn't know there was so much emotional detail in these games. I really love the liberal use of double exclamation marks.

Missile Comamnd, Yars' Revenge and Asteroids have the original Atari art on the covers but about 10" by 10" - they would be excellent for making t-shirts. Donkey Kong has one of the stand-up arcade graphics on it, I believe. The Pac-man graphics were done for the record and thy're just junk.

I haven't listened to the in a long time. I won't be posting any .wav's, as I don't have the resources. I do remember "Pac-Man's Magic Land", I put it on a tape about 7 years ago. The guy runs out of ideas about 1/3 into the song, so, he sings the title for about 3 minutes over and over again.

Christopher Paulin

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