Prototypes and Vaporware

This Gallery is an assortment of prototype units and vaporware.  Lots of interesting ideas never made it to the commercial level, but they live on as prototypes. Some of these items are pre-production versions of released items.

Prototype Picture Description
Kee Games Console Kee Games Console Kee Games was a video game division created by Atari to market the same products under a different brand name.  This is the only known prototype of a proposed Kee Games edition of the 2600.  It is a standard 6-switch 2600 with rainbow coloring.
Atari 2700 Atari 2700 This is a remote control version of the 2600 that was never released.
Atari 2000 This is a 2600 compatible system with two built-in joysticks. The cartridge is inserted into the back of the unit. The is the design that would eventually become the 2600 Jr.
Atari 2000 CX2000 This is the second version of the 2000. The color was changed to be more appealing to children.
Amiga Power System Amiga Power System Promoted but not released, this item is similar to the Supercharger.  Insert the main module into the deck, and load tape games from an attached player.  The first games announced were 3D Ghost Attack, 3D Havoc, and 3D Genesis, complete with 3D glasses. We're not sure if Amiga ever had a working model, this scan is from a catalog.
Atari Mindlink Atari Mindlink Actually demonstrated at trade shows, the Mindlink was worn on one's head and responded to muscle impulses.  It was not well received, and Atari cancelled the product.  Two games were to be released, Bionic Breakthrough and Mind Maze.  A few of these units actually exist today, as well as a Bionic Breakthrough cartridge.
Starpath Demonstration Unit Not really a prototype, but a marketing tool, the Starpath Demo unit contains previews of various Starpath games.
EPROM Chips and Cartridge EPROMs Not actual prototypes, these could be more accurately described as hacks.  The cartridge is custom modified to play individual chips, probably copies made by an employee who worked on manufacturing the actual ROMs for cartridges.  While this type of action was not approved of, it was not terribly infrequent.
Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi Game I Star Wars box This is a prototype box for a Star Wars game that was never released, and may have never even been coded. Or this may have been another name for Ewok Adventure, which was discovered in prototype form.
Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi Game II Star Wars box This is a prototype box for a Star Wars game that was never released, and may have never even been coded.
Imagic Sky Patrol Sky Patrol box This is a prototype box for the unreleased game Sky Patrol, by Imagic.  This game turned up at Classic Gaming Expo 99.
Data Age Frankenstein's Monster Prototype Frankenstein's Monster prototype Here is an example of a prototype cartridge from Data Age, in this case Frankenstein's Monster.  It has a standard looking red label with "Frankenstein's Monster" hand written on it.
Xante Beany Bopper Xante Beany Bopper A Beany Bopper prototype cartridge from Xante.  Apparently they manufactured at lease some of the games for 20th Century Fox.  In this case, the programmer appears to be Grady Ward.
Wizard Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prototype Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prototype Another example of a prototype cartridge, this one from Wizard.  In this case, the gameplay actually differs slightly from the released version.
First Star Boing! Prototype Boing Prototype This is a pre-release copy of Boing! from First Star Software.
Atari Centipede Lab Loaner Centipede Lab Loaner This is what is typically called a "Lab Loaner". A working (often final) version of a game for test purposes. This one happens to be a PAL version of Centipede.
Telesys Stargunner Proto Stargunnder This is a pre-release copy of Stargunner from Telesys.
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