Atari 2600 TIA Schematics

The TIA (Television Interface Adapter) is a custom chip designed by Atari for the 2600. It is the heart of the 2600 and responsible for the generation of graphics and sound. Given that it's a custom chip and not off-the-shelf hardware like everything else in the 2600, it is somewhat difficult to come by schematics for it. However, Mark De Smet was able to get his hands on a set of hand-drawn schematics, and scanned them in using a three foot wide scanner. There are five sheets, each of which measures two feet by three feet, and as you can imagine the resulting scans are quite large.

We have included two sets of scans here, one at 14400 x 9820 resolution, and another set at 2048 x 1396. Be warned, the larger set of images requires a good amount of memory to open up and manipulate in your favorite image viewer or editor! If you'd like to purchase full "D" size copies of the original schematics (which is where these scans originated), please contact

TIA Schematics - 14400 x 9820


TIA Schematics - 2048 x 1396