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Atari Lynx Poster Manuals

In addition to typical booklet style manuals, Atari also published several Lynx manuals in poster form. These fold out posters measure roughly 17" x 22" (except for Block Out, which is a bit smaller) and were folded several times in order to fit in the small Lynx boxes. Scanning these posters was no small feat, and thanks go out to Tony "Xot" Morse for scanning each side of these monsters in two overlapping pieces, which we were then able to stitch together using commercial image stitching software. Atari only produced a small number of poster manuals for the Lynx before reverting back to booklet style manuals. Presented here are fifteen of these manuals--if you are aware of ones we are missing, please drop us a line.

Each poster is available in two sizes, 800 x 1040 and 2400 x 3120. The larger images are generally a megabyte or larger in size, so please be patient! You may also click on the thumbnail to view the smaller version of the poster, and the game title to go to that game in our rarity database.

A.P.B. - Front
A.P.B. - Back
Awesome Golf - Front
Awesome Golf - Back
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Front
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure  - Back
Block Out - Front
Block Out - Back
Checkered Flag - Front
Checkered Flag - Back
Hard Drivin' - Front
Hard Drivin' - Back
Ishido - Front
Ishido - Back
Ninja Gaiden - Front
Ninja Gaiden - Back
Scrapyard Dog - Front
Scrapyard Dog - Back
S.T.U.N. Runner - Front
S.T.U.N. Runner -  Back
Super Skweek - Front
Super Skweek- Back
Tournament Cyberball - Front
Tournament Cyberball -  Back
Turbo Sub - Front
Turbo Sub - Back
Viking Child - Front
Viking Child - Back
Xybots - Front
Xybots - Back