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The classic arcade game QYX has finally made its way to the venerable Atari 2600, thanks to the arcade experts at Champ Games! Your goal in QYX is to draw lines to complete rectangles that close off portions of the initially empty playfield. Once you have closed off a sufficient percentage of the playfield, you can then proceed to the next level!

This version of QYX accurately reflects the original arcade game, but also adds new features, including two-player co-op game modes! These modes allow two players to enjoy QYX simultaneously! And there's a new Challenge Mode that, along with being the most difficult mode, adds two new features to QYX: POWER-UPS and the SUPER FUSE!


Your objective in QYX is to claim as much playfield as possible, using your MARKER to draw STIX without getting in the path of the spinning QYX, all the while avoiding the traveling SPARX. A minimum percentage of playfield must be claimed before moving on to the next screen.

Guide your MARKER around the grid and claim enough of the open area to move to the next level. Watch out for the unpredictable QYX and the SPARX that move along the grid, as they will destroy your MARKER on contact.

While drawing STIX to claim an area, don't stay still for too long, or the FUSE will be in hot pursuit! Be sure not to corner your MARKER in a SPIRAL DEATH TRAP!

Claim enough of the playfield to advance to the next level, where you'll encounter more QYX and faster SPARX.

Do you have the skills to clear all 99 levels and add your name to the list of Ultimate QYX Kickers?


Co-Op Game Modes

The co-op game modes allow two players to play QYX simultaneously. In a co-op game, both players share the reserve number of tries and are working together to achieve one high score. There are two types of co-op modes: alternating and simultaneous. Simultaneous mode adds a number of extra features.

ALTERNATING: Players take turns controlling one MARKER. The color of the MARKER and the SPARX TIMER reflects the active player color. Control alternates with every successful area claim.

SIMULTANEOUS: Each player controls their own MARKER, red for Player 1, blue for Player 2. When one player is in draw mode,the other cannot cross the point where their STIX starts. If one player completes an area in which the other’s MARKER is inside, that MARKER is destroyed. Both players can work together to complete a CO-OP CLAIM for extra points, using both MARKERS to draw a larger area claim.

Challenge Mode

Challenge mode, as well as being the most difficult skill level, adds two unique features: POWER-UPS and the SUPER FUSE.

SUPER FUSE: A much faster FUSE that appears when draw mode is not engaged for three seconds. It appears at the root of the last claim path and follows the edge of the claimed areas. A SUPER FUSE can be extinguished by drawing. In Simultaneous co-op mode, inactivity of either player can spawn a SUPER FUSE and they are deadly to both players.

POWER-UPS: During the level, special POWER-UPS will enter the playfield and move around the grid. Collect a POWER-UP before it disappears (it will flash when this is about to happen). There are eight different POWER-UPS: Reverse, Timer, Bomb, Thresh-5, Defuse, Freeze, Slow QYX, and Shield. These are described in detail in the game manual.

QYX Cart and Manual


  • 99 Levels to defeat!
  • One or Two Players, including Two-Player Alternating and Simultaneous Co-Op modes!
  • Four Skill Levels: Novice, Standard, Advanced, and Challenge!
  • Use Left Difficulty switch to set how often SPARX will get caught in a SPARX TRAP.
  • Use Right Difficulty switch to control playfield color blending display.
  • Additional enemies and POWER-UPS in new Challenge mode!
  • AtariVox/SaveKey support to save high scores and current skill level, game mode, and number of players.
  • QuadTari support to allow two joysticks and an AtariVox/SaveKey to be used simultaneously.
  • SEGA Genesis controller support for independent two-button fast/slow drawing.
  • Game can paused using the TV Type switch.
  • 32K Melody-Based Game.


QYX Screenshot QYX Screenshot QYX Screenshot QYX Screenshot QYX Screenshot QYX Screenshot

QuadTari Support

QYX has built-in support for the QuadTari, which is a device that allows you to plug up to four controllers into your Atari 2600 or 2600-compatible system. In the case of QYX, you can connect two joysticks and an AtariVox or SaveKey into your console at the same time. This allows two players to enjoy the game while being able to save your high scores and other data to the AtariVox. You can see all the games in the AtariAge Store with QuadTari support here.

AtariVox Support

With an AtariVox or SaveKey plugged into the second controller port, the high scores (as well as the current skill level, game mode, and number of players) are automatically saved. These can be reset by holding down RESET while powering on your game console.

Additional Information

Included with QYX is the game cartridge, full-color 16-page manual, and a professionally printed box. QYX is available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats. Please specify above when ordering or you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default.

Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller Joystick Controllers
Cartridge Size 32K Melody
Code and Design John W. Champeau
Art and Graphics Nathan Strum
Music and Sound Effects Bob DeCrescenzo
Packaging Illustration and Design David Exton
Lee Kebler on 01/25/2023 11:15am
I played Qix on the gameboy a LOT in the 90s. It's amazing to have such a great port on the 2600. Really well done port of an arcade classic. If you played Qix get Qyx! Another smash by Champ Games. Amazing work.

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