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Castle Crisis - Atari 5200
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Castle Crisis - Atari 5200
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Fans of the classic Atari arcade game Warlords will be pleased to learn that Bryan Edewaard has developed a version for the Atari 5200 titled Castle Crisis. In this fast-paced game, up to four players can compete against one another or computer opponents. Using your shield, you must capture and launch fireballs against an enemy's castle, while protecting your own castle from enemy fireball hits. Gameplay mechanics and graphics mirror the arcade, with additional gameplay options available, adding variety to an already great game. This is simply one of the best arcade ports available for the 5200.

Castle Crisis features a professionally printed box, label and manual. The Castle Crisis artwork created by Manu Pärssinen was a result of the Castle Crisis Label Contest held on AtariAge.

Castle Crisis supports up to four players on a four-port 5200 system, and even supports 5200 paddle controllers if you have them, for a more authentic arcade experience. If you're a fan of the arcade Warlords, or of the popular 2600 version, you owe it to yourself to buy Castle Crisis! If you don't have an Atari 5200, a version is also available for Atari 8-bit computers.

Author Bryan Edewaard
Number of Players 1 - 4
Controllers 5200 Joystick or Paddle Controllers
Cartridge Size 32K
Label Design Manu Pärssinen
Manual Design Dale Crum



Reviews (2)

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Reviewer: Ron Lloyd
09/29/2016 11:56am
I can't believe I never added a review, because I've owned this for years. It's the best version of Warlords you could hope for on 5200. graphics, sounds, gameplay all superbly well done.
Reviewer: Craig Tesnow
04/13/2013 03:42pm
First of all I have been playing video games since the late 70's so when I heard there were homebrew cartridges for the 5200 I was delighted. This is my second cartridge bought on this site and I have to say it is well done. I always was a fan of Warlords on the 2600 and this is a great translation with better graphics and gameplay.Easy to understand instructiions and great box art makes this a very appealing game. The AI is very good in this one so don't miss out on a classic.
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