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Crazy Balloon is a port of the 1980's arcade underdog, which is the grandfather of games like Kuru Kuru Kururin. In Crazy Balloon you must carefully navigate your balloon through many varied levels full of different dangers. As if navigating these treacherous wasn't already nail biting, you will encounter additional hazards such as moving spikes or "Hurricane Man", who will try to blow you against a spiked wall!

Author Manuel Rotschkar (whose previous games include Seawolf, Star Fire, and Gunfight) Initially wrote this game to submit it for the 2005 Mini Game Competition, where the goal is to write an enjoyable game in the smallest space possible. Crazy Balloon includes all 16 levels from the arcade game, and you might find some surprises you're not expecting! All the obstacles from the arcade have been reproduced as faithfully as possible, with only a few elements replaced with Atari 2600 exclusive obstacles. If you're a fan of the arcade game, you won't be disappointed!

Includes cartridge and manual, with a beautiful label and manual designed by Dave Exton. Available in NTSC and PAL formats (please specify above when ordering).

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Crazy Balloon BoxCrazy Balloon Box

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Author Manuel Rotschkar
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 4K
Label and Manual Design Dave Exton
Justin W on 11/11/2019 12:10am
Based on an obscure arcade game, in this homebrew you are a balloon. You basically try to guide the balloon through a maze and try not to hit the walls, popping your balloon. Fun, simple and addictive.
BenjaminR on 03/20/2014 02:00pm
Crazy Balloon is a perfect example of what the Atari 2600 is really about: A simple but enjoyable videogame that perfectly illustrates that gameplay trumps flashy graphics every time! The control is perfect, the sounds are nice, and the label art and instruction booklet features some of the nicest looking art I have seen on an Atari 2600 homebrew. The artwork looks like it was inspired from the original Taito Japanese arcade flyers from the late 1970’s; a nice little bonus that homebrew fans will appreciate. This looks and sounds very close to the original arcade game. Just as fun (and infuriating) as it always was!
ace list on 04/21/2007 04:07am
This game is awesome in every way I could speak of!
Aarne Jernstrom on 03/28/2007 03:34pm
One of my favorite homebrews. This was quite the unique arcade game and the translation to the 2600 is smooth. I'd definitely describe the gameplay as addictive. My only complaint is that although it has plenty of variety despite the relatively simple play dynamic, you have to be pretty decent at it to get far enough to see said variety. I guess I'll just have to play it more...
john gaither on 01/22/2007 08:13pm
Crazy Balloon is yet another Tatio classic thats been brought to the Atari 2600.The object of the game is to reach the end of each maze within a given time limit,without touching anything that could cause damage and burst your balloon.There are several hazzards you will encounter on the way such as moving spikes or the "Hurricane Man"who will blow you against a spiked wall.I really enjoyed this game and its such a nice change of pace from all the outer space shooters you find on the 2600.Its challenging yet it has a addictive charm to it.I give Crazy Balloon a thumbs up.
Nathan Strum on 03/28/2006 04:09am
Crazy Balloon was an obscure arcade game from the 70's, from a time when videogame genres were still being invented. Game companies hadn't settled into reusing the same formulas over and over again, and unique, quirky games like Crazy Balloon were the result. While essentially a maze game, Crazy Balloon is more than simply finding your way from point A to point B. It's a devious mix of needing to be patient, while beating the clock. The first few levels give you the feel for moving your balloon carefully through the maze, but then the levels get trickier as obstacles push and pull at your balloon, and threaten to send you careening into a wall. Manuel has managed to include all of the levels from the arcade game, and the result is a whimsical, yet fiercely challenging game, unlike anything else on the 2600.
Stan Dean on 01/31/2006 02:47pm
Manual Rotschkar is no stranger to amazing games for the VCS. His past releases have been nothing short of stellar and his latest effort, Crazy Balloon is no exception. An incredible puzzle game, Crazy Balloon follows in the tradition of great games like Marble Craze (Paul Slocum). The premise is simple, guide your balloon through a maze without popping it. The execution is deviously difficult. Each level features tight squeezes, daring obstacles, and a menacing time limit keeping you moving. The action is addictive and you'll find yourself going back for more to get just a little bit farther. I purchased mine in a clear case (an excellent choice) and it really looks sharp on the shelf. The label and manual designs are some of the best work Dave Exton has turned out to date. This is a game that needs to be in the collection of every Atari enthusiast. (Had there been a Stan Awards 2005, this would have been a hard contender for HomeBrew of the Year)
Raul Torres on 01/03/2006 09:37am
Wow!!! This game is so cool... I understand this game was inspired by an old arcade game... I never got the chance to play the arcade, but I can tell that it must of had quite the fan base. Crazy Balloon is another fine example of simple game play with all the challenging ingredients to keep you coming back for more...

Graphics are great and the mazes change, so you will find yourself, trying over & over again just to see what the next maze looks like...

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