New Edladdin Super Combo and Super SMS Arcade Controllers

Our friends at Edladdin Controllers have been busy, with the release of two new arcade controllers that we have added to the AtariAge Store! These new additions are the Super Combo and Super SMS arcade controllers.

The Super Combo is a multi-console controller designed for the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, and ColecoVision, as well as the Adam computer, Atari 8-bit computers, and the Commodore 64. It's built around a Sanwaâ„¢ JLF-TP-8YT ball-top joystick with an octagonal restrictor plate and four pair of Suzo-Happ pushbuttons for an authentic ambidextrous arcade experience. Use your keypad overlays for an authentic ColecoVision experience, thanks to the custom 3D printed keypad frame. Simply slide them under the frame from the right edge, just like on the original ColecoVision and Adam controllers.

Super Combo Arcade Controller

The Super SMS transforms gameplay on all the great Sega Master System joystick games, like Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Afterburner, Choplifter, Double Dragon, Psycho Fox, and - of course - the Sonic the Hedgehog games. The Super SMS is also 100% compatible with the classic Atari CX-40 joystick familiar to owners of the Atari 2600, Atari Flashback, and many of the 8-bit era computers. The octagonal restrictor plate is the perfect compromise between a 4-way and 8-way joystick, providing distinct landing points for your stick in all eight directions. The Suzo-Happ arcade pushbuttons deliver true left/right two-button control just like the original Sega Master System game pads.

Super SMSArcade Controller

We have an Edladdin Controllers section in our store where you can find a variety of Edladdin arcade controllers and accessories.

New 2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari 8-bit Computer Games! Pre-Order Today!

We are excited to announce the arrival of several new Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari 8-bit homebrew games to the store for pre-ordering! We were aiming to have these available several months ago, but everything's moving a bit slowly this year. All the boxes, manuals, and labels for these games have been ordered, and we anticipate having everything in January. Once all the printed materials arrive, we will promptly get all pre-orders shipped.

Without further ado, here are the games! Click on any of the images to jump straight to that game:

Avalanche Cannonhead Clash Dare Devil Deepstone Catacomb Hugohunt Ninjish Guy in Los-Res World Panic! Rooms Robot City The End Tower of Rubble Venture Reloaded Zoo Keeper Magical Fairy Force Dragons Cache Adventure II XE Scramble Ms. Galactopus

Here's a list of the games:

You can also browse our latest releases here. If you have any questions about the games or the pre-order process, please send us a message!

2019 Homebrew Releases Now Available Without Box

The games we released at last year's Portland Retro Gaming Expo are now available for purchase without a box! We know many of you aren't interested in a box for your games, so now you can get them all with just the cartridge and manual. If you do want a box with any of these games, you can optionally purchase one with the game. Click on any of the following images to jump straight to that game:

Aardvark Amoeba Jump A Roach in Space Dragon's Descent Galagon Gyvolver Tyre Trax Wizard of Wor Arcade Scramble Baby Pac-Man

Here's a list of the games:

Lynx GameDrive Now Available!

We now have stock of RetroHQ's Lynx GameDrive, and you can purchase one immediately without having to get on a waiting list! The RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive cartridge allows you to play all your Atari Lynx games and homebrew games directly from a memory card. This updated version of the Lynx GameDrive cartridge has support for EEPROM save games as used by some homebrew software as well as improved game load time (no longer than one second for even the largest games), and an improved game selection menu.

Lynx GameDrive

You can learn more about the Lynx GameDrive and purchase one here. And if you're a Jaguar fan, we expect to have stock of the RetroHQ Jaguar GameDrive cartridge later in December! If you're not already on our waiting list, you can add yourself to the list here.

New Jaguar Titles Arrive - Pre-Order Today!

We're proud to announce the addition of three new Atari Jaguar games to the AtariAge Store, Last Strike, reBOOTed, and Brawn and Brains! We've also re-issued an older Jaguar title, Xenon 2, with an updated box and label, as well as a completely new manual! Pre-order these games today, and we'll have them shipped to you as soon as they are ready (currently aiming for the end of November).

Last Strike reBOOTed Xenon 2
Brawn and Brains

Here's a brief description of each of the new games:

Last Strike: Last Strike is a fun shooter with both horizontal and vertical scrolling levels. You must defeat the enemies you encounter while traversing each level, rescuing any stranded humans you encounter along the way. And you'll want to rescue the humans, as you earn credits that you can later use in the shop to upgrade your ship! Some of the upgrades include the Megabomb, Twin Shot, Rear Shot, Shield, Extra Life, and Speedup. At the end of each level, you'll encounter an enemy boss that you must destroy in order to proceed to the next level!

reBOOTed: From space, to the open highway, to the sea. The worlds of Reboot return in a multi-game cartridge that will make your head spin and TV explode with hours of fun! These landmark, thoroughly updated classics, can now be easily enjoyed in one cartridge! reBOOTed is a collection of seven Jaguar games on a single 6MB cartridge! The games featured in this multipack have all been given an update with new graphics, music and other additions such as Pro Controller support and cartridge saves. Some of these titles have previously never had a physical release, while others were only available on Jaguar CD or in extremely limited runs due to production costs.

Brawn and Brains: Brawn and Brains is a collection of three unique Atari Jaguar games, each from a different Jaguar developer. This collection features Dragonkeep (Lawrence Staveley), Tiles (Rik Day), and Do the Same (Matmook/Jagware). This is the first release of these games in cartridge form, offered in an economical release with cartridge and manual.