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M Network

MNetwork was a division of Mattel Electronics that created games for the 2600. Generally, they were simplified versions of existing Intellivision games. A few of their later titles were released under the name Mattel Electronics instead of MNetwork however. Rather than designing a new cartridge case for 2600 games, MNetwork just used a standard Intellivision casing and attached an adapter at the base to allow the cartridge to fit in the 2600. Many MNetwork titles were later released by INTV Corp.

View Catalogs Produced By M Network

SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
AD&D: Tower of Mystery MT7175 Manual iconBox icon 
AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin MT4325 Manual iconBox icon 
Adventures of TronBlackMT4317
Air RaidersBlackMT5861
Anteater   Manual iconBox icon 
Armor AmbushBlackMT5661
Bump 'n' JumpBlackMT7045
Dark CavernBlackMT5667
Frogs and FliesBlackMT5664
In Search of the Golden Skull MT4627 Manual iconBox icon 
International SoccerBlackMT5687
Kool Aid ManBlackMT4648
Lock 'N' ChaseBlackMT5663
Loco-Motion MT4323 Manual iconBox icon 
Masters of the Universe - He ManBlackMT4319
Rocky and Bullwinkle 46461983 Manual iconBox icon
Space AttackBlackMT5659
Star StrikeBlackMT4313
Super Challenge BaseballBlackMT5665
Super Challenge FootballBlackMT5658
Tron: Deadly DiscsBlackMT5662