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New Games from PRGE Now Available!

We've returned from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, where we released four new games (three for the 2600 and one for the 7800). We've now added these new games to the store! Each game is complete with a high-quality box, manual and label. Details below:

  • Space Rocks (Atari 2600) - A mix between Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe, Space Rocks brings the arcade action home in a way never before seen on the 2600! Created by experienced Atari 2600 developer Darrell Spice, Jr., this is the version of Asteroids Atari could only dream of producing back in the day!

  • Seaweed Assault (Atari 2600) - In this original homebrew game by Duane Alan Hahn, you must wield your Manatee submarine against highly aggressive seaweed before it clogs up your sector. Don't let the seaweed strangle your civilization to extinction!

  • IXION (Atari 2600) - This previously unreleased prototype (itself based on an obscure arcade game) finally sees the light of day in cartridge form! We've even created a more challenging version of the game titled IXION ULTRA with all new levels, with both versions available on the same cartridge.

  • Frenzy (Atari 7800) - Atari 7800 veteran Bob Decrescenzo brings arcade classics Frenzy and Berzerk home to the 7800, complete with all the details you'll find in the arcade games. Each game even includes the speech from the arcade!

You can find these new games and other recent releases here!

New Summer Games!

We've just added several new Atari 2600, 7800, and Jaguar homebrew games to our store! Here's a list of what's new, and you can scroll down for more details about each game:

Blinky Goes Up (Atari 2600)

One day Blinky finds himself at the bottom of a dark dungeon and there's only one way out... up!

Blinky Goes Up is an original platform game for the Atari 2600 by Jan Hermanns. Your goal is to ascend through each level in this vertical scrolling platformer, collecting every gold nugget along the way. You'll receive an extra life for every four told nuggets you collect. And you may need them, as there are villains working to block your path: Tooby, Bolly, and Shooty. To compound matters, if you fall or jump from a platform and don't land on another, you'll lose a life!

Learn more about Blinky Goes Up

Armor Attack II (Atari 7800)

Armor Attack II is a continuation of the exciting and addicting arcade game made by Cinematronics in 1980. Like the original, this is a one or two player battle-action game where your jeeps (equipped with rocket launchers) defend war torn landscapes with 16 different terrains that are randomly chosen at the beginning of each level.

The play field is a top view of cities with road and building areas defined. Players (jeeps) and enemies (tanks) can only maneuver on the roads, however the enemy helicopter can go over buildings and roads. No shots by anything can go through buildings, as they are only valid over road areas. Debris left by tanks is sometimes destructive, so make sure to shoot them from a safe distance!

The object is to accumulate the maximum number of points possible. In a two player game, both players play simultaneously and neither player can shoot the other. The player(s) must avoid being shot or run over by the enemy tanks, and avoid being shot by the helicopter. If a player shoots a helicopter, the bonus level is incremented by 10 points. When the fifth helicopter is destroyed an extra jeep is awarded to the player who shot the helicopter the fifth time. (Bonus Levels: +10, +20, +30, +40, extra jeep and reset to zero). The player's turn is over when he/she gets shot by the tank or helicopter. In a two player game, the level does not reset and the player does not return (if he/she has any lives left) until both players are shot.

Learn more about Armor Attack II

Crazy Otto (Atari 7800)

Crazy Otto was developed as an enhancement kit for Pac-man cabinets by General Computer Corporation (GCC). GCC also created an upgrade kit for Missile Command titled Super Missile Command, for which they were sued by Atari, but the suit was dropped and the two companies entered into a business arrangement. GCC went on to develop the arcade games Fight and Quantum for Atari, as well as games for the Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 game consoles.

As a drop-in upgrade for Pac-Man, Crazy Otto brought many changes to the game, although basic gameplay remained the same. Most notable is the main character (Crazy Otto) had legs and blue eyes. The monsters also have feet, as well as animated antennae. Other changes included new mazes, music, sound effects, and bonus fruit. Otto and his female counterpart were featured in three new intermissions, the last of which shows the arrival of baby Crazy Otto, "Junior".

Crazy Otto now lives on the Atari 7800, thanks to the efforts of Atari 7800 developr Robert DeCrescenzo

Learn more about Crazy Otto

Full Circle: Rocketeer (Atari Jaguar)

"Flying through space is no picnic. Commanding an intergalactic space vessel isn't all plaid blankets and wicker baskets. All manner of peculiar happenings might ruin one's day. Take planets for instance. They're big. Really big. Often rather solid, too. For these reasons alone, it's usually advisable not to involve yourself in any sort of altercation with one, particularly when travelling through hyperspace.

This was now something Space Corps Commander Gwyn Williams knew only too well, as, from his vantage point high in the upper atmosphere, he observed the fragments of his vessel scattered over the surface of this particular example of Big Solid Planet. Sliced into three sections with the ship's cargo falling from orbit all around him, he wondered how this day might possibly get any worse... Ah! Of course! An onslaught of deadly rocks - simply perfect!"

Full Circle: Rocketeer is an old-school arcade shooter featuring 16 unique levels covering four worlds. Full Circle: Rocketeer is a new 50/60 fps arcade shooter for the Atari Jaguar console, featuring 16 unique levels over 4 worlds. Full Circle: Rocketeer utilizes Reboot's Raptor Engine, and supports the regular Jaguar joypad as well as the ProPad controller. Other features include MemoryTrack saving, 8-channel digital sound (for music and effects), collectible bonus items, and online high scores.

Learn more about Full Circle: Rocketeer

Jagware Collection 1.0 (Atari Jaguar)

Jagware Collection 1.0 is a collection of games from four different groups, presented by Jagware. The games iuncluded in this collection are: Do The Same from Cerebral Vortex, Diamjag by Orion, Atomic Reloaded from The Removers, and Beebris by Reboot. All four games support online scoreboards. Also included is an exclusive early look at the alpha build of Project II, an upcoming scrolling shoot'em up from Reboot.

With each team offering one of their titles, this collection is not only a great way to own some of the Jaguar's best visceral experiences, but also an opportunity to say thanks to Jaguar hardware developer SCPCD, creator of the JagCF and Jagtopus 4-cart programmer. Profits made through sale of this collection go directly to SCPCD to help further Jaguar hardware development.

Learn more about Jagware Collection 1.0

Kobayashi Maru: Final (Atari Jaguar)

Xu approached the balcony of his presidential suite in his usual calm and purposeful manner. This time was different, however. As he looked out to the stars for what was sure to be the last time, he knew he had only one card left to play and that it offered no realistic hope of success. The Ebil Alliance was determined to take the whole galaxy... their invading forces too great in number and their simultaneous attack on all four worlds impossible to defend. As he raised his finger and gestured towards the hangar below, signaling the launch of the Tetrad's prototype warp ship, he knew his coalition of the last four free worlds in the system could not hope to survive such an onslaught.

Kobayashi Maru: Final is a 50/60 fps rotary action shooter for the Atari Jaguar games console and was written utilizing a version of the new Raptor Engine by Reboot. It can be played with either a rotary controller (such as Chaos Reins, Tyrant or Jonathan Ascough pad) or a regular Jaguar

Learn more about Kobayashi Maru: Final

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