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Starpath is one of the true bright spots in the history of the 2600. Founded in 1981 with the name Arcadia Corporation, they soon changed their name to Starpath for copyright reasons. The Starpath Supercharger debuted in 1982 at a price of $44.95. The Supercharger was in add-on module that expanded the RAM of the 2600 from 128 bytes to 6,272 bytes. This added high-resolution graphics and larger games for eager players. The Supercharger was inserted into the cartridge slot of the 2600, and a cable connected into the earphone jack of a standard cassette player. All Starpath games were on audiocassette, and were loaded by simply playing them in the cassette player while connected to the Supercharger. Starpath released some of the best games in the 2600 library, including the first true RPG for the system, Dragonstomper. However, while the unit was a critical success, it was only mildly successful at the retail level. Starpath was then bought by Epyx and disappeared. Today, Bridgestone Multimedia, a religious multimedia company, owns the rights to the Starpath catalog.

View Catalogs Produced By Starpath

SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Communist Mutants from SpaceCassetteAR4101 
Escape From the MindmasterCassetteAR4200 
Frogger, The OfficialCassetteAR4105 
Killer SatellitesCassetteAR4103 
Labyrinth  Manual iconBox icon
Party MixCassetteAR4302 
Phaser PatrolCassetteAR4000 
Rabbit TransitCassetteAR4104 
Suicide MissionCassetteAR4102 
Survival IslandCassetteAR4401Box icon 
Sweat: The Decathlon Game   Manual iconBox icon
Sword of SarosCassetteAR4201Box icon