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Data Age

Data Age was founded in 1982 and got off to a strong start, but it didn't last. They initially had some interesting original titles but then made some very bad high profile games. Interestingly, Journey Escape was produced for the home market first and later licensed to arcades. However, the game sold so poorly that the company could not pay the licensing fees, and this contributed to their demise. They did release some good games however, such as Frankenstein's Monster, but it was too little too late. They also made a 3 ½ minute promotional record touting some of their games. This record was certainly one of the more interesting gimmicks in its time, and is a collectible today.

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SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Bermuda TriangleStandard116007
Encounter at L5StandardDA1001
Frankenstein's MonsterStandard116008
Journey EscapeStandard116006
Secret Agent  Manual iconBox icon