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Saboteur at PhillyClassic 5!

By Albert
February 16th, 2004
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Saboteur Box


"You are Hotot, a cybernetic life form from a serene planet in a distant galaxy. Unfortunately, even in a galaxy far far away not everything is as peaceful as it first seems, for Hotot has discovered an alien missile base hidden on his planet. Manned by strange blue aliens, these evil intruders are using your planet as a launching site for their deadly warhead which is posed to destroy the galaxy's power source. With the help of the birdlike Gorfons, you must destroy the warhead, and prevent the destruction of the galaxy! Good luck Hotot. You are the Saboteur."

Saboteur is enjoyable multi-level shooter written by Howard Scott Warshaw, the Atari programmer and designer responsible for Yars' Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. Saboteur was never released by Atari, and at some point work was even done to modify the game to fit the A-Team television show.

Howard Scott Warshaw will be attending PhillyClassic 5, and will be autographing copies of Saboteur purchased at the show! Saboteur will be sold with a professionally printed box, manual and label, all in the style of Atari's original silver label releases. This is a more complete version of the game than what is currently floating around the net. The artwork for the game was created by Dave Exton, with a manual written by Matt Reichert, including Howard Scott Warshaw's thoughts about the game.

You can read a thorough review of Saboteur over at

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