Atari 5200 Emulation

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Computer transformation... Atari 5200

Game ROMs:

ROMs are binary versions of your favorite classic games, they contain the actual code of the original cartridge. In order to enjoy emulation, you will need to download an emulator and the game ROMs that you want to play.

5200 BIOS ROM - You'll need this file in order to play games in the various 5200 emulators.

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The following are the existing 5200 emulators. These are all off-site links to ensure you download the latest version.

DOS/Windows Emulators

kat5200 - New and upcoming Atari 5200 emulator for Windows and Linux
Atari800 - Excellent Atari 8-bit and 5200 emulator, ported to many platforms.
Atari800Win Plus - Windows version of the Atari800 emulator above.
Virtual Super System - Dan Boris' 5200 emulator.
M.E.S.S. - Multi Emulator Super System. Emulates many systems including the 5200.
Jum52 - Cross-platform Atari 5200 emulator with versions for Windows, PS2 and QNX.

Macintosh Emulators

Atari 800 Mac - Port of Atari 800 emulator for the Macintosh.
Atari800MacX - Native OS X port of the Atari 800 emulator
Jum52 - Port of Jum52 for the Macintosh.
Rainbow - Chris Lam's Atari 8-bit (including 5200) emulator.

Emulator Tutorials:

Tim Warner has written several emulator tutorials to help you get started playing games on your home computer. Below are links to 5200-related emulator tutorials Tim has written:

Atari800Win Plus Tutorial
Virtual Super System Tutorial
M.E.S.S. Emulator Tutorial