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Atari Jaguar Hardware and Accessories

Nearly all the hardware available for the Jaguar was produced by Atari and is generally pretty easy to come by, even today. However, there is one piece of hardware produced by a third party company that's very difficult to get your hands on and that's ICD's CatBox. There are very few accessories available for the Jaguar since it wasn't exactly a resounding success. If you have pictures of anything we've missed, please contact us and we'll add it to the gallery.

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Jaguar Console

Atari Jaguar Base Unit

The Jaguar Base unit allows you to play any cartridge-based Jaguar games. It features two controller ports on the front and an expansion port on the back that was used primarily for connecting various video cables (as well as the CatBox).

Jaguar CD-ROM

Jaguar CD-ROM

The Jaguar's CD-ROM allows you to play any of the CD-ROM based games for the Jaguar. Unfortunately there weren't a great number of games released in this format as the Jaguar CD was released late in the Jaguar's lifespan. The Jaguar CD plugs snugly into the Jaguar's cartridge port and has a cartridge port of its own so you can play cartridge-based games without having to detach the CD unit. In addition, the cartridge port is used for the Memory Track cartridge that allows you to store savegame information for CD games. The unit also has something called the VLM, or Virtual Light Machine, built-into he firmware.

Jaguar w/CD-ROM

Jaguar Base Unit with CD-ROM

Here's a picture of the Jaguar CD attached to the top of the Jaguar Base Unit.

Jaguar Controller

Jaguar Controller

Developing ergonomic controllers was never Atari's forte, but with the Jaguar they finally abandoned joystick controllers and created a controller with a directional keypad that was comfortable to use with enough buttons to suit most games. This is the standard controller that shipped with the Jaguar. In addition to the directional keypad it has three action buttons (A, B, and C), Pause and Option buttons, and a numeric keypad over which an overlay can be secured into place. Atari later released a Pro Controller which mapped some of the numeric keypad buttons onto additional action buttons for games

Jaguar ProController

Jaguar Pro Controller

The Atari Jaguar Pro Controller is similar in appearance to the standard Jaguar controller, but adds three new action buttons (X, Y, and Z) as well as two shoulder buttons (L and R) at the top of the unit. These new buttons are mapped from the existing numeric keypad buttons. The Pro Controller is compatible with all Jaguar games, but some games, such as Primal Rage were designed with the Pro Controller in mind. However, some games that were created before the Pro Controller arrived can still take advantage of the new keys if they used the numeric keypad.

To see games that take special advantage of the Jaguar Pro Controller, click here.

Jaguar TeamTap

Jaguar TeamTap

The TeamTap allows you to use up to four controllers in one of the Jaguar's controller ports. By using two TeamTaps up to eight people can play at a single time (for the few games that support that many players).

Jaguar MemoryTrack Cartridge

The MemoryTrack cartridge plugs into the Jaguar CD's cartridge port and allows you to store savegame information in the cartridge's battery-backed up memory.

Jaguar JagLink Interface

The JagLink Interface allows the Atari Jaguar to be networked with another Jaguar unit. The JagLink Interface comes with two small boxes that allow you to network two Jaguars together. The JagLink box plugs into the DSP port on the back of the Jaguar.

Only three games take advantage of the JagLink: Air Cars, BattleSphere, and Doom: Evil Unleashed.

Jaguar Game/TV Switch

The Game/TV Switch allows you to connect a Jaguar to a television using a coaxial RF input. This is least desirable method of connecting a Jaguar to a TV, as it results in the poorest image and sound quality.

Jaguar S-Video Cable

Jaguar S-Video Cable

This cable allows you to plug a Jaguar into a television using an S-Video input, which results in an excellent video image.

Jaguar Composite Video Cable

The Jaguar Composite Video cable allows you to plug a Jaguar into a television using a standard composite (RCA-style) video connector. While this is better than using an RF Game/TV switch, image quality is better when using the Jaguar S-Video cable.

Jaguar AC Adapter

The AC Adapters for the Jaguar base unit and the Jaguar CD-ROM are interchangeable.

Jaguar CD AC Adaptor

Jaguar CD AC Adapter

The AC Adapters for the Jaguar base unit and the Jaguar CD-ROM are interchangeable.

Jaguar CatBox

CatBox by ICD

The CatBox is a much sought after piece of hardware for Jaguar fans. Unfortunately ICD is no longer producing the CatBox, so your only means of obtaining one is from someone who already has one. The CatBox is a nifty little peripheral that has quite a few useful ports:

  • Composite and S-Video Jacks
  • RGB Monitor port
  • Stereo/Mono Line-Out Audio Jacks
  • Two Powered Headphone Jacks with Volume Control
  • RS232 and RJ11 CatNet communication ports
  • DSP-through connector