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Atari Jaguar Catalog - Atari

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Company: Atari
Part Number: [none]
Year: [unknown]
Titles: 30

This Atari Jaguar catalog was produced by Atari and was probably distributed in retail stores to promote the Jaguar. From the looks of it was probably one of the last Jaguar catalogs created. We say that because there are several titles listed in this catalog that never saw the light of day: Creature Shock, Robinson's Requiem, Demolition Man, Arena Football, Bret Hull Hockey, Hard Ball III, Barkley Basketball, and Space War 2000 (which was recently made available by B&C Computervisions). In total, 30 titles are featured, including several Jaguar CD games. The Jaguar CD itself is featured on the back page. Also mentioned in this catalog is the virtual reality component that was never released. This catalog features a chart comparing the Jaguar with the 3DO, 32X, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Alien vs. PredatorJ9008E2
Blue LightningJ9016E3
Cannon Fodder02763-001623
Checkered FlagJ9007E2
Double Dragon V219413
Dragon's Lair350033
Fight for LifeJ9037E2
Hover StrikeJ9009E3
Iron SoldierJ9026E3
Kasumi NinjaJ9012E2
Tempest 2000J9010E3
Theme Park8001-TPKJAG3
Troy Aikman NFL Football219423
Ultra VortekJ9082E2
Val d'Isere Skiing & SnowboardingJ9060E3
Zool 2J9042E3