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Atari Jaguar Catalog - Atari

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Company: Atari
Part Number: [none]
Year: 1993
Titles: 8

This appears to be one of Atari's original catalogs for the Jaguar, as it only lists eight games. One of the games pictured, Tiny Toons Adventure, would never be released commercially. This catalog is light on content, with no information about the games pictured except for a single screenshot and the name of the each game. The back page of this catalog features a chart comparing the hardware capabilities of the Jaguar to the 3DO, Super Nintendo, and Genesis. There's also a brief mention of the Jaguar CD peripheral, although with little details and no pictures.

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Alien vs. PredatorJ9008E2
Checkered FlagJ9007E2
Club DriveJ9003E2
Cybermorph (1 Meg)J9000E2
Evolution: Dino DudesJ90062
Trevor McFur in the Crescent GalaxyJ90012