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Atari Jaguar Catalog - Atari

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Company: Atari
Part Number: [none]
Year: 1994
Titles: 55

This is another booklet style Jaguar catalog, but it appears to have originated from Atari Europe. It feature 55 titles, including many titles listed as, "Coming in 1995!" on the back that we're still waiting for. Some of those listed but never released include Creature Shock, Charles Barkley Basketball, Brett Hull Hockey, Hardball III, Dactyl Joust, Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf, Redemption, Zodiac Fighters, Robinson's Requiem, and Demolition Man, and more. This catalog touts the Jaguar CD, and also pictures some accessories on the back (including a Jaguar SCART cable).

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Zool 2J9042E2
Wolfenstein 3DJ90282
White Men Can't JumpJ9070E6
Val d'Isere Skiing & SnowboardingJ9060E2
Ultra VortekJ9082E3
Trevor McFur in the Crescent GalaxyJ90012
Theme Park8001-TPKJAG3
Tempest 2000J9010E2
Super BurnoutJ9052E3
Soccer KidCF30023
Ruiner PinballJ9061E6
Primal Rage301108-01826
Pinball FantasiesJ0144E3
Kasumi NinjaJ9012E2
Iron SoldierJ9026E2
Hover StrikeJ9009E3
Flip OutJ9040E6
Fight for LifeJ9037E3
Dragon's Lair350034
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryJ9036E2
Cybermorph (1 Meg)J9000E2
Club DriveJ9003E2
Checkered FlagJ9007E2
Cannon Fodder02763-001623
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsJ9020E2
Blue LightningJ9016E3
Alien vs. PredatorJ9008E2
Air Cars6