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Sta2002 Stan's Atari Excellence Awards
Hack of the Year

Hack of the Year

Berzerk Voice Enhanced
by: Mike Mika

Berzerk Voice Enhanced"Chicken, fight like a robot." Just hear that once and you will easily understand why this is the best hack of the year. While most hacks are neat little graphic tweaks or even helpful adaptations of existing games, Berzerk Voice Enhanced goes beyond the realm of "normal hacking" (something along the lines of Tim Snider’s Venture II a year or so ago). While "voice" is not entirely new to VCS games (Quadrun and Open Sesame), it’s never been quite like this. Berzerk VE produces some of the best sound your 2600 can churn out. With three distinct phrases spoken arcade perfect, this hacked version of the old Atari stand-by will make your original Berzerk cart a big time dust catcher! But Mike didn’t just rest on his vocal laurels, he also went in and hacked the colors and graphics to more closely match the arcade, and included a very nice title screen.

The majority of hacks are done, enjoyed briefly and then lost in the shuffle, but Berzerk VE sold out almost immediately when it debuted at the 2002 Classic Gaming Expo and continues to sell well (ranking #6 in the AtariAge Store listings as I write this). Not too shabby for a "simple little hack!" This thing is so good, it’s practically a homebrew!

Other Hacks Created and Released in 2002
Adventure 34 (functional hack of Adventure) by K. Howe
Aster-Hawk (graphic hack of Asteroids) by C. Morgan
Asteroids (functional hack of Asteroids) by S. Stilphen
Asteroids DC+ (functional hack of Asteroids) by T. Jentzsch
Attack of the Mutant Space Urchins (graphic hack of Alien) by B. Laws Jr.
Battle for Naboo (graphic hack of Atlantis) by Josh
Beanie Baby Bash (graphic hack of Beanie Bopper) by Inky
Better Blast (graphic hack of Astroblast) by F. Zavagli
Breaking News (graphic hack of Bump N’ Jump) by R. Pryor
Combat Rock (graphic hack of Combat) by P. Slocum
Cute Dead Things House (graphic hack of Haunted House) by C. Samuel
Cybergoth Galaxian (graphic hack of Galaxian) by M. Polik
Lumberman (graphic hack of Pac-man) by Cracker Jack Productions
Lunar Attack (functional hack of Z-Tack) by S. Englehardt
Missile Command TB (functional hack of Missile Command) by T. Jentzsch
Moby Blues (graphic hack of Mario Bros.) by ATARITALIA
Mr. Roboto (graphic hack of Berzerk) by P. Slocum
NOIZ Invaders (graphic hack of Space Invaders) by SPIKE
Omega Race JS (functional hack of Omega Race) by T. Jentzsch
One on One (graphic hack of Basketball) by Angelino
Pink Floyd (graphic hack of Adventures of TRON) by K. Pittman
Planet Invaders (graphic hack of Space Invaders) by C. Morgan
Rambo In Afghanistan (graphic hack of Riddle of the Sphinx) by K. Pittman
River Raid Plus (functional hack of River Raid) by T. Jentzsch
Robot Tank TC (functional hack of Robot Tank) by T. Jentzsch
Solaris Trainer (functional hack of Solaris) by C. Larkin
Space 2002 (graphic hack of Space Jockey) by Angelino
Space Invaders (graphic hack of Space Invaders) by R. Corcoran
Sprintmaster DC (functional hack of Sprintmaster) by T. Jentzsch
THX-1138 (graphic hack of Berzerk) by K. Pittman
Ventrra Invaders 2002 (graphic hack of Megamania) by C. Morgan
War of the Worlds (graphic hack of Defender) by K. Pittman
Yar vs. Yar (graphic hack of Yar’s Revenge) by J. Scott
Yar’s Defeat (graphic hack of Yar’s Revenge) by J. Scott
Yellow Submarine (graphic hack of Bermuda Triangle) by K. Pittman
These hacks and more can be found on our Atari 2600 Hacks Page.
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