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2003 Stan's Atari Excellence Awards
Hack of the Year
2003 Stan's Atari Excellence Awards

Hack of the Year

Adventure Plus

Adventure Plus

Based on the original program Adventure by Warren Robinett
Hacked by Steve Engelhardt

Adventure PlusHacks do a lot of things, they give new looks to old sprites, they change the way we play a game by giving us new controller options, and sometimes they break new ground by stretching the limits of what an old favorite can do. Adventure Plus is an incredible example of taking a game you know by heart and giving it new life.

Growing up, I, like most Atari gamers, played Adventure until I had every maze completely memorized and could escort the chalice back to the yellow castle with nary a dragon nibble. Upon revisiting the old standard, I found my skills still intact and a beloved game had started to get a bit stale. I'm sure we've all imagined what an Adventure sequel would be like, new castles, new mazes, new worlds to explore in all its multi-colored glory! However, those were just dreams, until Adventure Plus.

Adventure Plus is more than just your average hack of Adventure, it's a complete redesign of the game. Featuring a spiffy title screen, all new mazes, a much-needed facelift for the dragons (ducks no more!), and new obstacles to block your path, Adventure Plus will have you discovering those new worlds you dreamt of for so long.

Enjoying a long stint at the top of the Atariage Store Best Seller's List, Adventure Plus has proven itself to be more than "just another hack." When you improve on a time-honored classic, you deserve no less than Hack of the Year. For a complete list of all the changes that differentiate Adventure Plus from the original, please look here.

Other Notable Hacks Created and Released in 2003
Miniature Golf+
Miniature Golf +
Functional hack of Video Chess by Zach Matley. An incredible adaptation of a fairly obscure, but intriguing chess variation.   An incredible challenge to hack, exceptionally well done.
Graphic hack of Miniature Golf by Glenn Bussell. Featuring holes designed by Atari fans, this is a fun revisit to Miniature Golf.
Adventure Invaders
Adventure Invaders
Graphic hack of Pitfall! by Raccoon Lad. It's Pitfall in nightmare land. An intensive revamp of Pitfall Harry's original adventure!
Graphic hack of Space Invaders by Krytol. Yes, its another Space Invaders hack, but this one is exceptionally well done and features sprites from another Atari classic!
Mr. Pac-man
Mr. Pac-man
Functional/graphic hack of Ms. Pac-man by El Destructo. Maybe the best Pac-man we will get on the VCS.
Functional hack of Asteroids by Thomas Jentzsch. A sick challenge for those who think they are the Asteroids Master.
Amidar DS
Death Race
Amidar DS
Death Race
Functional hack of Amidar by Thomas Jentzsch. For years you have complained that Amidar would be great if only it were faster.   This hack has more speed than you want.
Graphic hack of River Raid by neotokeo21. A great revamp of River Raid, the river is a road with no boundaries. You'll have to dodge houses and shoot your enemies before you end up dead! A highway free-for-all!

Complete List of Hacks Created and Released in 2003
Hack Name Type Original Game Hacked By
Ace F/G Combat source code Cybergoth
Adventure Invaders G Space Invaders Krytol
Adventure Plus F/G Adventure Steve Englehardt
Adventure SI G Adventure Channel 2
Air Raiders Unlimited Ammo F Air Raiders Atari Maximus
Alien Ants G Thunderground neotokeo2001
Amidar DS F Amidar Thomas Jentzsch
Ant Attack G Pepsi Invaders neotokeo2001
Atari Shot G Carnival neotokeo2001
Atlantis FH F Atlantis Thomas Jentzsch
Back to the Future II Adventure G Adventure StanJr
Bazooka Bill G Space Cavern neotokeo2001
Berzerk Arena F/G Berzerk Pixellated Ghost
Better Dukes of Hazzard G Dukes of Hazzard Prototype OutofGas
Borgwars G Asteroids Jack KortKamp
Bunny BZRK G Berzerk Snorlaxnut
City Defender G Missile Command neotokeo2001
Combat Plus F Combat Pixellated Ghost
Cosmic Bowling G Bowling neotokeo2001
Crazy Combat G Combat Krytol
Death Race G/F River Raid neotokeo2001
Demons! G Phoenix Spk Leader
DK 2.0 G Donkey Kong dr. kwack
DP Kong G Donkey Kong Keir
Drag Race G Dragster Atari Maximus
Enhanced Pitfall + F/G Pitfall! Atari Troll
Evil Dead G Haunted House Kyle Pittman
Extinction G Demon Attack neotokeo2001
Fire Queen G TRON Deadly Discs neotokeo2001
Fish Revenge G Space Invaders Greg Zumwalt
Fisticuffs G Double Dragon King Atari
Ghostbusters II Easy G Ghostbusters II King Atari
Ghostbusters Improved G Ghostbusters King Atari
The Hanged Man G Hangman neotokeo2001
Hang-On G Enduro mojofltr
Hang-On ATV G Enduro mojofltr
Headhunter G Galaxian neotokeo2001
Hell-o-ween G Pitfall! Raccoon Lad
Incredible Hulk G Frankenstein's Monster dr. kwack
Indy 500 Alternate Tracks G Indy 500 Atari Maximus
Invasion G M.A.D. neotokeo2001
Jungle Jane G Pitfall! Greg Zumwalt
Jungle King G Jungle Hunt Greg Zumwalt
Kill Dr. Phil G Space Invaders Joey Bastard
Knightmate F/G Video Chess Zach Matley
Laserman 2K3 G Keystone Kapers Dan Iacovelli
Legend of Zelda 2600 G Tutankham StanJr
Loco-Robo G Alien neotokeo2001
Lukio Bros. G Mario Bros. King Atari
Magic Show G Adventure Randy
Miniature Golf + G Minature Golf Glenn Bussell
Mole Tank G Thunderground neotokeo2001
Monty's Tennis G Tennis Atari Troll
Moon Patrol + G Moon Patrol Gregory DG
Mr. Pac-man G Ms. Pac-man El Destructo
Ms. Ghost G Ms. Pac-man Krytol
Ninja Cowboy Duelist G Outlaw Tombor
Nitemare G Megamania neotokeo2001
Nitemare Pinball G Video Pinball neotokeo2001
Omega Race DC F Omega Race Thomas Jentzsch
Pac-man Plus F/G Ms. Pac-man Pac-man Plus
Pac-zerk Voice Enhanced G Berzerk VE neotokeo2001
Pepsi Wins G Pepsi Invaders vb master
Pink Floyd: The Wall G Berzerk Barry Laws Jr.
Pinky's Circus G Circus Atari neotokeo2001
Pinky's Tennis G Tennis neotokeo2001
Pitfall Trainer F Pitfall! Atari Maximus
Poseidon G Phoenix neotokeo2001
Pumpkinhead G Frankenstein's Monster neotokeo2001
Punisher 2600 G Gangster Alley StanJr
Rambo II G Double Dragon Kyle Pittman
Sadistroids F Asteroids Thomas Jentzsch
Shark G Sub Scan neotokeo2001
Space Invaders Invasion G Megamania neotokeo2001
Spitfire Attack F Spitfire Attack Atari Maximus/Dennis Debro
Spongebob Squarepants G Revenge   Beefsteak Tomatoes Kyle Pittman
Spy Bob G Kabobber Atari Maximus
Suicide Adventure III F Adventure Pixellated Ghost
Super Congo Bongo G Congo Bongo Larry Petit
Super Home Run G Home Run Larry Petit
Super Space Invaders G Phoenix King Atari
Targ Arcade G Universal Chaos dr. kwack
Tomb Raider 2600 G Montezuma's Revenge StanJr
Undersea Adventure G Adventure StanJr
WacMan G Ms. Pac-man Greg Zumwalt
Water War G Asteroids neotokeo2001
Xenophobe Arcade G Xenophobe Larry Petit
Zelda G Adventure Kyle Pittman
Hack Types: G = Graphics, F = Functional
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