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Koffi: Yellow Kopter Kontest

August 22, 2002:

Ron Lloyd has selected the winners for the Koffi: Yellow Kopter Kontest! First place was awarded to The Hardesty's for their submission of an animated fox. To quote Ron,

"The submission of the fox immediately caught my eye from the beginning. As time went on and I kept seeing my favorites, I kept coming back to that fox! I really like the paw-raising and tail swooshing animation! The Hardesty's win a free copy of Koffi: Yellow Kopter plus credit in the final game!"

Ron Lloyd also selected eighteen other entries to be included in Koffi: Yellow Kopter. Each entrant whose submission(s) are used will receive credit in the game. Here are the additional entries that will be used:


First Prize:

Runners Up :

Thanks go out to everyone who made this contest a great success!

If you've been following the 5200 homebrew scene, you are probably well aware of Ron Lloyd's upcoming Koffi: Yellow Kopter:

"Koffi is a little kopter, and not allowed to go with the bigger rescue kopters on missions. But when Koffi learns of an insidious plan of Pyro the stormcloud to burn down the forests ... Koffi must take action! Protect the forests and the animals that live there, and defeat the villainous Pyro the electrified stormcloud! Koffi is a one-screen action game, with four stages per level, and as many levels as you can defeat!"

AtariAge and Ron Lloyd are sponsoring a contest where you can help design one of the animals that Koffi has to rescue in Koffi: Yellow Kopter. Two prizes will be awarded in the contest:

Prize #1: A free Koffi: Yellow Kopter cart , plus your idea is used in the game and your name will be listed in the credits!

Prize #2: Your idea is used in the game and your name will be listed in the credits!

You can learn more about Koffi: Yellow Kopter by visiting Ron Lloyd's Koffi: Yellow Kopter Development Page. You can also download the latest demo of Koffi so you can try it on your own computer and learn more about the game before attempting to create graphics for it.

Click for Larger Screenshots
Click for Larger Screenshots
Click for Larger Screenshots

The contest will run until Midnight (CST), Thursday, August 1st, 2002. All submissions must be received by this time! After the contest has ended, Ron Lloyd will then select the entries he wishes to use in Koffi: Yellow Kopter and the results will be announced on AtariAge and this page.

How To Enter

For your entry to be considered, please understand these guidelines and conditions. Any questions may be directed to

You have three building blocks to make an image. It is best to view these as three strips of different colors. The contest is to provide two frames of animation which will be linked together to animate the creation. Don't worry if you cannot make an animated GIF picture, instead just try to draw the two slightly different images. Also, Ron will tweak the winners' creations if he feels he can improve the animation a bit, once he sees it on an actual 5200. Please do not supply copyrighted images such as Pac-Man!

Image Building Blocks:

  1. A "Player" Sprite. This can be any color. It is 8 pixels wide and 17 pixels high maximum.
  2. A Missile Sprite. This can be any color. It is only 2 pixels wide, probably best used for details over top a player sprite. Imagine this as a vertical narrow strip that will be behind the "Player" image, filling in holes with its color. It's horizontal position can be left, right, or anywhere overtop the main Player image but all pixels must line up vertically to only occupy 2 positions.
  3. Another Missile Sprite. Same as #2, but this color MUST be the same Blue as Koffi's Eyes/Tail color.

The following image provides a graphical explanation of the above, so you can see what the existing creatures look like in the game and how they were created using the above rules. Each Atari 5200 pixel is represented as eight pixels in the image below, in a 4:2 ratio. This better simulates how they appear on the 5200 and makes them easier to see on our higher-resolution PC displays.

Entries should be submitted to Please send two separate images, do not send animated GIFs if possible (we will create animated GIFs to display on the contest page). Images must not be compressed with JPG, please use GIF, PCX, BMP, PNG, or some other non-lossy image format. Questions about the contest should be sent to You can also discuss the contest with other AtariAge visitors in our Contests Forum. All contest submissions will be posted publically after the contest has ended.

Remember, the contest ends at Midnight (CST), Thursday, August 1st, 2002!

Animal Submissions

Animal submissions are shown against a green background to more accurately portray how they will appear in Koffi: Yellow Kopter.


Andre Berube

Bryce Foreman

Chris Johnson

Curtis Kozielec

George Seijas

The Hardestys

Harry Dodgson

Jason Achs

Jeff Arensmeyer

Jeffry Johnston

Jordan Miller


Cristiana Yambo

Dale Crum