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Star Fire Elite Squadron

We offered the first 50 pilots who scored 3500 points or more in Star Fire to take a picture of their score and send it to us. These courageous individuals were admitted into the prestigious Star Fire Elite Squadron and justly awarded with the special and limited Star Fire Elite Squadron Patch and Elite Squadron Acceptance Letter (pictured to the right!) This offer was only open to those who purchased Star Fire through the AtariAge Store.

As of January 5th, 2005, the 50th and final submission was received! Listed below are those brave souls who fought valiantly to secure the safety of earth from the EXIDY coalition.

You may click on a column header to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the sort. Click on the Photo icon to view a snapshot taken of the pilot's heroic feat.

Patch #Pilot Name ScoreSubmittedPhoto
36Zach Matley357605/04/2004
30Weston Hilton354803/25/2004
1Troy Whelan357408/09/2003
9Tony Morse352009/21/2003
29Tim Lehner352503/02/2004
26Tim Benish361402/28/2004
47Szabolcs Kovacs445011/02/2004
23Steven Sindt383302/11/2004
24Steve Stoll351002/13/2004
17Steve Engelhardt366401/04/2004
6Steve Damon355509/06/2003
19Stephen Jacobs366002/03/2004
13Simon Quernhorst389612/31/2003
12Ron Dingman376712/26/2003
42Robin Harbron402707/01/2004
20Rick Carlson474602/03/2004
32Ray Kurzenberger367504/16/2004
39Preston Matson350005/29/2004
41Nathan Strum371406/24/2004
48Nate Lockhart378611/02/2004
2Mike Stagney363108/17/2003
44Matthew Johnson352210/11/2004
34Matt Davis424604/20/2004
37Mat Allen352605/08/2004
11Masaru Yonezawa388811/27/2003
45Kevin Bunch357710/22/2004
25Ken Osborn358802/22/2004
5Jim Croniger354809/05/2003
49Jacob Rose378512/04/2004
14Ian Gledhill382201/02/2004
31Greg Goodwin360104/02/2004
33Franklin Cruz383204/17/2004
7Erik Eid376209/09/2003
15Elizabeth Burgener351501/03/2004
22Dusty Reichwein367602/11/2004
50Doug Korekach430301/05/2005
43Darren Braun355410/09/2004
4Darrell Spice, Jr.395708/24/2003
28Cye Freeman470303/02/2004
3Chuck Bremer388308/22/2003
10Christopher Thurber413909/12/2003
38Christopher Ayers369805/17/2004
16Christian Samuel383101/04/2004
46Christian Keilback368210/24/2004
21Chris Buckmister351002/06/2004
40Brad Karston353806/07/2004
18Bill Pilgrim358102/03/2004
35Alan Hewston478405/02/2004
27Al Horton361202/28/2004
8Al Backiel371409/15/2003

Star Fire Elite Squadron Patch

Star Fire
Elite Squadron Patch


Star Fire Elite Squadron Patch

Elite Squadron
Acceptance Letter