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CVDRUM Splash Screen Contest

Manu Parssinen's Winning Splash ScreenAugust 22, 2003 - Winner Selected!

Frank Emanuele has selected Manu Parssinen's second entry, pictured to the left, as the winner in the CVDRUM Splash Screen Contest! Manu will receive an autographed copy of CVDRUM for his efforts, and his splash screen will appear in all copies of CVDRUM sold. The other finalists were Chris Johnson (Entry #2), Cristiana Yambo (Entry #1), and Manu Parssinen (Entry #1).

Frank had this to say about the winning entry:

"This design features a great use of color. The idea of the ColecoVision having a large drum coming out of it was what CVDRUM sounds like visually. Great job! It was very hard to choose one out of all of these great entries."

Congratulations to Manu Parssinen and the thanks to everyone who entered!

CVDRUM is a ColecoVision cartridge by E-Mancanics based on popular software and hardware drum machines, and it enables the user to create up to 9 different one measure musical rhythm patterns. These patterns can then be arranged into a 56 measure maximum rhythm sequence, and the sequence can then be looped for musical performance. The tempos are also close enough that it can be used in concert with Paul Slocum's Atari 2600 SynthCart. CVDRUM software uses the ColecoVision's sound chips to create 8 different drum like sounds that have the vintage 8-bit sound. MP3 examples and additional information can be found at

AtariAge and CVDRUM creator Frank Emanuele are sponsoring a contest to create a new splash screen for CVDRUM. The splash screen appears when the ColecoVision is first turned on with the CVDRUM cartridge inserted and remains visible until the user presses a fire button on their ColecoVision controller. The current splash screen is pictured at the top of the screenshots to the right. This new splash screen will appear in all copies of CVDRUM sold after the contest has ended.

In addition to having their splash screen appear in CVDRUM, the winner will also receive an autographed copy of CVDRUM. The contest will run until Midnight (CST), Sunday, August 17th, 2003. All submissions must be received by this time! After the contest has ended, Frank Emanuele will select one of the entries as the new CVDRUM splash screen.

How To Enter

Making a Splash Screen for a ColecoVision Project:

CVDRUM Splash Screen Contest

Download the necessary tools (these tools will only run in Windows):

ColecoVision Palette

The ColecoVision can only use the palette of colors above.

Rules: You must use the CVDRUM logo gif pictured below and included in the ColecoSplash kit. The screen must also say "Press Fire" to help the user know how to start the program. 


August 13, 2003 Update

Daniel Bienvenu (another Coleco Vision Programmer) has created a new Windows tool to assist in the easy creation fo ColecoVision bitmaps. It is similar to MSPaint, but only uses the ColeocVision palette.

To use this tool, first download it:

Once you have created your masterpiece, save the image and then send the file to Good luck!

This image demonstrates how to save the file:

You can visit Daniel Bienvenu's ColecoVision website here.

Alternate Directions

First make your design as a BMP image in your favorite photo editing program, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. You should set the dimensions of the image as a multiple of 256 X 192. I use 512 X 384 to create my Splash Screens.

  1. Open the program BMP2PP.exe open your BMP file and use the program to convert it to a powerpaint file.  Save the file as splash.pp

  2. Open the program PP2C.exe. Open your file splash.pp by browsing for the file and double clicking the file name. This will show a preview of the file. Press the OK button, and this will process the file into a .C file.

    Important: Save the file as title.c and also change "IMAGE" to "title" when the dialog Picture Table Name. Save this file in the CCI folder wherever you unzipped the ColecoSplash folder.  (If this is not done the Splash screen will not work.)

  3. Browse to the folder CCI in the ColecoSplash folder. Open the CCI program.  Check the getput1 check box.  Click the Compile All button. Follow the instructions in the DOS/Command window.  After that completes click the Link Button. Follow the instructions in the DOS/Command window. Right click and paste the instructions in the DOS/Command window.

  4. Test your creation by clicking the RUN button.

    To see a flash movie of the whole process: Splash Make Flash Movie.

  5. Send your BMP file to Contest entries must be received by Midnight (CST), Sunday, August 17th, 2003! The contest may be discussed with other AtariAge visitors and Frank Emanuele in our AtariAge Contests Forum. Good luck!

Special Thanks to Daniel Bienvenu for the tools. You can visit Daniel's ColecoVision site here.

Contest Submissions

Cristiana Yambo (Entry #1)

Cristiana Yambo (Entry #2)

Cristiana Yambo (Entry #3)


Manu Parssinen (Entry #1)

Manu Parssinen (Entry #2)


Chris Johnson (Entry #1)

Chris Johnson (Entry #2)


Charles Mura (Entry #1)

Charles Mura (Entry #2)


Jeff Arensmeyer

CVDRUM Splash Screen