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2003 Oklahoma Gaming Expo - Page 1

The Oklahoma Gaming Expo was held September 20th, 2003, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the show's first year, gamers gathered from all over Oklahoma to play, buy, sell and trade video games of all types! AtariAge was at the show with several game systems setup to play and a large assortment of homebrew and other games available for purchase. And of course, we were armed with a camera so we could get photos of the event!

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Before embarking on the journey to Tulsa, the car had to first be packed with all sorts of gaming goodness. Four Commodore 1702 monitors, four VCRs to allow RF systems to be hooked up, five game systems, tons of homebrew games, drinks for the road and the show, and quite a bit more!
This is the Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills that the 2003 OKGE was held in, and where we stayed during the weekend.
The OKGE banner flying outside the ballroom entrance.
A large sign sitting outside the entrance, highlighting businesses and organizations that sponsored and participated in the show.
These next three pictures were taken Friday evening as several of the exhibitors arrived to setup their tables. These shots were taken from the corner where the AtariAge tables were located.
Rotated left from the previous picture about 45 degrees, showing the island in the middle where several exhibitors were located.
Rotated again about 45 degrees, here you can see part of the AtariAge booth and the televisions on the far wall that would be used for the classic gaming tournament.
AtariAge OKGE badges to match the placards and demo cartridge labels we printed up for the show.
Dale trying to make a deal before the show opens.
A bit later Friday night as everything is quickly coming together.
A shot of the four systems we had setup to play--one Atari 5200, one ColecoVision, and two Atari 2600. To the left of the 5200 is a 2600 adapter, useful for demonstrating additional 2600 games when the other systems were busy. The games on these systems would be rotated throughout the day.
We had a large assortment of homebrew games available for purchase (and play!). This picture shows many of the titles that come with manuals.
Another shot of the homebrew games (and some reproductions and hacks). Yes, the Euchre and Venture II carts were swapped in this picture.
Another batch of homebrews and hacks.
Atari 5200 homebrew games and reproduction carts.
Boxed games for various systems including the 2600, 5200, and Jaguar.
Chad Lare's Backfire made its debut at the OKGE.
Various classic gaming buttons and stamps, created by AtariCart. These proved to be quite popular during the show.
A great collection of Nintendo hardware, games, literature, accessories, and more.
Warpzone Video Games had a wide assortment of games for many systems.

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Pictures by Albert Yarusso