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2004 Oklahoma Gaming Expo Photo Gallery - Page 5

Photos by Albert Yarusso

Oklahoma Gaming ExpoWe attended the 2004 Oklahoma Gaming Expo, which was twice the size of the 2003 show and attracted more attendees and vendors. Great fun was had by all, and we brought several new games to the show as well as demos of several games in development for the Atari 2600, 5200, and ColecoVision. Posted here is a gallery of over 100 photos we took at the event, captioned so you can see what you missed if you weren't able to attend. We had a blast at this year's show and we look forward to the 2005 event!

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Pac-Man fans enjoyed this display of various Pac-Man merchandise and memorabilia.
Game systems setup for tournament play, including a Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Atari 2600.
Earl Green of Phosphor Dot Fossils makes a Pac-Man toast.
A shot of the Phosphor Dot Fossils booth.
An Odyssey 2 system, with The Voice attachment, surrounded by other classic gaming goodness at the Phosphor Dot Fossils display.
The arcade games in the background were well attended. This shot was taken from behind the AtariAge tables.
Another shot taken from within the AtariAge booth, looking out towards the opposite wall.
Lots of vendors were packed into the OKGE floor space.
A shot taken from one corner looking towards the opposite corner where the AtariAge booth was located.
Standing in another corner for two shots panning across the room.
Second shot from the same location, panned a bit to the right.
Two boxed Atari 2600 games you don't see every day!
And to think, there's another set of rare Atari 2600 boxed games under the ones visible in this picture!
MegaManFan spends some time drooling over a boxed Rescue Terra I.
"The Fat Man" George Sanger performs for attendees.
Flack was at the show displaying a wide variety of "pirate hardware" for copying and playing games on older cartridge-based systems such as the Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and so forth.
An example of two Super Nintendo copy systems.
Flack did a great job dressing up his display with the "Beware of Pirates" sign, a blue table cloth for his tables, the skull mug you see here, and more.
One last shot from the AtariAge booth, where attendees are enjoying the two ColecoVision systems setup for play. This shot looks out towards the entrance to the show floor.
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