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Activisions Newsletter - AtariAge Magazine Archive

Back in the Winter of 1981, Founding Chairman and CEO Jim Levy wrote a "Welcome" letter introducing the original Activisions newsletter to Activision's loyal fans. The Activisions newsletter was created to inform gamers of new titles in development and give the reader a small peek into Activision, its designers, their games and the people who played them. The first Activisions newsletter was arrived in the homes of eager fans in the fall of 1981 and the last issue was sent out in the fall of 1983. Seven issues of the Activisions newsletters were created in all.

You can browse the issues of the Activisions Newsletter online, or download all the issues as a single file for viewing at your own leisure. The magazines are available as low resolution scans or high resolution scans (better for printing):

Thanks to Ken Love for contributing these scans.

Click on a magazine cover to view the contents of that issue:
Volume 1, Fall 1981
Volume 2, Winter 1982
Volume 3, Spring 1982
Volume 1
Fall 1981

Volume 2
Winter 1982

Volume 3
Spring 1982
Volume 4, Fall 1982
Volum3 5, December 1982
Volume 6, Spring 1983
Volume 4
Fall 1982
Volume 5
December 1982
Volume 6
Spring 1983
Volume 7, Fall 1983
Volume 7
Fall 1983