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Alien vs. Predator - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Alien vs Predator Manual
Alien vs Predator

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10relaybeacon gametheory[]

ref USCM Classified Data



Alien Vs. Predator is a tactical simulator depicting the events following the 
fall of Camp Golgotha Colonial Marine Training Base to a group of xenomorphs 
(aliens) not yet fully classified. Limited data from the incident also allow 
for reasonably extrapolated simulations from the viewpoints of the two alien 
groups believed to have participated in the incident. The data contained herein 
is considered top secret as of this release, and any duplication, distribution 
or display is punishable by courtmartial with a maximum penalty not to exceed 
seven years imprisonment in the Yuggoth penal colony, SYS Aldeberan IV. 
(USCMC, 53622a)

Getting Started

1. Insert your JAGUAR Alien Vs. Predator cartridge into the slot of your JAGUAR 
   64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System.
2. Press the POWER button.

3. Insert the appropriate plastic overlay (Marine, Alien or Predator, depending 
   on which game you wish to play) in the slots over the controller of your 
   Jaguar keypad.
4. Press any fire button to discontinue the title screen.

5. On the Character Selection Screen, press left and right on the joypad to 
   toggle between the Marine, Alien or Predator character choices. When the
   desired character is selected, press A.

Pausing The Simulation

To momentarily stop play of the simulation, press the PAUSE button. PAUSE will 
be shown on-screen and all action will cease. To continue the simulation, press

Saving and Restoring Simulations

You can save the progress of a simulation at any time to hold the game in 
cartridge memory. This allows you to mark your progress, or to Restore the 
Simulation later. Up to 3 in-progress simulations can be saved at any one time.

To save a game, press the PAUSE button at any point during game play. When 
PAUSE is shown, press the OPTION button. Press up or down on the D-Pad to bring
up the text GAME 1, GAME 2, GAME 3. Continue pressing up or down to cycle the 
"arrow" symbol to the SAVE GAME slot you want to use. Press the B button. The 
GAME slot selected will quickly flash, and PAUSE will disengage. When a 
simulation is saved to cartridge memory, your location and only these items are 

For the Marine: Score, security card clearance #, weapons, ammo and energy 
                currently collected.

For the Predator: Score, weapons attained, energy and med-pak reserves 

For the Alien: Score, quantity and status of Aliens gestating.

All random enemies, ammo, food and med-kits will be regenerated. So make sure 
you save wisely.

To continue playing a saved game, select RESTORE GAME at the options screen. If 
a game has been saved, it will display RESTORE GAME 1, 2 or 3. The font type 
used is different for each of the characters to help you remember which game is 


After a brief introductory fade-in, you will be presented with a first-person 
view of the interior of the training base (or XT ship), along with a 
superimposed display (referred to throughout this manual as the Heads-Up 
Display or HUD) containing vital information:

If you find the superimposed display difficult to read or distracting, you can 
adjust its brightness to your liking. To dim/brighten display, press Pause and 
then Option and use the joypad to adjust the HUD Brightness Control slider.



In the Marine scenario, you assume the role of a lone Marine recently released 
from a brig sentence to find the population of the Marine Base slaughtered, and 
the installation overrun by hostile XTs (extraterrestrials). You begin the 
scenario with no weapons, no motion tracker, no security clearance. The 
objectives in this scenario are to arm yourself, set the base to selfdestruct 
and escape in the escape pod on Sublevel 5. As per Field Operations Directive 
Code Section 3.29, the only escape pod remaining will not key its launch 
sequence unless the Terminal Destruct Sequence is initiated by authorized USCM 
personnel with Security Clearance 10.

Marine Arsenal

Scattered throughout the base are a number of items which you may find useful 
or necessary for your survival. They may be found by themselves, or (in the 
case of security clearance cards and higher-grade weapons) on the persons of 
base personnel killed in action.

To pick up an item, simply move over it, and a message will appear onscreen, 
indicating which object you have obtained. To change the currently selected 
weapon, press the appropriate key. Items you may find in the base include:

Shotgun: Standard pump-action scattergun, useful for last-ditch proximity fire. 
         Minimal effectiveness against XT exoskeletal armor, and practically 
         useless against 'Predator'-type extraterrestrials.

M41A Pulse Rifle: Fires 10 x 24 mm explosive-tipped, caseless rounds. 
                  Reasonably effective against exoskeletal armor.

Flame Thrower: Launches jets of Napthal which adhere to target and burn. 
               Somewhat more effective against exoskeletal armor than the M41A.

Motion Tracker: Special low-end training unit tracks/displays enemy movement/
                location (within 15 meters) against a stationary background in 
                a 360' arc.

Medical Kit: Standard medical field kit containing Mplex capsules, transdermal 
            stimulant/painkiller slap patches, etc. Good for a 25% health gain.

Smart Gun: Steady-harness, smarttargeting, man-portable support weapon. 
           Maximum effectiveness against XT exoskeletal armor.

Assorted Ammunition:
Ammo for each of the weapon types found in the simulation is automatically 
added to your weapon's clip as you obtain it. It can't be overly stressed that 
even the most advanced weapon in the universe is just excess weight without 
healthy amounts of ammo. As in any field situation, on- or off-world, your 
weapon is your best friend; take care of it, and it'll take care of you. 
Load up!

Other Items

Security Clearance Cards: Level 1-10. Each successsive security card grants 
                        higher access to armories and secure areas of the base.

Food: Standard-issue C rations. Just don't think too hard about what this stuff 
      is made of, and you'll be fine. For purposes of this simulation, provides 
      a 10% health gain.

Marine Base Profile

Computer Terminals: Information is power. When you encounter a computer 
   terminal, move up close to it so the terminal graphic fills the screen. 
   Then, to activate the terminal, press the A button. You will be given a menu 
   of choices like the one below. To exit the computer screen, press C. Try to 
   use the information in the General Log to aid your escape (and discover just 
   what happened during your hyper-sleep). Be aware of the locations of exits, 
   armories and, of course, the escape craft.

Lifts/ Elevators: To use a lift, move up to the hatch until it fills the screen. 
   To open the hatch, press the A button. To move up a level, presss Pad-Up and 
   A. To move down a level, press Pad-down and A. Remember: an XT may be 
   waiting for you when that hatch opens! Remember, "lower" levels have higher 
   numbers; hence, the deepest level in the base is Sublevel 5.

Secure Area Hatches: Some area hatches (armories, for example) may require 
   security clearance to open. As per Field Operations Directive Code Section 
   2.44, USCM installations in a state of emergency enable autodefense routines 
   which initiate a red-one lockdown of key areas of command, control and 
   armament. These areas require varying levels of clearance/access.

Equipment: Some areas of the Marine Base hold crates and barrels, some of which 
   contain hazardous, volatile materials. Exercise caution.

Airduct Access Vents: Some areas of the base were sealed off by the crew in an 
   attempt to keep the alien intruders out. Unfortunately, they forgot about 
   the airducts. The base's network of airducts can provide alternate access to 
   various areas of the base...for Marines and XTs alike.

Cryogenic Suspension ('Hyper-Sleep') Tanks:
   Autolog reports during the Golgotha 'incident' indicate that the base's 
   cryosleep monitoring system went down shortly after Private Lewis emerged; 
   hence, these units are inert for purposes of this simulation.

Airlocks: As the buffer chambers which separate a safe human environment from 
   hard vacuum (or, in this case, docked craft of unknown origin), airlocks 
   must by properly cycled in order to avoid a sudden, catastrophic 
   depressurization of the base (or, in this case, for security reasons). After 
   entering an airlock, close the hatch behind you. Once you have done this, it
   is safe to proceed to and open the next hatch. 
Med-Lab: Personnel in need of medical attention (and with proper security 
   clearance) may access state-of-the-art medical equipment (including Weyland 
   Yutani diagnostic computers, Etchison Vacutract (TM) units and Sirius 
   Cybernetics TPVs) in the Camp Golgotha sickbay. The Colonial Marine can 
   regain lost energy by using the computers located in the base's medlabs. You 
   must have at least a S.C. #4 or higher to get assistance. Access the blue 
   screened terminals. FIRST AID will appear as an option. Select this, and if 
   your energy is below the percentages outlined below, your energy is 
   increased to a maximum amount, determined by your security level:

S.C. #4,5,6 allows you to regain 50% of maximum energy.
S.C. #7,8,9 allows you to regain 75% of maximum energy.
S.C. #10 allows you to regain 100% of maximum energy.

XT Craft: Two extraterrestrial vehicles are docked at the Golgotha base: The 
   bio-mechanical ship which contained the exoskeletal aliens in the first 
   place (referred to as the 'Alien Ship'), and the second vessel which 
   apparently arrived in response to the Marine Base's priority one distress 
   call (referred to as the 'Predator Ship'). No confirmed data is available on 
   these craft as they were destroyed when the base self-destructed.

Self-Destruct/Escape: The remaining escape pod on the Golgotha Marine training 
   base will not key its launch sequence unless a Terminal Destruct Sequence 
   has been initiated. When you arrive at the necessary terminal with the 
   proper clearance, you will have the option to set the base for a timed 
   self-destruct. Once initited, self-destruct cannot be aborted, and you will 
   have a finite amount of time to board the escape craft, key the launch 
   sequence and reach MSD (Minimum Safe Distance, approximately 300 km) before 
   the base's core reactor overloads and explodes.

XT (Extraterrestrial) Profile

Information on the two XT races believed to have been involved in the Golgotha 
incident is limited, but confirmed data follows:

Acid Blood: The exoskeletal XTs ('Aliens') had concentrated acid for blood. 
  Killing aliens at extremely close range will result in a dangerous, acidic 
  spray. Be cautious, as the acid remains active long after an Alien is killed.

Facehuggers: The aliens were multiple-stage creatures, taking different forms 
  at different points in their lifecycles. First-stage aliens (see illustration) 
  emerge from egg-like constructs and attach themselves to 'host' beings, 
  implanting embryonic creatures which would grow and emerge from their hosts, 
  killing said hosts in the process. If a Faceghugger attaches itself to you in 
  this simulation (see figure), dislodge it - with a rapid left-right joypad 
  movement - quickly !

Spectral Obfuscation ('Invisibility'): The other group of XTs encountered in 
  the Golgotha incident (code named 'Predators') were apparently capable of 
  temporary invisibility. Predators would appear, attack, and disappear within 
  seconds. A Predator's physical mass remains constant regardless of its 
  visibility, so motion trackers were of some use against them. It is not known
  whether this 'invisibility' entailed any physical defense. At this time, 
  there is no evidence to suggest that firing blind is ineffective against an 
  'invisible' Predator.

Marine Strategy

Data on the Golgotha incident is limited and is in many cases extrapolated; as 
such, certain variables such as the location of particular items are randomized 
from simulation to simulation, but it is reasonable to conclude that the most 
valuable items will be found in the area of heaviest XT infestation. As in any 
combat situation, keep your environment in mind: Can you utilize hatches, 
obstructions, airducts ? Given a choice, should you terminate an XT in a 
corridor, or try to draw it out into a room? (Keep in mind the acidic mess 
resulting from an XT kill.) Aliens attack quickly and sometimes in vast 
numbers, so remember the 'Republican Guard Retrograde' tactic of firing on 
targets while retreating - just make sure there isn't a bulkhead (or a thick 
nest of XTs) behind you. As you make your way to the escape pod, keep your 
sweep clean; try to clean out entire sections before moving on, using hatches 
as boundaries. Use the computers. And when facing overwhelming numbers, run - 
you're trying to escape, not prove how tough you are.

XT (Extraterrestrial) SCENARIOS

In an alternate scenario, you assume the role of an invading xenomorph (either 
an 'Alien' XT or a 'Predator' XT).


The 'Alien': The Queen is being held prisoner in the Predator craft, and every 
moment, shrieking through THE HIVE collective mind, the instinctive/telepathic 
cry rings in your acid blood - RESCUE. To accomplish your objective in this 
scenario, you must start thinking like an Alien. You are one of THE HIVE. The 
interests of THE HIVE dictate your actions. Your life means nothing so long as 
THE HIVE continues. As an Alien, you must rely on your speed and inherent 
weaponry to protect THE HIVE - and locate new hosts to gestate a new generation
of Alien Warriors. You begin the simulation with one Warrior "life." Because 
you have the unique ability to generate new lives, you and THE HIVE can live 
forever. You can have up to three active cocoons at any one time but remember 
to take into account the time it takes each gestating embryonic Alien to spawn 
and mature inside its host...or you may find yourself without an able Alien 
Warrior to rescue the Queen.

Alien Arsenal

Venomous Tail: A tail slash can stun even an armored soldier at a distance of 
  up to two meters. This attack can be used in combination with the Claw attack 
  to temporarily stun prospective "hosts" for cocooning - and gestation of new 
  Alien Warriors (see below).

Claw: Slicing attack, limited to close range. Used in conjunction with the Tail 
  attack to stun prospective hosts for new Alien Warriors. Also used for 
  opening and closing doors.

Extending Jaw/Teeth: Devastating up-close attack. This is a "kill-only" attack, 
  and the target is not eligible for gestation of new Alien Warriors. One bite 
  attack will kill a Marine, but the Predator XTs are much harder to kill and 
  may require multiple attacks.

Speed: As an Alien, you can move with (literally) unearthly speed. This allows 
  you the advantage of surprise attacks and actually avoiding bursts of flame-
  thrower fire and other long-range weapons - and once your enemies must fight 
  you close-in and face-to-face, all the weaponry in the world will not help 

Attack Strength Meter: The physical force behind a melee-type attack degrades 
  with fatigue and with wounds sustained. The Attack Strength Meter on the HUD
  represents the relative effectiveness of your attacks at any given moment.

Cocooning: To stun an enemy in preparation for cocooning, you must execute a 
  three-step attack against them; thus, a Claw strike, followed in rapid 
  succession by a Tail strike, and then another Claw strike. When the creature 
  falls, you will see a message reading "COCOON THE ENEMY." Quickly, while the 
  enemy is stunned, move forwards over him until you see a message reading 
  "COCOON COMPLETE." The enemy will now appear encased in an egg-like structure 
  (see illustration) and you may leave him to his fate; soon, a young Alien 
  Facehugger will implant the enemy with an embryonic Alien Warrior. Use the 
  Growth Indicator to watch the feeding embryo grow in stages until it can 
  emerge from the enemy, putting another Alien Warrior at your disposal. If you 
  lose your current life, you will begin again at the location of the last 
  enemy you cocooned. You may have a maximum of three extra Alien Warriors at 
  any one time, but try to have at least one Warrior in reserve!


There is nothing available to heal aliens, so cocoon enemies early and often. 
Watch your Attack Strenght Meter: attacks do less damage if you don't give them 
time to charge first - don't hold down attack buttons. A fast moving target is 
harder to hit, and as an Alien you are extremely fast, so keep moving! The 
Marines have jammed the lifts, so the airducts are your pathways between 
levels. Learn the network and, if you're hurting, hide in its enemy-free 
corridors to allow new aliens time to gestate. And remember that although you 
do not know what to expect in the depths of the 'Predator Ship,' your objective 
is to rescue the Queen.


The 'Predator': Analysis of the 'Predator' XTs in combat suggests that their 
presence was not military in nature but ritual, perhaps as a sort of rite of 
passage for a caste of uninitiated Warriors. It is conceivable that they 
responded to Camp Golgotha's distress signal merely to lend aid, only to 
discover they had come across a hunter's greatest prize: a group of born 
Warriors - pure, savage and instinctive - and their very Queen...

"Come forward, Youthful Warrior. Now is the time you ascend to the Stars. There 
to become one with your Honor. Unleash your power before our race. Witness, 
will be our Elders to the Ancient Rite of Passage.

The Trial of Honor has begun. The Judgement of the Elders, alone you will face. 
Give your life to the Elders in disgrace. Take your life for the Elders with no 
fear - only Pride. In thought always keep, in action presevere, for your Honor 
and Tao will lead you to Them. Honor that you earn is the only way you exist. 
With that Honor, you may Hunt beside the Elders. You live for the Hunt. 
You Hunt for Honor.

Fortune has shone it's light for your Rite, young one. Discovered, we have, an 
ideal scenario for the Fighting you require. Not far from here, hostility 
appears to be in force. One of the most challenging of all species has come 
into contact with one of the weakest. To a skilled Warrior, the oxygen-
breathers will not pose much of a threat, though a developed colony of aliens 
will hinder your path. To show the Elders your strength, you must penetrate the 
'Alien Ship' and take away the driving force behind the colony - their Queen, 
so precious. A lovely addition to our Trophies, her skull will be. Graceful and 
expressive of the ultimate perfection their species has become. The Rite which 
lies before you has sent many of our kind to their destiny. Do not let your 
guard down, or they will certainly infest your corpse, to be. They survive in 
any environment. They have wiped out entire races like a raging death machine. 
Their presence has become a permanent disease, condemning all other life to 
perpetual demise.

We are approaching the targeted vessel. Interior scanning confirms our 
suspicion. Killing there is much of, as the aliens are again doing what they do 
best - surviving. The Test will begin once we have located a suitable entrance 
to accommodate us.

A powerful arsenal of weapons will accompany you, but when the Test begins only 
the Wrist Blade is active for your battles. You will need to attain superior 
weaponry to kill the Alien Queen and claim her crested skull. Superior weapons 
will only be awarded as you reach and maintain preset levels of Honor Points. 
If your Point total falls below any of these preset levels, you will lose in 
succession each weapon. Always fight with Honor, and victory will come."


Wrist Blade: The Wrist Blade is the weapon chosen for beginning the scenario. 
  Twin blades, double-edged, and sharp enough to tear through bone, these 
  retractable blades are effective against both large and small opponents. 
  Using it shows you possess true Pride, because you must fight your opponent 

Combi-Stick (150,000 Honor Points): The first weapon you'll receive for 
  Honorable Fighting is the Combi-Stick. When you reach the mark of 150,000 
  Honor Points, this self-powered, telescoping spear is granted. Merely one 
  meter at its shortest lenght, the Combi-Stick extends by 2 meters at each 
  end, making it a formidable weapon for close range attacks. Made of nearly 
  unbreakable alloys, sharpened tips on either end produce electical charges as 
  it slices through any surface.


Smart Disk (350,000 Honor Points): The Smart Disk will be available after you 
  gain 350,000 Honor Points. Thin and ultra-light, this internally powered 
  airborne weapon is crafted of the materials which produce the Combi-Stick, 
  easily slicing through an opponent with its devastating razor edges. When 
  thrown, it will leave your grasp and do severe harm to anything living in its 
  flight path. For purpose of the Test, the Elders decree that the 
  concentration needed to retrieve a combat-standard Disk should not be present; 
  the Elders have therefore granted a large number of test-programmed Smart 
  Disks to you.

Shoulder Cannon (750,000 Honor Points): Finally, the most powerful aid in your 
  quest is the Shoulder Cannon. This shoulder-mounted and lightweight weapon is
  capable of firing multiple long range energy bursts. The destructive power 
  unleashed by these bursts will deal damage to anything near the target, 
  including the Warrior foolish enough or brave enough to use the Shoulder 
  Cannon in close quarters.

Attack Strength Meter: The physical force behind a melee-type attack degrades 
  with fatigue and with wounds sustained and/or weapon charging time. The Attack
  Strength Meter on the HUD represents the relative effectiveness of your 
  attacks at any given moment.

Health-Pak: Even the most skilled and vivious Warriors will receive damage. The 
  Health-Pak, also given to you for immediate use, is valuable for completing 
  your Rite. It holds many compounds, various medical tools and pain-
  suppressors to maintain your energy. This item is functional anytime, but 
  additional materials will be required. While you're hunting the oxygen-
  breathers, search for their medicine and their physical nourishment units; 
  your Health reserve will increase with the acquisition of these things. When 
  you feel the need, you may transfer this reserve to your total energy, and 
  continue the Hunt, revitalized. Use the Health-Pak with wisdom.

Audio Waveform Analyzer. A function of the biohelmet, the Audio Waveform 
  Analyzer reacts to changes in the audio environment. A flux in the displayed 
  waveform indicates the presence of an enemy which may or may not be in a 
  Warrior's line-of-sight.

Invisibility: To Hunt successfully, the perfect camouflage is needed. Every 
  Warrior is given these techniques. Perfectly mirrored with your surroundings, 
  you will become. When engaged, invisibility works in conjunction with your 
  Light-Spectrum Filter built into your Bio-Helmet. Remember, invisibility and 
  your vision filter work as one, and one cannot work without the other.


The Ancient Laws dictate that invisibilty determines the degree of Honor. To 
make a kill against any opponent, while under invisibility's cloak, is 
dishonorable. This will result in Honor Points being subtracted. To prove your 
worth as a Predator and attain the Warrior's weapons, you must gain Honor 
Points through Honorable kills."

Multispectrum Filter: The Multispectrum Filter is available for the duration of 
  your invisibility. You may select from 5 different visual enhancements. Since 
  each is distinctly different, try using them all in unexplored areas. This 
  will allow you to find the proper Spectrum Filter for effective Hunting. You 
  will soon develop the knowledge of which Spectrum Filters work best in any of
  the varied locations.


Take the Honor Point System deathly seriously. If you attack repeatedly while 
invisible, you will lose honor, points, and, ultimately weapons. Remember, the 
aliens can find you anyway. Medical supplies are limited, so you should use 
supplies you find wisely. Bear in mind the status of your Attack Strength Meter 
and the nature of the 'reserve' health system and be vigilant. Experiment with 
the different visual modes to determine th best ones to use in various area.


Your arsenal of superior weaponry is only attainable by gaining points through 
fighting with Honor. The weapons can also be lost if your point total falls 
below the amount required to attain each weapon. There are 2 variables which 
effect the amount of points GAINED or LOST in combat.

1. INVISIBILITY OPTION: When you face an opponent while VISIBLE, Honor is 
   proven and points are ADDED to your total. If your kill is made with 
   INVISIBILITY on, points are SUBTRACTED from your total.
2. WEAPON SELECTION: When kills are made with HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT weapons, 
   points involved are FULL VALUE. If kills are made with LONG RANGE WEAPONS, 
   points involved are either HALVED or DOUBLED.

Put simply:


* VISIBLE, HAND-TO-HAND kills add FULL VALUE points.

* VISIBLE, LONG RANGE kills add 1/2 VALUE points.


* INVISIBLE, LONG RANGE kills subtract DOUBLE VALUE points.

* INVISIBLE, HAND-TO-HAND kills subtract 1/2 VALUE points.



ALIEN		WRIST BLADES	+10,000		-10,000
MARINE		  **   **        +5,000		 -5,000
FACEHUGGER	  **   **          +900		   -900
EGG		  **   **	   +300		   -300
YELLOW DRUM	  **   **          +100            -100

ALIEN		COMBI-STICK	+10,000		-10,000
MARINE		  **   **        +5,000		 -5,000
FACEHUGGER	  **   **          +900		   -900
EGG		  **   **	   +300		   -300
YELLOW DRUM	  **   **          +100            -100

ALIEN		SMART-DISK  	 +5,000		-20,000
MARINE		  **   **        +2,500		-10,000
FACEHUGGER	  **   **          +450		 -1,800
EGG		  **   **	   +150		   -600
YELLOW DRUM	  **   **           +50            -200

ALIEN	      SHOULDER CANNON	 +5,000		-20,000
MARINE		  **   **        +2,500		-10,000
FACEHUGGER	  **   **          +450		 -1,800
EGG		  **   **	   +150		   -600
YELLOW DRUM	  **   **           +50            -200

[][][]f[]8|[][][][]intrasys9^ signal relay buoy 00101lowwave
1001001001relaybeacon paladin[]galac.sig
10relaybeacon gametheory[]
ref USCM Classified Data


Producer:		James Purple Hampton

Programmers:		Mike Beaton (Rebellion) , Andrew Whittaker

Additional Coding:	Mike Pooler

Art:			Tony Harrison-Banfield (Rebellion) , 
			Stuart Wilson (Rebellion) , Jeffery Gatrall , 
			Keoni Los Banos

Sound Effects/Music:	James Grunke, M Stevens, Nathan Brenholdt, Will Davis,
			Paul Foster, Tom Gillen, Alex Quarmby (Rebellion)

Level Design:		Hank Cappa, Hans Jacobsen, Andrew Keim, Lance Lewis,
			Dan McNamee, Sean Patten

Testers:		Hank Cappa, Tom Gillen, Scott Hunter, Hans Jacobsen,
			Andrew Keim, Lance Lewis, Dan McNamee, Martin Muellar,
			Sean Patten, Joe Sousa

Continuitiy To Films &
Technical Advisor:	Sean Patten

Writer:			Chris Hudak, Lance Lewis

Intro text:		Chris Hudak

Computer Text:		Lance Lewis

Box Art/Title Screen:   Andrew H. Denton (on Lightwave 3D)

Image Touch-Up:		Jeffery Gatrall

Special Thanks To:	Terry Bratcher, Mat Clayson, Tom Gillen, David Johny,
			Scott Marcus, Susan McBride, Sandra Miller & Baby, 
			Lena Tan Cheng Im, Phil O'Pray, Ed Sicard, 
			Kathie Sleeper, Tom Sloper, James Sposato, 
			Carrie Tahquechi, Ted Tahquechi, Tabitha Tosti, 
			Sean Yew, The Whittaker Family, 46 Western Rd.