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BrainDead 13 - ReadySoft - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

BrainDead 13 Manual
BrainDead 13

Object of the Game

You, our unsuspecting hero, Lance, get a late-nite "fix-it" call to a 
mysterious castle. Upon reactivating the computers, you learn of Dr. Nero 
Neurosis' master plan... world domination!

A frantic race through the evil playground of the demented Doctor's twisted 
castle is on! Fritz, the half-pet, half-human henchman of Dr. Neurosis is out 
to stop you from thwarting the evil Doctor's plans.

Battle numerous mishaps of science on your mission to reach "The Brain Chamber"
where only the most cunning will defeat the wicked Dr. Neurosis!

Starting the Game

After the CD has been inserted, an introduction will automatically begin (it 
may be skipped by pressing the "B" button). The title screen will give you the 
option to view selected demos or begin playing BrainDead 13. Use the 
directional pad to make your selection and then press "B" to begin. In future, 
you will be able to select "CONTINUE" from where you left off in a previous 
game or "NEW" to start from the beginning of the game.

Pausing/Stopping the Game

To pause the game, press the PAUSE button. Press PAUSE again to resume play 
from the beginning of that scene. To stop playing the game, press OPTION and 
the main menu screen will appear. Select the "SAVE GAME" option to save your 
current game position so you may continue later at the exact point where you 
left off. If "CONTINUE" is selected, you will be able to resume play from the 
beginning of that scene. You will return to the title screen if the "EXIT" 
option is selected.


Use the directional pad to control Lance's movement. The directions you will 
require are UP (top button) to move into the distance, DOWN (bottom button) to 
move close, LEFT (left side button) and RIGHT (right side button) on the 
directional pad. Use the "B" button for an action rather than a direction such 
as jumping, throwing or any other action that is required to complete a scene.

Playing BrainDead 13

You control Lance's reactions to the events that happen around him. As you 
watch the animation, you must decide which direction Lance should move and 

Timing is very critical and often you may make a correct move at the wrong 
time. Many scenes require more than one move. Don't be surprised if Lance 
doesn't move immediately.

The "Good Beep" (higher tone) lets you know that your move has been accepted.

You must defeat all the characters that you encounter along your mission, 
including Fritz, to get to Dr. Nero Neurosis himself and win the game!

You have an unlimited number of lives in BrainDead 13 and you'll probably need 
them all! Keep in mind that timing is critical!

Note: Scenes will not necessarily appear in the following order.

The Garden:

A deadly maze crawling with man-eating vines, spiked pits and killer mushrooms. 
Fritz won't be far behind, so don't lose your head! Watch the "Statue of 


The Slasher may keep you awake, but if he doesn't, the sheets may have a 
ghostly effect.

Vivi's Funeral Salon:

The voluptuous vampiress will give you more than just a little off the top. The
manicure is to die for and the experience could leave you feeling quite 


Not so bright, but he has an assortment of athletic attacks. Be quick as 
lightning or you may need some athletic support!


In two separate rooms, sisters Evil Left Iris and Evil Right Iris will try and
make your visit a CATastrophe. They'd like to have you for dinner, so make 
other plans and keep your eyes peeled!


Keep a cool head... the centipede has a leg up on you and the spider is looking 
to weave a tangled web.


Cajun cookin' is the special today... the gator has something hot 'n spicy in 
mind for you! If you can't stand the heat, stay away from the stove!

Trophy Room:

The symbols of excellence will hunt you down and Yeti will certainly wedge his 
way into your life.

Fritz Room:

One-on-one, hand to hand combat. Do battle with Fritz and move to the final 
destination... "The Brain Chamber"!


The Librarian may throw some literary expression at you and the Bookworms will 
feed off your visit.


The marionette may look friendly, but there's strings attached!