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Brutal Sports Football - Telegames - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Brutal Sports Football Manual


The idea for a Brutal Football League was originated in 2034 when the Universal
Football League dwindled due to audience boredom. In addition to its
entertainment value, Brutal Football was initially conceived as a crude
population control operation.

The first Brutal Football matches, played by humans, were extremely popular.
However, interest began to die as quickly as the players. Crowds grew restless
as the games rarely lasted for more than a minute. Two teams dominated this
period: the Brain Dead Bazookas and the high-flying National Nukers.

The final confrontation between these teams drew an enormous crowd to the Bad
Lands Arena where the game was to be fought. An explosive match was predicted.
Unforunately, no one had predicted quite how explosive it would be. Within
thirty seconds the Nukers lived up to their name as they declared nuclear war.
The entire land mass of Utopia was obliterated. The result was deemed a no
score draw.

This set-back might have been the end of the game except for the vision of
Professor I.M. Looney. His genetically engineered bi-peds proved ideal players
of the game. Once production had been taken over by Acme Bi-peds, Inc., the new
league was up and running - WILDLY!


Insert Brutal Football cartridge into the Jaguar console as shown in the Atari
Jaguar instructions booklet. After a few seconds the opening sequence will run
before the game begins. This will include the welcoming sequence and the Brutal
Football introduction sequence. Press the PAUSE or 'B' button to skip a screen.
When the title screen appears press the PAUSE or 'B' button to take you into
the first menu which is the Select Game screen.


* You can win a Brutal Football Game by outscoring the opposition OR by
  slaughtering six of their seven players.

* Each game lasts seven minutes.

* Once the game begins - THERE ARE NO RULES!

* If a game ends in a draw, the ball is thrown away and Sudden Death is played.
  During this time each team must fight to the death. The first person to
  decapitate six opponents wins.


* The player will automatically pick up the ball when he runs over it.

* Once in possession, press the 'B' button to pass ball.

* Press and hold down the 'C' button to kick the ball in the direction a player
  is facing.

* When not in possession, press the 'B' or 'C' button to punch an opponent or
  launch a flying tackle.

* Stand over an opponent and press the 'B' or 'C' button to stomp him.

* Press the 'C' button to make a flying catch.

Now you think you're ready to play. Well, you're going to end up getting a
mauling unless you take in the finer points of the game. Objects or icons will
appear on the field at various times during a game.

Run over an icon to pick it up. A maximum of three icons can be held at any one
time. See STATE OF PLAY later.

Press the '6' button to scroll through the Pick Up icons. To unleash the Pick
Up selected press the 'A' button.


Sword - gives you a cutting edge in attacking opponents.

Shield - protects player from attack.

Grenades - makes your attack go with a bang.

Bomb - bigger bangs to wipe out the opposition.

Rabbit - speeds up your players.

Tortoise - slows down your players.

Ice-cube - ices opponent for a set amount of time.

Magic potion - renders your player invisible for set amount of time.

Running ball - balls sprout legs and will follow your controlled player for set
	       amount of time.

Repel icon - bounces opposition away when touched.

Axe - split your opponent in two from a long distance.

Lightning - strikes down opposition for a set amount of time.

Two extra icons appear in two-player mode:

Direction reverse - reverses directions	on your opponents joypad.

Team swap - swaps team controls.


If you want any information about the game it's all there in the state of play

* The dots on the central panel shows the position of every player on the
  field. By using buttons '1' (defense), '2' (normal) and '3' (aggressive) you
  can change the formation of your team.

* The flashing colored dots are the selected players.

* The white flashing dots show position of power ups.

* The solid white dot is the ball.

* Top bar shows the strength of your selected player.

* Lower bar shows overall team strength.

* Window shows any icons held by team.

* Pick Ups can be scrolled through by using button '6' on keypad and selected
  by pressing the 'A' button.

* The score is shown at the bottom screen corners.


Each player can organize their teams into three formations to assist in their
game play.


This puts your team into an attacking formation, pushing towards your opponents


This position is the multi-purpose position, offering defensive and offensive


This position allows you to 'pack' your half of the field with your players
(best for when you are looking to hold on to a lead for a win).

After every match, whether Unfriendly, Knockout or League, you will be able to
see your team's performance on the statistics screen.


After starting the game, the Select Game screen will appear. Scroll through the
choices using the joypad and choose UNFRIENDLY by pressing the PAUSE or 'B'

* Unfriendliness can be played by 1 or 2 players.

* Scroll through the eleven mutant and humanoid teams.

* Press the PAUSE or 'B' button to select a team.

* Enter the new name if you wish to customize team names by pressing the 'A'

* Use directional controller to scroll through letters. Moving it left or right
  will select whichever letter you wish to change. Press the 'A' button to
  select the letter. When you are finished press the PAUSE or 'B' button again
  to return to the control panel.

* Press the PAUSE or 'B' button again to get control options.

* Use directional controller on joypad to scroll through control options.

* Each option is explained on screen.

* Press the PAUSE or 'B' button again to select preferred control option.

* Both players must choose teams (two player mode only).


After selecting team and control option, the player can choose how many
unfriendlies they wish to play. There is a choice of playing one game, best of
three or best of seven. Scroll through these options and press the start button
to select.


At the end of each league game a championship screen appears. Scroll through
the options and press 'B' button to select your choice. The screen appearing at
the end of each league match has two extra choices. The first is the locker
room option.

* Four leagues exist.

* Each new member of the league must start at the bottom of the fourth division
  with a team of Viking Bi-peds and attempt to work through the league.

* Each league is made up of four teams.

* Six games must be played per season.

* Three points are awarded for an outright win.

* Two points are awarded for winning after Sudden Death.

* One point is awarded for losing after Sudden Death.

  To save your position in the league after a match, choose the
        Show Password screen, then follow the directions.


When entering the locker room you will see your players in various states of
repair. You can try and return your players to match fitness and select players
for your next match.

You can select players from the nine bi-ped squad. Player number one is a
specialist goalkeeper. All others will play in any position.

The physical health of players is constantly checked and displayed on monitors
above their heads.

Select the player you will treat by scrolling through the team then pressing
the 'B' button, when reaching the appropriate player.

A door will appear in front of this player. Three sorts of treatment are
available, each with their own sign.

* The cross icon is for curing flesh wounds and for first aid.

* The lightning icon will give your player increased speed.

* The helmet icon is for cranial reconstruction and is reserved for the most
  serious cases.


The lightning icon in the locker room adds about 1/4 additional speed to your
players. A second use adds slightly more speed. The speed up decreases after
each match, and wears off after about three matches.

BE WARNED all treatments cost money. The health of your medical finances is
monitored on the control panel.

REMEMBER success on the field of battle, or sport, will bring financial

Having treated your players, you must select your team for the next match.

For automatic team selection, press the 'B' button, this will chosse the first
7 Vikings with heads.

For individual player selection, scroll through your team and press 'A' button.


When you click onto the Show Results command you receive a Password for the
exact position you are in for the league. Place the same password in the
password option screen to retain your level when you re-start, to continue
where the game was left off. If you return to a game and wish to use the
password on the main menu screen, press the PAUSE button. Input the passwords
by scrolling through the letters and numbers with the directional controller
and selecting. If you press down on the command panel it will also show you
where you are positioned in the league.


Eight Viking teams compete in the knock-out competition. Scroll through the
teams on screen and press the PAUSE or 'B' button to select your team. To
select computer or human controlled teams, scroll through the column with
computer chip or hand icons and press the 'B' button. Change of name is
possible by entering in the new name.

PASSWORDS - Flick the directional button to scroll throught the alphabet to
insert your passwrod. Press the PAUSE or 'B' button for your selection.


THE VIKINGS - The weakest teams in the league.

 Best Viking Player:	Thor Gutstrech Lasse Rate

 Best Viking Team:	The Blooded Horns - placed 6th in league in 2045

 Worst Viking Team:	Noggin 'No Brain' Nunsense. Debut lasted 1.5 seconds

 Special moves:		Stomping

THE LIZARDS - The second worst teams in the league are lizard players.

 Best Lizard Player:	The Barbecue Beast - a ferocious monster of a player

 Best Lizard Team:	The Komodo Goat Slayers - 4th placed team in 2048

 Worst Lizard Player:	Giraffe Neck Gecko. For obvious reason, this player's
                        contract was soon terminated.

 Worst Lizard Team:	The Onc-legged Leapers

 Special moves:		Fire-breathing skills can roast an opponent within

THE WILD GOATS - Excellent Brutal Football players. Mainly found in the 2nd

 Best Wild Goat Player:	'Butt-Out' Belcher

 Best Wild Goat Team:	The Ram Raiders - 2nd placed 2066

 Worst Wild Goat Player:Dan Green Horn. This player's head was never discovered
                        after being kicked into orbit.

 Special moves:		Rolling tackles and horn butt.

THE RHINOS - The best Brutal football players in history. Always in the 1st

 Best Rhino Player:	The concrete Warrior - Rhan Hardplate.

 Best Rhino Team:	The Earthquake Seven - league winners 2059-2065

 Worst Rhino Player:	'Five Kill' Smallhorn

 Worst Rhino Team:	Trampled underfoot by other Rhino outfits, no records
                        remain of them.

 Special moves:		Almost unstoppable, massive players.

16 Brutal teams survive with 5 being beyond control or selection.