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Cannon Fodder - Virgin - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Cannon Fodder


1. Set up your Atari Jaguar as described in its instruction manual. Plug in 
   Control Pad 1. Note that Cannon Fodder is for one player only.

2. Ensure the Power Switch is set to OFF. Insert the Cannon Fodder Cartridge, 
   its label facing towards you, into the Jaguar and press it down firmly.

3. Push the Power Switch to ON. After a few seconds, the Cannon Fodder music 
   will begin to play. When the Title Screen is shown you are ready to play 
   Cannon Fodder!
IMPORTANT! If the music does not begin to play, push the Power Switch to OFF. 
Ensure your Jaguar is set up correctly and the Cannon Fodder Cartridge is 
properly inserted. Then push the Power Switch to ON again. Always ensure the 
Power Switch is set to OFF before inserting or removing the Cannon Fodder 



Before you begin to play, take the time to familiarise yourself with the 
movements and functions of the Control Pad.


When you see the Title Screen you are ready to play Cannon Fodder.

* Press any Button to call up the Boot Hill screen.


Before you get to play, you need to call up some fit young men to become 
troopers. As luck would have it, over at Boot Hill there is a queue of some 360 
eager conscripts waiting to go to war - but only 15 of them are allowed to 
volunteer for each mission. Can you see them coming over the hill? Fortunately 
for all concerned, the innocent are added to the experienced troop of survivors 
from previous missions.

There are 24 missions to complete, each one with a different terrain and 
objective and split into a maximum of six phases. For more intimate details see 
Know Your Mission Profiles and Know Your Terrain on pages 6 and 7. The number 
of kills for and against you are represented by HOME and AWAY respectively. 
Ignore the LOAD and SAVE features for the moment - they are explained on page 

* Press the C Button to begin play.


All the action takes place in the playfield which takes up the best part of the 
screen. Here are some of the things you will see ...


You do not directly control troopers but instead determine their behaviour 
thanks to a remarkable interfacing technique involving a Control Pad, a 
pointer, and a troop leader. Troopers will only follow their leader but can be 
encouraged to run around in circles, shoot anything that moves, throw grenades, 
shoot bazookas, drive Tanx, fly Choppas, split up and do their own thing, and 

All troopers start their miserable military lives as Privates. Their ranks 
increase for every phase they somehow survive, but their promotion only happens 
when the mission is complete. After every three missions, the raw recruits are 
higher in rank simply because they have already received extra battle training. 
The rank of the troop leader is shown above his head, just so you know who's in 

Note that the bullets fired by your troopers are clever. They will not kill a 
fellow trooper - unless he is wounded and squirming around on the ground in 
agony. However, it must also be noted that all other weaponry kills everyone, 
regardless of what side they are on.


It does more than inform ...

THE TROOP'S LOGO Shows the logo of the troop. There can be a maximum of three 
                 different troops - see Form A New Troop (Or Two) on page 5.

GRENADES Shows whether or not the troop has any grenades and, if so, how many. 
         At first the troop has no grenades. Extra grenades are found in boxes 
         of four - just like the one shown here. Pick them up - and be careful 
         not to blow them up. Note that, in the interests of public safety, 
         from the phase entitled 'Pier Pressure' onwards, each trooper is given
         two grenades - free of charge.

BAZOOKAS Not to be confused with the crude trombone-like musical instruments of 
         the same name - or, indeed, bazoomas, which are something else 
         entirely - these bazookas are weapons of war. This symbol shows 
         whether or not the troop has any bazookas and, if so, how many. At 
         first the troop has no bazookas but a keen eye will soon spot the 
         barrels - just like the one shown here - in which four bazookas are 
         stored. Pick them up - and be careful not to blow them up. Note that, 
         in the interests of public safety, from the phase entitled 'My 
         Beautiful Skidoo' onwards, each trooper is given a free bazooka.

TROOP STATUS Shows whether the troop is on foot or in a vehicle. This box is 
             highlighted when the troop is active.

TROOP TROOPERS The names of the troopers in the troop are shown along with 
               their ranks, in order of importance, with the leader at the top.


This is the aforementioned pointer used to determine the behaviour of your 
troopers (and troops). As you will see, the pointer changes to reflect one of 
three types of trooper conduct:

     |\      Trooper (or troop) destination pointer
    -- --    Weapon destination crosshair
     ___                                          ___
    |  _|    Vehicle in, out                     |   |
    |_|\|    (and shake it all about) pointers   |__\|
        \                                           _\|
* Press the D-Button to move the pointer around the screen.


Move the pointer around the screen until its tip touches the desired 
destination. Note the way that you can view the immediate area surrounding the 
active troop.

* Press the C Button to make the troop leader move towards the pointer's tip. 
  The rest of the troop will follow in rank and file.


It couldn't be simpler ...

* Press the B Button to turn the pointer into a crosshair and make the trooper 
  or troop shoot at the centre of the crosshair.
* Press and hold the B Button then press the C Button to make the troop leader 
  throw a grenade or fire his bazooka at the centre of the crosshair.


Five types of vehicle become available in Cannon Fodder. Each vehicle holds up 
to eight troopers. For details of the vehicles and their special functions, see 
Know Your Vehicles on page ??.


Move the pointer around the screen until its tip touches the desired vehicle. 
The pointer will change to show that the empty vehicle may be boarded.

* Press the C Button to make the trooper (or troop) board the vehicle.
* Press and hold the C Button to make the vehicle move towards the trooper
  destination determination pointer. The longer the C Button is held down, the
  faster the vehicle will travel.
* Press the B Button to make the trooper (or troop) shoot the vehicle's weapon 
  (if it has one). Note that grenades and bazookas cannot be used while inside 
  a vehicle.


Move the pointer until its tip touches the occupied vehicle. The pointer will 
change to show that the occupied vehicle may be abandoned.

* Press the C Button to make the trooper (or troop) leave the vehicle.


Actually, the pointer has a fourth state. When a trooper (or troop) is in a 
Choppa flying above the terrain, touching the Choppa with the pointer will 
change it into a 'The Choppa Can Land Symbol' - just like the one shown here. 
This means the Choppa can land.

         | H |     the choppa can land symbol

* Press the C Button when the 'The Choppa Can Land Symbol' is shown to make the
  Choppa land. Once the Choppa has landed, select it to make the troop 


There are times when the strategy dictates that the troopers split up - perhaps 
to execute a classic 'pincer movement'. So long as you have enough troopers you 
can make a maximum of two new troops from the original Snake Troop, and those 
are: Eagle Troop and Panther Troop.

* Press the Option Button to access the Status Panel.
* Use the pointer to select the names of the troopers you'd like to form a new 
  troop (the names will be highlighted). Notice that the troop's logo has split 
  in two.
* Select the troop's logo to form a new troop with the troopers whose names 
  were highlighted.
* Select a troop logo then press the Option Button to resume play in control of 
  the active troop.

Note that new troops may be formed inside a vehicle, but only the highlighted 
troop will exit the vehicle.

* As a shortcut, you can use the 1 2 and 3 keys on the control pad to select 
  between your newly created teams.


Hold on - who takes all the grenades and bazookas when a troop splits? It's up 
to you to decide. Notice that when you split a troop, any grenades and bazookas 
are outlined. By selecting the grenades or bazookas, the outline changes to 
reflect the quantity of weapons - all, half or none - that the new troop will 

* The solid outline represents all the weapons.
* The dotted outline represents half of the weapons.
* No outline represents none of the weapons.


To bring separate troops together simply walk them into each other whereupon 
the troopers will automatically regroup as a single troop.


Select the map at the bottom of the Status Panel for an overview of the area 
and the active troop's position (indicated by a big red cross). Note that enemy 
troops are not shown on this map - it'd spoil the surprise.

The map shows more than just an overview of the area

* Press any Button to return to play.


You did it - you saved the day. And you can save your state of play, too ...


At the end of every mission you are returned to Boot Hill to admire the view. 
See that little picture in the top right-hand corner of Boot Hill? Yeah, the 
one marked SAVE; move the pointer to it.

* Press the C Button to select SAVE and call up a special Save Screen.
* Select the EXIT option to return to Boot Hill.


See that little picture in the top left-hand corner of Boot Hill? Yeah, the one 
marked LOAD; move the pointer to it.

* Press the C Button to select LOAD and call up a special Load Screen.
* Select the EXIT option to return to Boot Hill.


If you need to halt your assault ...

* Press the Pause Button to freeze the action.
* Press the Pause Button when the action is frozen to resume play.


So you screwed up? Never mind, surrender and try again. But wait! What if you 
have some remaining troopers but, say, not enough grenades or inclination to 
continue and you want to try again?

* Select the White Flag on the Status Panel and press the C Button twice 
  quickly to surrender. Your surviving troopers will be available to replay the 


When a trooper dispatches an enemy, one point is added to his personal score. 
Note that all grenades, bazookas and vehicle weapons are activated by the troop 
leader, so he gets all the credit (and points, of course). When a trooper dies, 
his performance is not forgotten - unless he didn't score enough points to 
register with the High Scoring Heroes Bureau (who manage the High Scoring 
Heroes Table).


Those seven primary objectives are revealed in full ...

KILL ALL ENEMY Including troopers, enemy BigGunz, vehicles, buildings - and the 
DESTROY ENEMY BUILDINGS All those buildings with doors from which the enemy 
RESCUE ALL HOSTAGES Return up to four hostages to safety. Free a hostage by 
                    shooting his (or her) captor, then take the trooper (or 
                    troop) up to the hostage to 'tag' him (or her). The hostage 
                    will follow the trooper (or troop) to the nearest friendly 
                    MASH outpost - so take him (or her) there as quickly as 
KIDNAP ENEMY LEADER This cunning fellow is dressed to look like a hostage, but
                    he's not. Don't be angry and kill him - take him to the 
                    nearest allied outpost.
PROTECT ALL CIVILIANS Whatever happens, don't let any civilians die.
GET CIVILIANS HOME Innocent civilians are caged like wild animals. Destroy 
                   their barricade to free them then ensure that they make it 
                   home alive.


There are five different climes to conquer in Cannon Fodder - and here's the 
low-down on all of them ...

Look out for the following:


TREES And plants for that matter. They aren't just here for decoration - they 
      also provide much-needed cover for exposed troopers. Note that you can 
      blow up some trees (and plants).
QUICKSAND Or 'sucky sucky' as it's known. Every time we put up warning signs 
          they disappeared, so beware. 
WATER It's either shallow or deep. Troopers cannot use their weapons when they 
      are in deep water - because they need to swim across it.
BIRDS You can't shoot them down - or can you? If not, why not? Otherwise, why 
      are they here? Or are they simply red herrings?


IGLOOS  Packed with Eskimos - or are they the enemy?
SNOWMEN They often hold a surprise.
ICE     Perfect training ground for the skaters of this world, but not for the 
        troopers in Cannon Fodder.


CHASMS They make the Cheddar Gorge look like a small crack - so there's no good 
       reason for your troopers to fall into one.
HANGARS Not for the troopers' clothes you understand, but for cover from enemy 
CACTI Very scarce thanks to the even scarcer giant cactus-eating rodents.


COUNTRY COTTAGES Are they inhabited? Are they indestructible?
STONE BRIDGES    Are they merely here for the crossing?
B-ROADS          There's a network of them.


DOORS                         Destroy them to make progress.
BARRIERS                      Destroy them to make progress.
THE SEWERS                    Fancy a dip ?


Note that the enemy versions bear red flashing lights.

CHOPPAS Join the birds in the sky and flit above the treetops. There are two 
        types of Choppa: one is an unarmed Transporta, the other is a Killa 
        brimming to the teeth with bombs, rockets or heat-seeking missiles. A
        Choppa in the air can only be shot down by rockets or heat-seeking
        missiles. Choppas are more vulnerable on the ground. 

TANX They shoot shells (and not of the seaside variety - haheho). Tanx are slow 
     but hardy, being impervious to all weapons except rockets, heat-seeking 
     missiles and shells.

JEEPS There are two types: one is an unarmed transport vehicle, the other has a 
      front-mounted machine gun.

SKIDOOZ Just like Jeeps really, except Skidooz are suitable for travelling 
        across snow and ice.

BIGGUNZ Fixed turrets that fire either rockets or shells and vary in defensive 
        strength depending on the terrain. And, yes, they aren't vehicles. 
        So what?


Pay careful attention to the following information - it may help save the lives 
of innocent troopers.

GRUNTS Your basic enemy trooper. Most of them are armed with machine guns, but 
       some of them carry grenades.

SNIPERS Tricky blighter, Johnny Sniper - he hides in the undergrowth and takes 
        pot shots with his bazooka at the player's troopers.

ARTILLERY They handle BigGunz and Tanx which are best destroyed.

ENGINEERS They command Jeeps and Skidooz. Watch out! Some of them are armed!

AIR FORCE They handle Choppas which you should blow up as soon as possible. 
          Beware! When an enemy Choppa parks itself in your area, it will let 
          out Grunts.


When you see any of the following gold-coloured Supa Dupa Boostas (which won't 
be often because they are in such demand), pick it up for a Special Feature!

SUPA DUPA MISSILE BOOSTA A comlement of 50 heat-seeking missiles are yours,
     with our compliments.
SUPA DUPA BULLET-PROOF-VESTA BOOSTA Makes a trooper invincible from bullets and 
     explosives for the duration of the phase.
SUPA DUPA RANKA BOOSTA The trooper becomes an instant General - and will 
     probably take control of the troop, too.
SUPA DUPA TROOPER BOOSTA Excellent value - it gives the trooper a Missile 
     Boosta, Bullet-Proof-Vesta Boosta AND a Ranka Boosta!
SUPA DUPA TROOP BOOSTA Incredible - it gives the whole troop a Trooper Boosta!


Just the thing to help you avoid embarrassing faux pas at apres battle parties. 
Note that the higher a trooper's rank, the better the gravestone he receives on 
Boot Hill.

staff sergeant
sergeant first class
master sergeant
sergeant major
specialist 4
specialist 6
warrant officer
chief warrant officer
brigadier general


And survive with the following handy hints:

* Don't wait until you see the whites of their eyes - shoot them before they 
  shoot you.
* Look out for secret hidden zones where special equipment may be found.
* Please don't leave the screaming wounded to die. Bite the bullet, so to 
  speak, and do the decent thing: finish them off.
* Wise men say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread, so look before 
  you leap, so to speak, because the grass is not always greener on the other 
  side of the hill.
* Watch out for mines and mantraps - they make a terrible mess.
* This one'll kill ya ... When you have shot a man and he's lying there, dead, 
  shoot him some more to make him jump around like a bunny.
* Remember: troopers cannot use their weapons when swimming through deep water. 
  Note that troopers also move slower throught water, so make sure there are no 
  enemy troopers in range before getting wet.
* Troopers always walk in a straight line, so remember to steer them around any
  obstructions such as trees.
* Only when a building is destroyed will the enemy troopers stop piling out of 
* Shooting explosives is not wise - try to pick them up instead.
* You may think the mission is over, but it isn't until you are told it's 
  complete, so scour the area for hidden enemy troopers (try strafing 
  suspicious looking bushes!).
* And on a more serious note: don't try this at home, kids, because real war is 
  not a game; real war, as Cannon Fodder demonstrates in its own quirky little 
  way, is a senseless waste of human resources and lives. We hope that you 
  never have to find out the hard way.