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Club Drive - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Club Drive Manual
Club Drive


In the year 2098, where do you go on vacation? Club Drive, of course - the most 
exciting theme park of the 21st century.

Club Drive was opened just after driving was once again legalized. Driving had 
been illegal for safety reasons for more than 50 years, until Doctor Lawrence 
Phosphorus' breakthrough discovery.

In his distributive processing study involving safety and smart materials, the 
doctor developed algorithms that could be mathematically proven to be safe. 
Thus, the driving ban was lifted for these indestructible vehicles, and Club 
Drive was born.

Take Old West Exit and chase down your opponent in a fast-paced game of tag 
through the main streets of a real ghost town. Get off on Hairpin Drive and 
test your wheels in a skateboard park - for cars! Turn on 2010 Century Court 
and race through San Francisco. Then take Ho Scale Lane and experience what 
it's like to be a toy car and race through your neighbor's house.

It's your chance to do stuff with a car you've never dreamed of!


1. Insert your JAGUAR Club Drive cartridge into the slot of your JAGUAR 64-Bit 
   Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER button.

3. Press the A, B or C button to discontinue the title screens.


                   \   /
TURN LEFT         --   --     TURN RIGHT
                   /   \

PAUSE   		Pause game action
OPTION  		Rewind
A       		Brake
B       		Accelerate
C       		Reverse
1, 2, 3 		Stabilize
4       		Front of car view
5       		Camera on a stick
6       		Drop camera (Collect and Tag worlds only)
7       		Inside the car camera
8       		Chase camera
9       		Fixed cameras (Collect and Tag worlds only)
0       		Mute
*       		Next radio station
#       		Previous radio station
* plus #		Restart game
* plus # plus OPTION	Reset and clear high scores


Press a fire button to bypass the title screens and reach the Main Game Menu. 
To make a selection in the Main Game Menu, press the joypad up or down to 
toggle through the various choices, and press a fire button to call up that 
selection's sub menu.

To toggle through the different game selections in the sub menu, press the 
joypad left or right. (Press the joypad in any direction to highlight a World.) 
Press a fire button to enter all your selections and return to the Main Game 
Menu. Move down to start and hit fire to begin play. You'll find the following 
in the Main Game Menu:


Here you can select the game you wish to play: Collect, Tag or Race. You can 
also choose 1 or 2 player mode and the duration of each game:

Collect (5, 10, 20, 30, 40)
Laps (1-6)
Tag (30, 60, 90, 120, 180 seconds)


Here you can choose what world you'd like to drive in: Velocity Park, 
San Francisco, The Old West and Jerome's Pad.

Player 1 Car

Use this menu to set car color.

Player 2 Car

Use this menu to set car color.


Here you can adjust the music and sound effects volume, select the speed of 
your car, and reconfigure your control assignments.

Start Game

Begin play


Music and sound effect volume, the speed of your car, control assignments and 
high score table, as well as the last level completed are retained in the 
cartridge even if you have turned off your JAGUAR 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia 
System. The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes 
have been recorded, no more changes will be retained. To clear the currently 
saved changes, press *, Option and # while on the Club Drive Main Game Screen.


To access the Options Menu, select Options on the Main Game Menu. To make a 
selection in the Options Menu, press the joypad up or down to cycle through the 
available options and press the joypad left or right to make your adjustments.


Cruise down Highway 64 and embark on a 3D racing adventure right out of the 
21st Century - through four massive rubber-burning theme parks. Each of these 
worlds have two types of areas to play the different games in: one that the 
racing games will occur in, and another smaller arena for games like Tag and 

Velocity Park

Test your wheels, and balance in a skateboard park - for cars! Push the pedal 
to the metal and climb banked walls, do 360s and loop-de-loops on dizzying 
ramps, get sideways under tunnels, and skirt around all kinds of polygonal 

San Francisco

Race through the streets of San Francisco. Floor it on a roller coaster of 
steep hills and dips, do doughnuts in a two-level parking garage, bury the 
needle along the coast, weave through towering skyscrapers and quiet 
residential neighborhoods, tear across the Golden Gate Bridge...and be sure to 
stay out of the Bay! Over 70 sun-scorched miles await you.

Please note: Tag, Collect, and 2-Player Race all take place in the parking 
             garage only.

The Old West

Yee-haw! Chase down your opponent in a 140 mph-plus game of tag through a real 
ghost town. Rev on the redline through craggy canyons, blaze down Main Street, 
cruise through mine shafts, and tackle "boot hill." It's more fun than a 
porcupine in a pig trough!

Jerome's Pad

Experience what it's like to be a toy car - with a spacious duplex as your 
racetrack. Race under the sofa, through the hallway, between the cat's legs, 
around the toilet and onto the coffee table...It's your chance to do things 
with a car Henry Ford would've never dreamed of in the privacy of your own 



This game lets you earn points for crashing into stuff! Brightly colored 
objects appear randomly and you've got to drive your car into them. The first 
car to hit the object gets a point. The player with the most points wins.

Tag (two players only)

It's crash up derby - JAGUAR style! Choose a world and take on a buddy in a 
metal-munching game of car tag. The first player to remain "not it" the 
longest wins.


Choose a world - race solo or grab a buddy - and go for it in a 64-bit road 
race! There are no boundaries out here, just plenty of buildings to avoid, 
walls to climb, roads to tame and tunnels to scream through.



Displays the direction you are traveling


Displays how much time has elapsed


Displays your current score

Aerial Map

Displays a top-down view of all the action


Lead Programmer:	Todd Powers
Programmers:		Eric Smith, Eric Ginner
Producers:		Craig Suko, James "Purple" Hampton
Lead Artist:		Ed Pearson
Artists:		Ken Saunders, Jeffrey Gatrall, B.J. West
Music Director:		James Grunke
Music and Sound:	M. Stevens, Wiley Evans, James Grunke, Jerry Gerber
Lead Testers:		Lance Lewis, Dan McNamee
Testers:		Hank Cappa, Scott Hunter, Andrew Keim, Joe Sousa