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DOOM - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Doom Manual

The Story of Doom

Mars, and the gateways between its two moons, Phobos and Deimos, has been the
site of inter-dimensional space travel testing. Recently, however, these
passageways have become dangerously unstable. Experiments using human guinea 
pigs have met with tragic results. Something evil has been exiting the gateways.

As the only combat-ready assault troops within 50 million miles of Earth, you've 
been ordered, along with your buddies, to Phobos. You arrive and are assigned to 
secure the perimeter of the base while the other marines go inside.

From outside the base you hear the carnage: guns firing, men screaming, bones 
cracking...then silence. Suddenly you're the last galactic marine alive, thrust
into a bloody, gore-ridden underworld. Packing everything from chain saws to 
rocket launchers, it's up to you to annihilate Imps, Lost Souls, dead Marines,
Barons of Hell...and ultimately avenge the brutal slaughter of your men.

Getting Started

1. Insert your JAGUAR DOOM cartridge into the slot of your JAGUAR 64-Bit 
   Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER button.

3. Press any fire button to discontinue the title screens.

Game Controls

DOOM's controls can be changed to your preferences. See section entitled 
"Main Menu." This manual uses the default settings defined below.

PAUSE		Pauses the action
OPTION		Activates the Option Menu
A		Increase your speed
B		Fire your weapon
C		Use and Strafe
Joypad Left	Turn left ("slide" when Use/Strafe is held down)
Joypad Right	Turn right ("slide" when Use/Strafe is held down)
1-7		Weapons selection
9 		View Automap
# plus *	Restart game

Memory Save

Volume and controls information, as well as the last level completed are 
retained in the cartridge even if you have turned off your JAGUAR 64-Bit 
Interactive Multimedia System. The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes.
After 100,000 changes have been recorded, no more changes will be retained. To 
clear the currently saved changes and restore the factory defaults, press *, 
Option and # while on the DOOM Title Screen. A message will then be displayed, 
"Defaults Restored."

Object of the Game

Welcome to DOOM, a lightning-fast virtual reality adventure where you're the 
toughest space trooper ever to suck vacuum. Your mission is to shoot your way 
through a monsterinfested holocaust, living to tell the tale, if possible.

The gameplay for DOOM is quite simple. DOOM is an action-packed slugathon. You 
don't need the reflexes of a hyperactive eight-year-old to win. To escape DOOM,
you'll need both brains and brawn.

The Screens

Menu Screen

Press A, B, or C button to bypass the title screens and call up the DOOM Menu. 
To move through the menu, press the Joypad Up or Down. To change a menu setting,
press the Joypad Left or Right.

The Menu options are as follows:

Game Mode

Single:		Normal single player mode
Co-op:		Co-operative mode for two players
Deathmatch:	Head-to-head two player game containing no monsters


Select the area you want to play. You will be limited to any area that you 
successfully completed.

Skill Level

I'm a wimp		Very Easy
Not too rough		Easy
Hurt me please		Normal
Ultra-violence		Hard
Nightmare		Hard with faster demons

Press A, B or C to exit the DOOM Menu and start the game.

Connecting two Jaguars for Co-operative or Deathmatch Play

Please see the instructions that are provided with your JagLink (TM) Connection 
Hardware. Contact the Atari help line or customer service for details on 
availability of JagLink (TM) connection hardware.

Network Error

Due to the high data transfer rate between Jaguars while playing Co-op or 
Deathmatch Doom, and the interference caused by playing a game taking place in
hell, you and your friend will see the message, "NETWORK ERROR" displayed once 
in a while. The game will place the two players at random locations in the area 
that was being played and gameplay will continue as usual. This allows the two 
machines to resynchronize the high-speed data transfer communication between 
the players. These errors should not be considered a faulty Jaguar or cartridge.

Co-operative Mode

Co-operative Mode lets you team up with a buddy and blast Former Human 
Sergeants, Imps, Lost Souls, Cacodemons and the rest of these bilious bastards 
into the stratosphere!

Deathmatch Mode

Deathmatch Mode lets two players fight against each other in the ultimate 
battle. No demons, no Imps, no Cacodemons - just you and a "friend." The one 
who dies the most, loses.

Each time a player dies he will be restarted in a random location in the area. 
When a weapon, power-up, or ammo is picked up and removed from the game, it 
will reappear later so that the level never runs dry of toys.


Press the Option button to change the game preferences. Press the Joypad Up or 
Down to move through the Options. Press the Joypad Left and Right to change an 
Option. Options are as follows:

* Sound Volume
* Controls

When you are finished making your adjustments in the Options Menu, press the 
Option button to return to the game.

On-Screen Information

DOOM provides on-screen information that's necessary to survive.

The Status Bar (Single and Co-op match)

At the bottom of your screen is the Status Bar. From left to right, the 
segments of this bar indicate:

1. Ammo: Displays the number of shots you've got left in the weapon you're 
         currently using.

2. Health: You start out at 100%, but you won't stay there long. At 0%, it's 
           time to start over. Try a little harder next time!

3. Keys: You can see any keys you possess right here. There are three key 
         colors: Yellow, Red, and Blue.

4. Your Mug: This portrait isn't just for looks. When you're hit, your face 
             looks in the direction the damage came from, showing you the 
             direction to return fire. Also, as you take damage, you'll begin 
             to look like raw hamburger, as shown here.

5. Armor: Your armor helps you as long as it lasts. Keep an eye on it because 
          when it goes, you might, too.

6. Arms: This list of numbers shows which weapons are available. If a number is 
         highlighted, the weapon accessible by pressing that number is 
         available. ("1" is always available.)

7. Area: Displays the Area you are currently playing.

The Status Bar (Deathmatch)

Ammo, Health, Your Mug and Armor are the same as Single or Co-op match. The 
following are different in Deathmatch:

3. Keys: You can see any keys you possess right here. There are three key 
         colors: Yellow, Red, and Blue. Always have all keys.

6. Your Frags: This lists the number of times you have blasted your buddy.

7. His Frags: This lists the number of times your buddy has blasted you.

When your frag count is about to change, the number flashes on your status bar.

The Automap

To help you find your way around DOOM, you're equipped with an Automap device. 
You appear on the map as a little green triangle. When you zoom in, it will
indicate the direction you are facing.

To Operate the Automap

A+Any direction 	Pans the map fast (the player, however, does not move)

B+Right or Left		Zooms in or out respectively

C+Any direction		Moves you in that direction in the game

Controlling The Action

Use your Joypad for directional movement, and the Joypad along with the A, B, 
and C buttons to run, shoot, and open doors. At first, you might find yourself 
bumping into walls while demons beat on you. Once you've gotten movement down, 
everything else follows.

WALKING: Press the Joypad Up and Down to walk forward and backward.

TURNING: Press the Joypad Left and Right to turn left and right.

RUNNING: Hold down the A button along with a Joypad direction to speed yourself 

STRAFE: By holding down the C button and Left or Right Joypad, you can 
        sidestep, rather than turn left or right.

PICKING UP STUFF: To pick up an object, just walk over it. You're smart and 
                  know if you need to take it.

Using Doors, Switches & Elevators

To open most doors and operate switches, stand directly in front of the object 
and press the C button. When you successfully operate a switch, it will change 
in some way (e.g. lights up, flips a handle, etc.). If a switch does not change 
after a couple of tries, it is probably assigned to do a task that cannot yet 
be accomplished. 

LOCKED DOORS: Some doors have security locks, and require you to have a color-
              coded (Yellow, Red or Blue) security card or skull key to open 
              them. Other locked doors are operated by a switch on a nearby 
              wall. Rather than walking up to the door, you'll need to operate 
              the switch.

	      When you come to a door that requires a security card or skull 
	      key, a key or skull will flash on your Status Bar indicating what 
	      you need to open that particular door.

HIDDEN DOORS: Some doors are hidden. Many of these can be opened by finding a 
              switch. In some cases, you just need to walk up to the wall and 
              press the C Button. If you've found a secret door, it will open 
              for you. There are clues that reveal a secret door - a wall 
              that's shifted down or has a different color, a flashing light on 
              a wall, etc.

ELEVATORS: You'll see platforms that raise and lower. Some platforms operate 
           continuously, while others must be activated. Some of them sense 
           your proximity and lower automatically. Others have a nearby switch. 
           Those without a switch can usually be operated by walking up to the 
           platform and pressing the C Button.

TELEPORTERS: Teleporters can be identified by an evil symbol on the floor 
             beneath them. To use a teleporter, walk over the symbol.

Completing An Area

At the end of each area in DOOM, there is an exit chamber, generally marked by 
a special door or an "EXIT" sign. Enter this chamber and operate the switch
inside to exit the area and head onward. When you finish an area, an 
Achievement Screen tallies your performance. Hidden regions located, ratio of 
kills, and percentage of treasure found are all displayed. To leave this 
screen, press the C button.

Eternal Life After Death

If you die, you restart at the beginning of the area with a pistol, and some 
bullets. Pressing the C Button will reincarnate you and return you to the 
beginning of the area you were playing. You have no "lives" limit - DOOM allows 
you to restart an area as often as you are killed. When you restart an area, 
the monsters you killed return, just like you.

Firepower and how to use it

WEAPONS: At first, you only have your pistol and your fists for protection. 
         When you run over a new weapon, you'll automatically equip yourself 
         with it. As the game progresses, you'll need to choose among firearms. 
         Use the keypad to select particular weapons. The weapons are:

1 = Fist

2 = Pistol

3 = Shotgun. This delivers a heavy punch at close range and generous pelting 
    from a distance

4 = Chain Gun. This directs heavy firepower into your opponent, making him do 
    the chain gun cha-cha.

5 = Rocket Launcher. This delivers an explosive rocket that can turn several 
    baddies inside-out.

6 = Plasma Rifle. This shoots multiple rounds of plasma energy - frying some 
    demon butt!

7 = BFG 9000s. The prize of the military's arsenal. Great for clearing the room 
    of those unwelcome guests. Shoot it and see for yourself.

FIRING: To use a weapon, point it towards the enemy and press the B button, or 
        hold it down for rapid fire. If your shots hit a bad guy, you'll see 
        blood splattering. Don't worry if the enemy is higher or lower than 
        you. If you can see a monster, you can shoot it.

AMMO: Different weapons use different types of ammo. When you run over ammo. 
      DOOM automatically loads the correct weapon.

      You have a maximum limit on the amount of ammo you can carry, too. If you 
      are carrying as much ammo as possible, you won't be able to pick it up 
      when you walk over it. Also, when you find a weapon that you already 
      possess, don't ignore it. Pick it up and you'll get more ammo.

Dangerous Doom Environment

Some parts of the DOOM environment can be more dangerous than the monsters 
you'll face. Areas containing exploding barrels and radioactive waste should 
be approached with caution.

EXPLODING BARRELS: Scattered around the base are drums containing fuel, toxic 
 waste, or some other volatile substance. If your shots hit one of these 
 barrels, it's kablooey time! It might take several bullets to set off a 
 barrel, but a single hit from any other projectile usually does the trick.

SLIME AND OTHER RADIOACTIVE WASTE: Many of the areas of DOOM contain pools of 
 dangerous liquids that will damage you if you walk through them. There are 
 several varieties of waste, each doing an increasing amount of damage. If it 
 looks fluid, beware !

TIP: Barrels can often be the most devastating weapon in your arsenal, 
 delivering a bodyblasting explosion to all nearby purgatory pedestrians. Wait 
 until several evil guys get next to a barrel and blast away at the can. Then
 watch'em all go boom!

Even for a tough hombre like you, DOOM can be a deadly place. Whenever you are 
injured, the screen will flash red, and your health will decrease. Keep an eye 
on your health or you'll end up face down.

HEALING: When you're hurt, you'll want to get healed back up as soon as 
 possible. Fortunately, Medikits and Stimpacks are frequently scattered around 
 the base. Grad them if possible.

- Stimpacks give you a quick injection of booster enzymes that make you feel 
  like new.

- Medikits are even better, and include bandages, antitoxins, and other medical 
  supplies to make you feel a lot healthier.

ARMOR: Two types of body armor can be found laying around. Both reduce damage 
 done to you. Unfortunately, both deteriorate with use, and eventually are 
 destroyed by enemy attacks, leaving you in need of replacement armor.

- Security armor (green) is a lightweight kevlar vest that's perfect for riot 

- Combat armor (blue) is a heavy-duty jacket composed of a titanium derivative, 
  useful for protection against real firepower, like the kind you're gonna 
  face. If you're wearing armor, you only pick up a replacement suit if it 
  provides more protection that what you're wearing now.


Other bits of "challenging electronics" may be found in DOOM. Most of these are 
pretty doggone handy, so grab them when you can. These special items have a 
duration of either the entire level, a specific amount of time, or just provide 
an instant benfit. A few of them affect your game screen so you can tell when 
they are active. For example, wehn you pick up a radiation suit, the game 
screen turns green. As the suit deteriorates, the screen will flash. This is a 
hint to get out of the radioactive ooze now!

RADIATION SUITS: Provide protection against radioactivity, heat, and other low-
 intensity forms of energy. Basically, these suits enable you to wade through 
 radioactive ooze without taking damage. While a suit holds out, your screen 
 will have a greenish tint. Duration: Time Based

BERSERK PACKS: Heal you, plus act as a superadrenaline rush enormously boosting 
 your muscle power. Since you're already a pretty meaty guy, this enhanced 
 strength lets you tear ordinary dolts limb from limb. However, you've got to 
 use your Fist attack to get the benefit of the Berserk attack bonus. When you 
 become Berserk, your screen will briefly turn Red. Duration: One Level

BACKPACKS: Increase the amount of ammo you can carry. In addition, whenever you 
 find a backpack, you receive extra ammunition.

COMPUTER MAPS: Are a handy find, updating your Automap with a complete map to 
 the entire area, including all secret or hidden areas. Areas you haven't been 
 to are mapped in Gray. Duration: One Level


A few artifacts from the other dimension are now laying around and you may want 
them, too.

HEALTH POTIONS: Provide a small boost to your health, even beyond your normal 

SPIRITUAL ARMOR: Provides a little extra protection above and beyond your 
                 normal 100%.

SOUL SPHERES: Are rarely encountered objects that provide a large boost to your 
 health. A close encounter with one of these and you'll feel healthier than 

INVULNERABILITY ARTIFACTS: Are products of the Anomaly that render you immune 
 to all damage. Pretty cool, until the effect wears off. When you're 
 invulnerable, your screen will be White. This is your punishment for being so 
 tough. Duration: Time Based

TIP: Create dissension among demons by maneuvering them into a crossifre. If a 
 bad guy is hit by another demon, he'll turn his rage towards the poor jerk 
 with the pitiful aim. If this happens, let'em at each other. It's always best 
 to let the bad guys do the work for you. (This isn't effective with 
 projectiles fired between demons of the same form.)

The Enemy

From the very first moment you enter the door, until the last gunshot of the 
game, you'll be fighting a host of baddies. Some are just regular guys that are 
possessed with a bad attitude. Others are straight from Hell. But don't say we 
didn't warn you.

FORMER HUMANS (Zombiemen): Just a few days ago you were probably swapping war 
 stories with these dudes in filth-covered combat suits. Now it's time to swap 
 some lead.

FORMER HUMAN SERGEANTS (Shotgun guys): These mutant mercenaries in black armor 
 are much the same as the FORMER HUMANS, only these guys are much meaner and 
 rougher. These walking shotguns provide you with a few extra holes if you're 
 not careful!

IMPS: If you thought an imp was a cute little dude in a red suit with a 
 pitchfork, think again. Where did these brown, thorny bastards come from ? 
 They heave balls o'fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's 
 time to find a weapon better than that pistol if you're going to face more 
 than one of these S.O.B.s.

DEMONS: These vaguely humanoid, pink horrors are sort of like a shaved gorilla, 
 except with horns, a big head, lots of teeth and harder to kill. Don't get too
 close or they'll rip your friggin' head off.

LOST SOULS: Dumb. Tough. On fire. 'Nuff Said.

CACODEMONS: These gigantic floating one-eyed heads belch ball-lightning, and 
 boast one hell of a big mouth. You're toast if you get too close to these

BARONS OF HELL: Tough as a dump truck and nearly as big, these goliaths are the 
 worst things on two legs since the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


ID Software is:

Biz Guy: Jay Wilbur
Biz Assistant: Donna Jackson
Programmers: John Carmack, John Romero, Dave Taylor, Shawn Green
Artists: Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud
Level Design: Sandy Peterson, American McGee, John Romero
Levels Converted For Jaguar: American McGee
Testing and Support: Shawn Green, American McGee

Special Thanks To: Composer: Robert Prince

Atari Production Team:

Producer: Bill Rehbock
Tech Support: Normen Kowalewski
Lead Tester: Joe Sousa
Play Testing: Joe Sousa, Hank Cappa, Tal Funke-Bilu, Tom Gillen, Scott Hunter,
	      Andrew Keim, Dan McNamee, Martin Mueller, Ted Tahquechi