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Flip Out ! Manual
Flip Out !

I, Feneshal XVII, First Scribe to King Fluffy of the Cheese Planet (the Planet 
Phrohmaj in out native language), have been allowed to write this book for you. 
In this book I describe our planet, our customs, our vacations, and our eating 
habits. I do this for you because you have been invited to join the Great Tile 
Flipping Festival. This is the greatest of our contest, and it influences the 
lives of everyone on Phrohmaj.


1. Insert your JAGUAR FlipOut! cartridge into the cartridge slot of your Jaguar 
   64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System.
2. Press the POWER Button.
3. Choose either NEW GAME or OPTIONS on the TITLE screen.
4. Press any FIRE BUTTON to select.

Memory Save

High scores, saved games, and sound settings are retained in the cartridge even 
if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System. The 
cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been 
recorded, no more changes will be retained. To clear currently saved changes, 
press *, Option, and # simultaneously while on the FlipOut! title screen.


In the purest form of the Great Title Flipping Festival there is a 3 by 3 grid 
filled with tiles, with each of those 9 tiles belonging to at least one space. 
The tile base is underneath the tiles. There is one extra tile that does not 
belong on the play board. You must match each tile with its proper space. All 
stages of the game will play in much the same way as the Great Tile Flipping 
Festival, although things will look different and become more complex.


You control the cursor with your JOYPAD, and you can flip tiles with any of the 
FIRE BUTTONS. The most important hint I can give you to successful game play is 
this: flip a tile, and the space under the next tile you flip is where the 
first tile will land.

Use the Pause button to pause the game during play, Pressing the A Button while 
paused allows you to adjust the Master Volume. You can adjust the MUSIC Volume 
by pressing the B Button. You can also use the OPTION Button (during play) to 
set the volume of gameplay and music, save and load a game, or return to the 
MAP Screen.

Saving & Loading a Game

To save a game, select SAVE GAME on the OPTION menu. Enter your initials in one 
of the five game slots and press the fire BUTTON. Your game and difficulty 
level will be saved through the last level you completed. To load a saved game, 
select LOAD GAME on the OPTION screen and choose from the available saved 
games. You can change the difficulty level of your saved game by pressing the B 
Button ON THE DIFFICULTY SELECT screen following the LOAD GAME screen.

Map Screen

The MAP screen shows you all of the places you will visit during the Great Tile 
Flipping Festival. You will not be able to visit a new location until you 
complete the previous area. The Citizens of Phrohmaj like to start festivities 
on their home world, so the first location is always the Cheese Planet. If you
are experienced in the Great Tile Flipping Festival, you can use the JOYPAD to 
move around the different locations. Press any FIRE BUTTON to select an area.


Citizens of Planet Phrohmaj like to unwind from their busy lifestyle every so 
often, and visit the planet Earth. While we're on Earth we visit places like 
Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, and Easter Island. However, we are 
creatures of habit, and we just feel the need to flip things.

When we visit Yellowstone, our favorite attractions are the geysers. We color 
the area around the geysers to match our skin color in the same way that the 
tiles in the Great Tile Flipping Festival match the Tile Bases.

When we visit Mount Rushmore. We can't help but take advantage of the natural, 
flippable nature of the faces on the mountains. Your task is to put the faces 
back into the proper order, without dropping any of the faces!

Finally, we visit our favorite place - Easter Island. At this beautiful island 
paradise we go back to a more traditional tile feel, but we involve the 
fascinating Heads that are all around Easter Island. We put the back row of 
tiles into the Mouths of the Heads, and we make the Mouths open and close. The 
cursor cannot move directly from Head to Head, nor can the cursor move into or 
out of a Head unless the mouth is open.


When we Citizens of Planet Phrohmaj grow hungry, we visit the Sphorkle Diner. 
The cuisine at the Sphorkle Diner is the best of all the Cheese Planet, but the 
food has to match the skin of the Citizen eating the food. Otherwise, the food
becomes inedible and rowdy. Your task is to match the proper food to the 
properly colored Citizens.


Over time, the Citizens of the Cheese Planet got bored. We decided to add some 
variety to our lives, so we moved the Great Tile Flipping Festivals to 
different planets for a change of scenery. On these planets, the spectators are 
much rowdier, and there are even more competitors to play against.


This arena, created in the orbit of the Cheese Planet, is one of the greater 
challenges of the Great Tile Flipping Festival. No Citizens can view the 
Zero-Gravity challenge in person, but with the marvel of modern technology, 
they can still watch from the surface of the planet.

The play is the same: you must match the tiles to the proper position on the 
board. However, there are now three boards and many more tiles to keep track 


No Spectators are allowed at this Final Event. Here, King Fluffy challenges you 
to see who is the Master of Tile Flipping. He will use all of his knowledge and 
experience to keep you from replacing him as not only the Greatest of Tile 
Flippers, but also as King of Planet Phrohmaj.


There are several classes of Citizens on Planet Phrohmaj, and their rank in 
society is based on how well they play in the Great Tile Flipping Festival. 
From the Spectators to the Competitors to King Fluffy, all Citizens participate 
in the Great Tile Flipping Festival.

Most of the Citizens of Phrohmaj who go to the Great Tile Flipping Festival go 
simply to watch. These Spectators wear green skin during the game for easy 
identification. Although they may wander out onto the playing field, they 
usually won't interrupt the game. The other class of Citizen, the Competitors, 
wear red skin, and they need to be watched carefully.

You have been given a place in the Competitor Class, the same social class as 
the Red Citizens. The Competitor Citizens gain status within their rank by 
causing you to drop a tile. You gain status within your rank by putting all the
tiles in a level into the proper place on the tile board.


The Rodeo Rider
The Rodeo Rider was accidentally left stranded in Lawton, Oklahoma on one of 
his visits to Earth. While trying to fit in with the local culture, he got a 
job at the local rodeo as a clown. Quickly tiring of this hectic lifestyle, he 
decided to try bull riding instead. When the Citizens of Phrohmaj visited Earth 
again, they picked up the Rodeo Rider, and he entered the Tile Flipping 
Festival with his newfound skills. The Rodeo Rider will grab onto a tile and 
prevent the tile from flipping into the air. In order to buck him off, you must 
try to flip the tile he is on several times until he loses his grip.

The Red Baron

Always a fan of aviation and old war movies, the Red Baron has mastered the 
secrets of short, unaided flight. He will jump onto the Tile Board and act as 
one of the tiles, forcing you to keep at least two tiles in the air while he is
in play. After a few flights he gets tired and returns to the sidelines until 
he is ready to fly again.

The Tile Eater

A member of the MULU Fraternity and Circus Sideshow on Planet Phrohmaj, the 
Tile Eater can swallow a variety of objects that are the same size as he is. 
When he tired of amusing the circus crowd, he decided to increase his standing 
in the community and become a Competitor. When the Tile Eater eats a tile he 
enters play as a tile. However, because the Tile is covered by the Eater, it 
never belongs in a space on the board. Once the Eater is flipped a few times he 
will release the tile into play and go back to the sidelines until he hungers 

The Cursor Decoy

Although the ruling party of the Cheese Planet is based on their competence in 
the Tile Flipping Festival, the Old Ruling Class, which is a Hereditary 
Democracy, still exists (although they don't really do much these days other 
than attend parties and appear in the news). One member of the Old Ruling Class 
(also known as the DIVU) decided to join the rest of society and enter into the
Great Tile Flipping Festival. This is the Cursor Decoy. He can turn himself 
into an almost exact duplicate of a cursor. Although he can be confusing, he 
does not pose much of a threat unless he is ignored for too long. If he is not 
flipped off the board, he will start flipping tiles off the board.

The Tile Flipper

A cousin to the Cursor Decoy, the Tile Flipper was not fortunate enough to be 
born into the DIVU. Instead, he worked in factories all his life until he heard 
about his cousin's change of career. Inspired by his high-born cousin, the Tile 
Flipper left the factory and went into the Great Tile Flipping Festival. 
Although not as talented as his shapechanging cousin, the Tile Flipper's work 
in the factories built his muscles to the point where he is able to throw the 
tiles gracefully into the air.


Gooey is one of the strangerlooking Citizens of the Cheese  Planet. He lives in 
the Phrohmaj underground. With his unique shape and excellent jumping 
abilities. Gooey acts as a tile in the same way as the Red Baron, but he is not 
affected by your Tile Flipping Cursor. Instead, Gooey will jump up for a few 
jumps when he sees an opportunity, and after a few jumps Gooey will go back to 
his place off of the board until he decides to jump in again.


Corky is a Specialty Competitor that likes Yellowstone National Park. Born in 
the Mountains of Phrohmaj, Corky was raised by wild GeyserBeasts-most dangerous 
of all wild animals on the Cheese Planet. The beasts, with their lightningquick 
reflexes and ravenous thirst for Geyser water, will stick their heads into 
Geysers and block the Geysers natural spray, absorbing the nutrients contained 
in the water.

During the contest at Yellowstone, Corky will interrupt a Geyser's flow and 
prevent you from flipping the visiting Citizens. After a few attempts to flip,
Corky will jump back to the side and digest the nutrients that he absorbed.

Graffiti Master and the Janitor

A struggling art student, the Graffiti Master found his true calling in the 
Great Tile Flipping Festival at Mount Rushmore. The Graffiti Master sprays 
various tiles with Glopple-Glorb, preventing you from flipping the Graffitied 
pieces until the Janitor cleans them.


The owner of the Sphorkle Diner is too busy with his restaurant to participate 
in the Great Tile Flipping Festival, but the Tile Council has permitted him to 
allow his dog, Sluggy, to participate for him. While in the Sphorkle Diner, 
Sluggy will jump onto a Diner's table, preventing you from flipping the food on 
that table. Trying to flip sluggy will only make him stay longer, so it's best 
just to leave him alone.

The Wizard

The Wizard takes advantage of the excess of magical energy on Easter Island to 
perform a couple of tricks to make your flipping more challenging. First, he 
freezes tiles in place, forcing you to break through the ice with several flips 
before you can flip the tile. Second, he paints individual tiles to disguise 
their color until you flip them.

Space Slime

The Cheese Planet is near an asteroid belt. The outer-fringe Citizens of 
Phrohmaj, the Space Slime, make their home in this belt. These Citizens can 
withstand the lack of temperature and atmosphere associated with space, and 
thus are the perfect canditates for competition in the Zero Gravity Arena. They 
travel along the boards of the arena flipping tiles as they go, and trying to 
prevent you from matching the tiles. They temporarily disperse into space when 
you flip them, but they reform quickly.

King Fluffy

Supreme Ruler of all Phrohmaj, King Fluffy is the Grandmaster of Tile Flipping. 
Armed with three devastating magical spells, he is prepared to battle to keep 
his title as King of Phrohmaj. King Fluffy can freeze tiles and change their 
color in much the same way as the Wizard. However, King Fluffy can freeze and 
change color on a much grander scale than the Wizard can. In addition, King 
Fluffy will take advantage of the fact that he can flip the tiles, and he won't 
just flip those tiles at the beginning of the game. You will need all the luck
and skill you have to beat King Fluffy at the Great Tile Flipping Festival.


One of the most significant among many technological advances our planet has 
made is the technique of Temporary Cloning. This allows Competitor Citizens to
make an exact copy of themselves for a limited amount of time in order to 
advance to higher levels of society. Thus you will many times see, for example, 
two Rodeo Riders or two Corkys.


When you feel you've become good enough at the Geat Tile Flipping Festival, you 
can try for advanced play. The four play modes are Normal, Hard, Insane, and 
Psychotic. In the Hard level, the tiles are different colors while being 
flipped, but the same color when they land. In the Insane level, the only 
difference is that the tiles are the same color at all times. You will only 
know where the tiles go by putting them in the proper place and seeing them 
flash. Experimentation will be very important on this difficult level.

The most difficult level is the Psychotic level. When playing in Psychotic 
mode, the tiles are still colored the same, but they will only flash once when 
they are in the proper place. You will be forced to experiment to get the tiles 
in the proper place, then remember which tiles are in the right place so that 
you don't flip them again. Once you defeat King Fluffy on the Psychotic level, 
you will truly be the Grandmaster of the Great Tile Flipping Festival and King 
of the Planet Phrohmaj.


Executive Producers      : Andy Rifkin, Jonathan Browne
Producer                 : John Skruch
Original Concept By      : Conrad Barski
Art Director             : Mike Taylor
Programmers              : Conrad Barski, Shawn Potts, Brian J. Geiger, 
                           Jeffrey Fullerton, Warren Browne
Artists and Animators    : James Ford, Daniel Ritchie, Mike Taylor, 
                           Nick Ingeneri, Conrad Barski
Music                    : Mike Beaumont, Mike Taylor, J.S. Bach, 
                           Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Individual Alien Voices  : Shawn Potts, Brian J. Geiger
Special Thanks To        : Johnny Hopkins
Play Testers             : Lance J. Lewis, Tal Funke-Bilu, Dan McNamee, 
                           Hank Cappa, Chris Charles, Phil B.Gelber, Eric Riley
Package and Manual Design: Beeline Group, Inc.