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Iron Soldier - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Iron Soldier Manual
Iron Soldier


Industry has taken over the planet. Three-quarters of the Earth's surface is 
covered with concrete and steel cities and wastelands. The Iron Fist 
Corporation (IFC) has used military force to conquer national governments and
create a worldwide military dictatorship.

Recently, the IFC developed a new weapon for use in urban areas: a 42-foot tall 
piloted robot, known as the Iron Soldier (or, IS). With such a weapon, they 
will have no trouble maintaining their hold on the populace.

However, an organization has been formed to stop the IFC. This group, known as 
the Resistance, has even managed to capture an early production model of the 
Iron Soldier unit.

This is where you come in. As a member of the Resistance, your job is to pilot 
the Iron Soldier in a one-man war against Iron Fist. The fate of the world 
rests on your shoulders, but at least your IS's shoulders can mount rockets...


1. Insert your JAGUAR Iron Soldier cartridge into the cartridge slot of your 
   JAGUAR 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System.
2. Insert the Iron Soldier overlay in the Jaguar Controller's keypad slot.
3. Press the POWER Button.
4. Press the B Button to skip through the Title Screens.

If for any reason your cartridge does not load, or you only see a red screen, 
refer to the warranty information included with your JAGUAR cartridge.



Start a new game.


Allows you to continue a saved game. Game progress can be saved each time a 
player completes a block of four levels or any of the last four levels. The 
difficulty level and number of continues is also saved.



Choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard. Difficulty affects how much damage enemy 
fire does, and how hard enemies are to kill.


On normal, pressing up will look up and down will look down. You can reverse 
the controls with this option.


On normal, when flying the Cruise missile, pressing up will climb and pressing 
down will dive (like a plane's controls). You can reverse the controls with 
this option.


The A Button is used to walk and the C Button is used to take a quick look. 
This option lets you switch the functions of these Buttons (see CONTROLS, 
page 5).


If you turn the in-game music OFF in this screen, you will hear more in-game 
sound effects (like enemy helicopters).


Allows you to listen to each of the in-game tracks.



A + Up: Walk forward. Once you are walking, let go of the A Button and you'll 
        keep moving.

A + Down: Walk backward. Your backward speed is slower than forward.

A: Pressing the A Button by itself will bring the walk to a stop.

NOTE: While walking, you can step on items like tanks, trees and houses.


Joypad Up/Down: Look up/down.

Joypad Left/Right: Turn left/right.

NOTE: Holding the C Button down while moving the Joypad will make you look 
      around much faster. If you Press the C Button by itself, it will 
      automatically center your view. By looking down, you can watch your feet 
      crush tanks, trees, etc.


Press the B Button to fire your currently selected weapon.


Press the Option Button to select hand-held weapons. Press the Option Button 
repeatedly to switch between the IS's two hands. The hands are selectable even 
if there is no weapon mounted there - remember, your fist is a weapon in 


Use the Option Button and Number Pad to select Weapon Mounts. Whatever weapon 
is on a mount will be usable when that mount is selected. If the weapon is out 
of ammunition or no weapon is mounted, that mount cannot be selected.

1: Selects the Right Shoulder mount.
3: Selects the Left Shoulder mount.
4: Selects the Right Hip mount.
6: Selects the Left Hip mount.
7: Selects the Right Hand mount (or press the Option Button).
9: Selects the Left Hand mount (or press the Option Button).

NOTE: The numbers are laid out to match the weapon mounts seen in the IS 
      diagram, which is found in the upper left corner of your cockpit screen.

# + *: Resets the game.


You can look up and down, left and right without changing your walking 
direction if you turn the Advanced Controls on.

Use the 2 key to switch the Advanced Controls ON/OFF.

While Advanced Controls are ON, only A+Joypad left/right will turn the IS left 
or right.

C+Joypad or Joypad alone will make the IS look around without changing your 
walking direction. You can only look 90 degrees to the left, right, up or down 
without turning the body of the IS.

NOTE: While Advanced Controls are on, your IS will automatically look forward 
      whenever you use a melee weapon like the Manipulator or the Chain Cutter.


On the Mission Selection screen, you will see 16 missions to complete in the 
war against Iron Fist Enterprises. Missions are available in blocks of four.

Selectable missions will be highlighted on the Mission Selection screen. 
Completed missions will appear with a check mark (you can play completed 
missions again if you want, but you don't have to).

When you have completed the first block of four missions, the next block will 
become selectable. (You can play highlighted missions in any order, except 
missions 13 through 16, which must be played in order). Completing certain 
missions will give you access to new weapons, so choose missions carefully.

After you have chosen a mission, you will go to the briefing Screen. Read the 
briefing carefully; it explains what you have to do to complete the mission. 
You may have to do a bit of exploring before you know exactly how to finish a 

If you don't want to play the mission, select EXIT on the briefing screen (in 
the lower right corner) to return to the Mission Selection Screen. Otherwise, 
select PLAY to go to the Arming Screen.


If your IS is destroyed, you will not complete the mission, and will have to 
use a Continue to keep playing. If you fail a mission, it will return you to 
the Mission Selection screen, and you will still have to complete the mission, 
but you do not have to use a Continue. If you complete the mission, you can 
select a new mission from the Mission Selection screen.

After completing the fourth mission in a block, the Debriefing screen will have 
a "SAVE" box highlighted. If you want to save your progress, press the B 
Button, then press the B Button again to exit. You can also save after 
completing each of the last four missions. Remember, you can only store one 
game at a time, so be sure to save only if you are satisfied with your current 
progress and difficulty level.


In the Arming screen, you select what weapons you want to use in a mission. 
There are six mounts for weapons: 2 shoulders, 2 hips and 2 hands. A mount can 
only hold one weapon at a time and some weapons are restricted to certain 

Until you find all weapons in the game, some weapon boxes will have question 
marks in them. You can only select weapons that have a picture in their weapon 
box. Use the Joypad to move the cursor over a weapon and press the B Button, 
then select the mount you want it on and press the B Button again.

To remove a weapon, press the C Button and select the mount you wish to free 
up, then press the B Button to remove it.

Select EXIT when you have equipped your IS to your satisfaction.



Basically, the Standard Manipulator is your IS units' hands and allows you to 
use hand weapons like a Rifle or Grenades. It is a powerful weapon in its own 
right. Use the Standard Manipulator to pound on buildings or enemy IS units. 
Make sure you're right next to the object or enemy that you want to hit.


This weapon is a 75 MM semiautomatic handheld rifle, with a healthy supply of 
ammunition. It will fire three-round bursts if you hold down the B Button. It 
has a decent range and firepower and is a good all-purpose weapon. 
Unfortunately, the ammo is held in magazines, so it takes two hands to use. The 
rifle cannot be carried if you have equipped your IS with a Chain Cutter (see
Chain Cutter).


This chain-driven cutting device replaces your right hand and must be mounted 
on the arm. It is an excellent close-up weapon to quickly destroy buildings or 
enemy IS units. Remember, like the Manipulator, you must stand right next to 
your target to hit it.


These oil-drum sized grenades explode on impact and have a large explosion 
area. Even if you don't hit a target directly, it still may be destroyed by the 
explosion. Grenades always fly a fixed distance. Practice throwing these so you
know just how far they go. You can even throw them over buildings. Be careful 
not to be too close to the explosion - you may damage your own IS! Each grenade 
rack holds 8 grenades and can only be mounted on the Hip mounts.


This weapon is a rapid firing, 6-barrel gatling gun that fires 40 MM rounds at 
over 600 rounds per minute. It is devastating at short range, but its power 
drops off rapidly at longer ranges. It carries a lot of ammunition, but don't
waste your shots. It can be mounted on any shoulder or hip mount.


This rocket launcher fires 12 deadly rockets. The rockets are explosive and not 
as powerful as the Badger Grenades, but they can be fired over much greater 
distances. Rockets will explode when they hit something or reach their maximum 
range. Rocket Launcher can be mounted on any shoulder or hip mount.


This cannon uses electromagnetic pulses to fire 120 MM armor-piercing rounds at 
incredible velocity. Unlike the Rifle or Gatling Gun, there is no limit to how 
far it fires. It cannot be fired very rapidly, though, because it has to 
autoload the massive shells one at a time. It is an excellent sniper weapon 
which can be mounted on either shoulder mount.


The shield is not really a weapon - it increases your defensive abilities. When 
the shield is selected, you will take half damage from enemies! However, you 
can't use other weapons when it is selected (other than stomping) and you must 
have the shield selected in order for it to protect you. The shield can be 
mounted on either shoulder mount.


This weapon can literally be "flown" to the target. When you fire the missile, 
it will switch to a missile camera view. Use the Joypad to steer the missile to
your target.

The "ammo" bar represents how much fuel the missile has - if you run out of 
fuel, it will explode! Otherwise, it will explode on impact with its target.

You can also detonate it at any time after launch by pressing the B Button. The 
explosion is as powerful as a Hand Grenade, so if you use the missile properly, 
you can destroy several buildings or enemies that are close together. 
Unfortunately, only one missile will fit on a mount at a time, so use them 
carefully! Also, be careful not to detonate it close to your IS or you will 
take damage from the blast. Cruise missiles can be mounted on either shoulder.

NOTE: Mounting more than one of any weapon will give you more ammunition for 
      that weapon, but otherwise has no effect on weapon performance.


Each enemy has strenghts and weaknesses. Practice will teach you which weapons 
are best for use against each enemy type.

'Glaive' Helicopter

These enemies fire bullets or rockets at you. They also like to fly over your 
head and get behind you, so try to destroy them before they get too close.

'Greave' V.T.O.L.

These unusual planes use turbine engines to hover or fly around. They drop 
deadly bombs on you from above, so don't let them get too close.

'Gantlet' Attack Plane

This fixed-wing aircraft flies quickly overhead and drops bombs. They take a 
few minutes to report to a battlefield, so you usually won't see them unless 
you hang around for too long.

'Brassard' Light Tank

These tanks are everywhere. They fire cannon shots and occasionally fire off a 
1-shot rocket (especially if you make them mad).

'Tasset' Heavy Tank

Watch out for these brutes! They fire powerful cannon shots and are incredibly 
tough. They are so big you won't even be able to step on them.

'Javelin' Rocket Launcher

This device does not move, but is still dangerous. It can fire off two rockets 
in any direction. If you get close enough, you can step on these just like 
Light Tanks and Gun Turrets.

'Heaume' Gun Turret

These are also fixed gun emplacements with heavy machine guns that will fire at 
you if you get too close.

Enemy IS Units

As inventors of the Iron Soldier, Iron Fist Enterprises will not hesitate to 
use these against you. They can be armed with a variety of weapons, but most of 
them mount Wolfpack Rocket Launchers. They are quite sturdy, so be sure you 
have lots of grenades or rockets. They are easiest to destroy in close combat 
(but watch out for their punch!).

'Behemoth' Frigates

These massive, armed ships are frequently a target you will need to take out to 
complete a mission. They take several hits from Grenades or other heavy weapons 
to destroy and they are usually armed with two turrets, which can fire cannon 
shots or rockets. They are frequently docked, but can occasionally sail out of 
Grenade range, so keep an eye on them and don't waste time destroying them.


There are five types of crates:

WOOD Crates

These crates contain extra Rockets, Cruise Missiles, or Grenades. You can 
replenish some of your ammo by picking up these crates.

STEEL Crates

These contain extra ammo for the Assault Rifle, Gatling Gun, or Rail Cannon. 
Pick these up if you are running low on ammo for any of these weapons.


These black and yellow striped crates will repair about 1/4 of the total hit 
damage to your IS when you pick them up.


Some missions require you to collect supplies to aid the resistance. Be sure 
you collect any Suplly crates you come across.


New IS weapons are usually packed in distinctive crates. Pick up any weapon 
crates you find to equip your IS with weapons for later missions.

NOTE: If you find a lot of "empty" crates in a mission, try selecting different 
      weapons for that mission the next time you play. You may find those 
      "empty" crates are not so empty if you have the right weapons with you...


Buildings are a major part of urban combat. Buildings can help you by providing 
cover from enemies, or containing valuable crates.


These buildings often contain repair crates. They are quite sturdy.


Warehouses may have crates in them. Some warehouses are quite sturdy, others 
are fairly weak.

Residential Block

These buildings are not too strong, but rarely have any crates in them. Most of 
the population lives in buildings like these.


Rich corporate officials like to live in these. They are extremely fragile, and 
never contain crates. They're fun to step on though...

Water Tower

These buildings are fragile structures with no crates inside.

Fuel Tanks

These buildings are sturdy, but explode when destroyed. The explosion will 
damage nearby buildings and enemies, and may even set off other fuel tanks in a 
chain reaction! You can be damaged by exploding fuel tanks, so be careful. 
Repair crates are occasionally found in the wreckage of fuel tanks.


These massive buildings are where the corporate management works - they're 
everywhere - and they're extremely sturdy. You can occasionally find crates in 

Control Towers

These towers coordinate enemy attacks. They are often placed near objectives.

Power Plants

These incredibly sturdy buildings are found in industrial areas. They often 
contain crates.


A) Weapon Mounts

Shows you what weapons your IS is equipped with. The vertical bar indicates how 
much ammo the currently selected weapon has.

B) Weapon Selected

Shows what weapon is currently selected.

C) Hits Bar

Shows how much damage your IS can take before it is destroyed.

D) Radar

Shows the position of nearby enemies. You are in the center of the radar, so it 
can show enemies behind you. Tanks, turrets, and other ground targets appear as 
white dots. Helicopters and V.T.O.L.s appear as red dots. Enemy IS units appear 
as blue dots.

E) Text Window

Shows important text, like what kind of ammunition you just picked up.

F) Warning Light

Flashes if the player has taken too much damage.



* Read the Briefing carefully so you know what you must do to complete a level. 
  It may take you a few tries before you figure out exactly where and what your 
  objectives are.

* Choose your weapons carefully.

* Try breaking open buildings and remember what kind of crates are in them if 

* If you can't solve a mission, try taking a different route. There are many 
  ways to go, some are easier and faster than others.

* Enemies that move quickly are easier to hit if you fire just in front of 
  them, so they move into your shots. This is called "leading" the target.


* Use buildings for cover. Don't stand out in the open, or you will be 

* You can often kill tanks by hiding from them until very close, then stepping 
  on them!

* You can kill tanks at long range with the rocket launcher - aim just a little 
  bit high when doing this.

* You can shoot tanks at close range with the Gatling Gun, but aim low to stop 
  any rockets they may fire.

* When fighting the Heavy Tank, avoid it until it is close, then cut it up with 
  a Chain Cutter.


* Use the gatling gun at close range. Hide in skyscrapers, and watch your 
  radar. When they come around the corner, blast 'em!

* If you catch a V.T.O.L. on the ground, don't get too close - shoot it with 
  the Rail Cannon or Rifle before it takes off.

* Try to get the V.T.O.L.s to drop bombs on fuel tanks - they'll blow 
  themselvers up!

* Be sure to kill V.T.O.L.s before they get too close.


* You can shoot down rockets with the Gatling Gun, but it is safer to dodge 

* Watch the rockets on the radar and move perpendicular to their flight path to 
  avoid them.

* Be sure not to get too close to rocket launchers.

* The rail cannon will destroy rocket launchers at long range. Rockets do a lot 
  of damage, so be careful!


* If the ships are close enough to shore, use grenades.

* Ships have good "side" armor, so rockets aren't too effective.

* The ships fire at you if you get close, but it only takes two well-placed 
  grenades to destroy a ship. Otherwise, it takes about 15 rockets.


* Try to use cover.

* If you have rockets, try to fire them when the enemy IS is not shooting at 

* Throw grenades as accurately as possible, leading the target some since the 
  Grenades are slow.

* Most IS units stop firing if you get in close enough, but watch out for their 

* Use your fists or the Chain Cutter at close range, and back up a little bit 
  when you think it's going to punch you. Then move back in again if it turns 
  away from you.


Volume, Game Options and Save Game information are retained in the cartridge 
even if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System. 
The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been 
recorded, no more changes will be retained. To clear the currently saved 
changes, press *, Option and # while on the Iron Soldier Main Game screen.



The Resistance wants you to destroy a local Iron Fist Warehouse complex. Follow 
the road out of town to get there. Grab any supplies you find.


Iron Fist Enterprises is using massive cargo ships to transport I.S. Mechs. 
Blow up the ships before the I.S. units can deploy.


Iron Fist is using bridges to transport weapons off an island. Destroy the 
center struts of the bridges with grenades to collapse them.


A midnight raid on an enemy supply dump will give the Resistance supplies that 
are badly needed. The dump is watched by four guard towers and several tanks. 
Keep a lookout for new weapons too.


An enemy Mech is terrorizing a pro-Resistance town. It is armed with rockets. 
You must find a way to protect yourself from the rockets and destroy him 


The Resistance headquarters has come under attack by a battalion of enemy 
tanks! Destroy all the tanks before they destroy the Resistance. Watch out for 
other forces that may be providing cover fire for the tanks.


Rebel agents have discovered that a new Iron Fist weapon is being transported 
through the city in several trucks. Find and destroy all of the trucks and 
capture the gun and any supplies you find.


Four Iron Fist Cargo Ships are currently docked at a lightly guarded ship yard. 
Destroy all four before they can escape.


The IFC has turned one of their research centers into a fortress. Get inside 
the Fortress and find out what they are building.


Iron Fist helicopters are plaguing Resistance forces across the city. Find and 
destroy their airfield and eliminate any helicopters you see.


The IFC has constructed a tank factory on the outskirts of a desert town. Watch 
for the power plant and destroy all the nearby buildings to stop tank 


A Resistance laboratory is trying to develop a long-range missile. Iron Fist is 
sending forces to destroy the lab, however. Protect the lab at all costs!


Resistance spies have found out that Iron Fist is making a nuclear bomb 
somewhere in their southern Industrial Complex. No one knows what building it 
is in, so your job is to level the place - leave no buildings standing!


Resistance refugees need to be evacuated from a deadly fighting ground and 
taken safely out of the city. You must protect the trucks that are transporting 
them. Stop any enemies that could hurt the convoy of trucks!


Iron Fist is blockading a Resistance port with a fleet of warships, cutting off 
valuable medical supplies. Destroy the warships so the Resistance fleet can 


The Resistance forces have broken through to the Iron Fist core territories. 
Now you must destroy the Iron Fist Command Center. Take out all skyscrapers. 
Watch out for enemies. Good luck! You will need it...


Your Jaguar cartridge comes with a plastic overlay to enhance gameplay. If you 
should misplace the overlay, you may cut out the actual-size overlay template 


Main Coding:          Michael Bittner
Additional Coding:    Marc Rosocha
Graphics:             Christian Reissm�ller, Bleick Bleicken, Oliver Lindau
Enemy, Building and 
Level Design:         Sean Patten, Marc Rosocha
Game Music:           Mario Knezovic, Joachim Gierveld
Title Music:          Nate Brenholdt
3D Models:            Marc Rosocha, Michael Bittner, Sean Patten, Donald Wang
Sound Effects:        Marc Rosocha, Ted Tahquechi, Nate Brenholdt
Game Concept:         Sean Patten
Original Mech Design: Mark J.L. Simmons
Manual By:            Sean Patten
Game Testing:         Tal Funke-Bilu, Dan McNamee, Andrew Keim, Scott Hunter, 
                      Joe Sousa, Martin M�ller, Hank Cappa, Harry Kinney
Special Thanks to:    Normen B. Kowalewski, Hans-Martin Kr�ber, Kathie Sleeper, 
                      Paul Foster, James Grunke, Anke Frey, Birger Zimmermann, 
                      Thomas Detert, Ulrike Bilda, Heinz Rudolf, Gerhard 
                      Seiler, Klaus-Peter Plog, Stefan Kimmlingen, Manfred 
                      Trenz, J�rg Seebohn