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Pinball Fantasies - 21st Century Entertainment - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Pinball Fantasies Manual
Pinball Fantasies

1. Insert your JAGUAR Pinball Fantasies cartridge into the slot of your Jaguar 
   (tm) 64-bit interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER button.

3. Press the A, B or C buttons to discontinue the title screens if required.



Use the following buttons to start a pinball table:

Button            Action
1                 Select the Partyland table
2                 Select the Speed Devils table
3                 Select the Billion Dollar Gameshow table
4                 Select the Stones N Bones table

You can also access the game options menu from here by pressing the OPTION 


By using this menu you can select and change various options to make Pinball 
Fantasies more comfortable to play. To use the menu you need only to point to 
an item and use the B or D-pad left/right buttons to change an option. Use the 
following list as a guide when changing the game:

Button            Action

D-pad down        Move option pointer downwards
D-pad up          Move option pointer upwards
B                 Toggle between option settings
D-pad left        Decrease master volume level (when selected)
D-pad right       Increase master volume level (when selected)
OPTION            Access/exit help screen for currently selected option

The various options and settings available are:

Option            Settings
Balls             3 or 5
Difficulty        Easy or Hard
Scrolling         Soft or Hard
Music             On or Off
Sound FX          On or Off
Volume            0% to 100%
Joypad            Setup 1, 2 or 3 (see below for details)
Exit              Save current settings and return to main menu

The three Joypad setups are configured as follows:

Setup 1

Button            Action

D-pad             Flip any left flippers
A                 Nudge table
B                 Flip any right flippers
C                 Pull spring (release button to shoot ball)

Setup 2

Button            Action

D-pad             Flip any left flippers
A                 Flip any right flippers
B                 Pull spring (release button to shoot ball)
C                 Nudge table

Setup 3

Button            Action

D-pad             Flip any left flippers
A                 Pull spring (release button to shoot ball)
B                 Nudge table
C                 Flip any right flippers


(a) Starting a game.
Once a table has been loaded and is scrolling up and down the screen in its 
attract mode, you can start a game by using the number buttons on the keypad as 

Button            Action
1                 Start a 1 player game
2                 Start a 2 player game
through to 
8                 Start an 8 player game

(b) Pausing the gameplay.
Press the PAUSE button to freeze the gameplay. The message "game paused" will 
appear in the scorepanel to indicate the mode has been activated. To continue 
play, simply press the PAUSE button again.

(c) Changing the master volume level.
While the game is paused, pressing the A, B or C buttons will allow you to 
change the master volume level. As before, use the D-pad left/right to decrease 
or increase the volume percentage from 0% to 100%. Once the level has been set, 
press the A, B or C button to return to the "game paused" status.

(d) Changing the gameplay options.
While the game is paused, pressing the OPTION button will allow you to cycle 
through the gameplay options and change them if required. Use the following 
keys to achieve this:

Button            Action

D-pad down        Cycle forwards through options list
D-pad up          Cycle backwards through options list
A, B or C         Toggle between available settings
OPTION            Return to the "game paused" status

See the "game options menu" section above for details of the options and 
settings available.

(e) Muting the sound.

While the game is paused, pressing the 0 button on the keypad will instantly 
mute all sound in the game. Pressing 0 again will reinstate the sound.

(f) Entering your name for the hiscore table.

At the end of a game, if you have achieved a hiscore you will be permitted to 
enter your name for the hiscore table. You can enter three alphanumeric 
characters as your "name". Use the following keys to place your name in the 

Button             Action

D-pad left         Cycle backwards through the alphabet/digits
D-pad right        Cycle forwards through the alphabet/digits
B                  Select an alphanumeric character

(g) Quitting a table.

If you decide to quit a table during play, wait until a new ball is placed in 
the ball chute (ready to be fired into the table) and press the OPTION button 
followed by the A button - you will now be returned to the main menu. If after 
pressing the OPTION button you change your mind and want to continue playing, 
press the C button. If required, you can also access and change the game 
options as outlined in (d) above by pressing the B button straight after 
pressing the OPTION button.

(h) Restarting the game.

If at any time you wish to start the whole game from scratch, simply press the 
* and # buttons simultaneously. The screen will blank and the introduction 
sequence will start as if you have just turned on your Jaguar (tm) 64-bit 
interactive Multimedia System. 

(i) Game settings and hiscore storage.

Game settings, audio and hiscores can be retained in the game cartridge even if 
you have turned off your Jaguar (tm) 64-bit interactive Multimedia System. To 
erase the currently stored settings and hiscores and restore the default 
settings and scores, press the *, OPTION and # buttons simultaneously during 
the introduction sequence or on the main menu screen. The message "cartridge
memory cleared" will be displayed and the game will be reset as in (h) above.


The JACKPOT is a score counter which is built up by all participating players 
during the game. It is reset each time a Jackpot is awarded to a player.

Many of the lights on the tables have letters on them which enable special 
features as follows:

XB - Extra Ball              JP - Jackpot
DB - Double bonus            xM - Score x million points
SB - Score bonus             5x - Score 5 times feature points
HB - Hold Bonus              MB - Bonus Multiplier
x/xK - Score x thousands

A flashing light is often a hint as to where you can raise your score and 
collect the bonuses.

At the end of your game the last but one digit of your score will be shown in 
the panel. Random numbers will then be flashed across the panel and one will be 
selected. If your number matches the random number you are awarded an extra 
ball and can continue play from where you left off.



DUCK TARGETS       Light all DUCKS to enable SNACKS (ICECREAM, SODA and 
                   POPCORN) in turn. Shoot ball into the trap under the top 
                   flipper to eat the lit SNACK. Eating all SNACKS enables 
                   HOLD BONUS and DOUBLE BONUS on the ANTICLOCKWISE loop. The 
                   DOUBLE BONUS is only active for 10 seconds. Eating all the 
                   SNACKS afterwards enables DOUBLE BONUS.

PUKE               Light all PUKE letters then shoot the DRAGONS' MOUTH for 5 
                   MILLION points, EXTRA BALL and JACKPOT in turn.
CYCLONE            Shoot the CYCLONE to add 1 to the BONUS COUNTER.

DRAGON             Shoot the DRAGONS' MOUTH when no lights lit to score 
                   250,000 points.
JACKPOT            Collect from the DRAGONS' MOUTH after:

                   1. Spelling PUKE 3 times.
                   2. Enabling HAPPY HOUR.
                   3. Enabling MEGA LAUGH.

                   JACKPOT only lasts for 30 seconds during HAPPY HOUR and 
                   MEGA LAUGH.
BONUS MULTIPLIER   Shoot the SKYRIDE 3 times and shoot the ANTICLOCKWISE loop 
                   to collect the next BONUS MULTIPLIER.

ARCADE             Enabled by hitting the target just below the entrance. Gives 
                   bonus of either:
                   1. Nothing
                   2. 500,000 points
                   3. 1 MILLION points
                   4. 5 MILLION points
                   5. Enabling SIDE-LANE EXTRA BALL light
                   6. An extra CRAZY letter.
ROCKET LIGHTS      Light all ROCKET lights to score 2,4,6, and 8 BONUS 
                   MULTIPLIERS in turn. Score EXTRA BALL and 1 MILLION points 
                   in turn after lighting all BONUS MULTIPLIERS.

EXTRA BALL         Collect from the DRAGONS' MOUTH after spelling PUKE twice.
SIDE-LANE XB       When XB light is enabled, exiting through a SIDE-LANE awards 
                   an EXTRA BALL.

TUNNEL             Repeatedly shooting the TUNNEL after ball falls from DROP 
                   ZONE awards the flashing TUNNEL BONUS and enables the next
                   BONUS for 10 seconds.

SKILL SHOT         Scored by shooting the CYCLONE or the TUNNEL immediately 
                   after the ball is shot from the spring.

HIDDEN HALLWAY     Mystery bonus enables 5 count bonuses on the CYCLONE.

MEGA-LAUGH         Light up MAD letters to spell CRAZY. 1 MAD letter lit each 
                   time you shoot the ball into the CLOCKWISE loop. 1 CRAZY 
                   letter lit when all MAD letters lit.
                   MEGA-LAUGH scores 5 MILLION points for all ramps and 
                   passages for 25 seconds.

HAPPY-HOUR         Spell PARTY by completing the following:

                   1. P - shoot the ANTICLOCKWISE loop and then the TUNNEL.
                   2. A - eat all 3 SNACKS.
                   3. R - shoot the ANTICLOCKWISE loop and then the CYCLONE.
                   4. T - shoot any SKYRIDE/LOOP combination twice in 10 
                   5. Y - spell PUKE.
                   HAPPY-HOUR scores 1 MILLION points for all TARGETS (bumpers, 
                   drop target etc) for 25 seconds.


GEAR               Spell GEAR as follows:
                   1. Shoot the JUMP ramp to light G.
                   2. Shoot the OFFROAD ramp to light E.
                   3. Shoot B,U and R targets to light A.
                   4. Shoot N,I and N targets to light R.
                   These can be completed in any order.

POSITION           Each GEAR spelt enables 2 POSITION OVERTAKES which are 
                   collected by shooting the RIGHT and LEFT (or vice-versa) 
                   ramps one after the other.

EXTRA BALL         Enabled after completing 20 MILES. Scored by shooting the 
                   TOP RIGHT passage when light enabled.

JACKPOT            Collected by shooting the JUMP ramp when the JACKPOT light 
                   is lit. Lit for 20 seconds only.

SUPER-JACKPOT      Collect SUPER JACKPOT in the PIT-STOP after scoring JACKPOT 
                   on the JUMP ramp.

MILES              Shoot the LEFT and RIGHT ramp to collect 1 MILE.

MILLION            Shoot the RIGHT and LEFT (or vice versa) ramps within 5 
                   seconds to score 1 MILLION points.

SPEED              Shoot the LEFT and RIGHT ramps and then shoot the JUMP ramp 
                   to increase the SPEEDOMETER one step. Each ramp then scores 
                   the SPEED value x1000 points.

AUTO-FEATURES      Every 2 SPEED steps enables a BONUS PART for your CAR. 
                   Collect the part by shooting the flashing 1-5 lights. A CAR 
                   part flashes when collected.

GOAL               Enabled when POSITION 1 is reached. This also enables the 
                   JACKPOT for 20 seconds. Collect the GOAL in the PIT-STOP.

MULTI-BONUS        Light all the PIT lights and shoot the OFF-ROAD ramp to 
                   collect the next MULTI-BONUS.

                   After all bonuses are collected lighting PIT scores 
                   1 MILLION points.

OFF-ROAD           Enabled after 10,40,60...miles. All targets score 100,000 
                   points for 25 seconds.

TURBO-MODE         Enabled when GOAL is collected. Awards 5 MILLION points on 
                   all ramps for 25 seconds.

JUMP               Enabled after collecting 30,50,70...miles etc and is 
                   collected on the JUMP ramp. JUMP awards 10 MILLION points.


SKILL RAMP         Shown by the top red Arrow.

LEFT PASSAGE       Circular lane starts by the MUSHROOMS and ends at the TOP 

RIGHT PASSAGE      Reverse LEFT passage.

MULTI-BONUS        Shoot the LEFT passage and the CLOCKWISE ramp to collect the 
                   next MULTI-BONUS.

EXTRA BALL         Shoot the SKILL ramp 12 times to enable EXTRA BALL on the 
                   LEFT passage.

JACKPOT            Collect 3 prizes to enable JACKPOT for 25 seconds. Collect 
                   it in the RIGHT ramp.

SUPER-JACKPOT      Collect the JACKPOT to enable SUPER-JACKPOT (50M) for 5 
                   seconds on the CLOCKWISE ramp.

PRIZES             Enable the PRIZES by:

                   1. Shoot the RIGHT ramp and then the SKILL ramp to enable 
                      the TV.
                   2. Shoot the RIGHT ramp and then the CLOCKWISE ramp to 
                      enable the CAR.
                   3. Shoot the LEFT passage and then the SKILL ramp to enable 
                      the TRIP.
                   4. Shoot the RIGHT ramp, the SKILL ramp and the RIGHT 
                      passage to enable the BOAT.
                   5. Shoot the RIGHT ramp, the CLOCKWISE ramp and the LEFT 
                      passage to enable the PLANE.
                   6. Shoot the LEFT passage, the SKILL ramp and the RIGHT 
                      passage to enable the HOUSE.
                   You have to enable and collect the TV, CAR and TRIP with one 
                   ball before you can shoot for the BOAT, PLANE and HOUSE.

COLLECT PRIZES     Shoot the LOOP MIL down to the LEFT BALL TRAP to collect a 
                   prize. Collecting 3 prizes enables the second set of 3 
                   prizes and the JACKPOT. When all 6 prizes have been 
                   collected shoot for the LOCK. This enables BILLION which can 
                   be collected in the LEFT BALL TRAP.

LEFT BALL TRAP     Opened by:
                   1. Enabling the TV, CAR and TRIP.
                   2. Enabling the BOAT, PLANE and HOUSE.
                   3. Hitting all the DOLLAR targets.

MILLIONS           Shoot the LOOP MIL repeatedly when the LEFT BALL TRAP is 
                   shut off to score 1 MILLION each time.

MILLION PLUS       Shoot the RIGHT ramp followed by CLOCKWISE ramp for 
                   1, 2, 3... MILLIONS.

CASH-POT           Shoot the LOCK to score the current CASH-POT value.

SMALL WHEEL        Hit both DOLLAR targets to enable the SMALL WHEEL. Shoot the 
                   LEFT BALL TRAP to spin the WHEEL and collect a random value.

5X CASH            Enable 5X CASH by shooting the CLOCKWISE ramp. Shoot the 
                   LOCK to collect 5x the CASHPOT value.


SCREAMS RAMP       Ramp on the right.

STONE & BONE       Spell STONE and BONE to enable the next GHOST.

KEY                Spell KEY to open the TOWER for the next TOWER value.

EXTRA BALL         Shoot the SCREAMS ramp 10 times to enable the EXTRA BALL 
                   which is collected in the TOWER.

JACKPOT            Collected in the TOWER during GHOST HUNTER and GRIM REAPER.

SUPER-JACKPOT      Shoot the TOWER straight after collecting the JACKPOT to 
                   score 50 MILLION points.

MULTI-DEMON        Enables a BALL LOCK in the VAULT and WELL.
                   Collect the following points on the SCREAMS ramp:
                   1. No locked balls - 5 MILLION points.
                   2. 1 locked ball - 10 MILLION points.
                   3. 2 locked balls - 20 MILLION points.

TOWER              Collect the current TOWER value, and collect the enabled 
                   TOWER bonus when enabled.

SCREAMS RAMP       Collect 1 SCREAM.

WELL               Collect the current WELL value.

BONUS MULTIPLIER   Shoot the CLEAR ramp and the WELL to collect the next BONUS 

MILLION            Shooting the LEFT ramp repeatedly scores 1 MILLION points 
                   each time.

MILLION PLUS       Shoot the CLEAR ramp and then the far RIGHT passage to score 
                   1, 2, 3...MILLION points.

2x SCREAMS         Shoot the CLEAR ramp and the SCREAMS ramp to collect 2 

GHOST HUNTER       All TARGETS and BUMPERS score 1 MILLION points for 30 

GRIM REAPER        All TRAPS and RAMPS score 5 MILLION points for 30 seconds.

TOWER HUNT         Shoot the TOWER for 5, 10 and 20 MILLION points in turn 
                   within 30 seconds.

LOOP COMBO         Shoot the CLEAR ramp to the ROLL-OVERS, drop down to the 
                   LEFT FLIPPER and hit the SCREAMS ramp and the far LEFT ramp 
                   for 5 MILLION points.

LEFT BALL TRAP     Collect the enabled GHOST and the VAULT value.

GHOSTS             The GHOSTS are lit up one after the other when spelling 
                   STONE and BONE, and award the following:
                   1. BAT - 5 MILLION points.
                   2. BLUE GHOST - Enables TOWER HUNT feature.
                   3. GREEN SMILER - Enables EXTRA BALL.
                   4. RED DEVIL - 10 MILLION points.
                   5. YELLOW POLTERGEIST - Enables GHOST HUNTER feature.
                   6. BLUE OCTOPUSSY - Enables MULTI-DEMON feature.
                   7. MUMMY HEAD - 15 MILLION points.
                   8. GRIM REAPER - Enables GRIM REAPER feature.

                  A GHOST must be collected before the next one can be enabled.

R.I.P              Spelling RIP enables the KICKBACK in the LEFT BALL TRAP.


Original game designed and created by Digital Illusions CE AB.

Jaguar (tm) 64-bit interactive Multimedia System version developed by
Spidersoft Limited.

Programming by Chris Jones and Martin McKenzie

Original graphics by Markus Nystrom

Supplementary graphics by Rober Lever

Original music and sound-effects by Olof Gustafsson

Production by Stewart Gilray