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Power Drive Rally - Time-Warner Interactive - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Power Drive Rally Manual
Power Drive Rally


Forget everything they taugh you in Driving School.

Because we're goin' off-road! No yellow lines. No junctions. No pesky 
pedestrians. Just you and the most wicked circuits on the globe.

Searin' through the Arizona desert. Boggin' across the African plains. 
Shreddin' over the Alps...You name it, you're there - pedal down and white-
knucklin' it all the way to the finish line (or a cow pasture, if you're not 

So buckle up, pop the clutch and get ready to terra up de firma in the ultimate 
64-bit off-road extravaganza.


1. Insert your JAGUAR Power Drive Rally cartridge into the Multimedia slot of 
   your JAGUAR 64 bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER Button.

3. Press any FIRE button to by pass title screens.


PAUSE Button   Pause Gameplay
OPTION Button  Sound Mixer
JOYPAD RIGHT   Steer Right
JOYPAD LEFT    Steer Left
A Button       Toggle Forward/Reverse
B Button       Accelerate
C Button       Brakes


1, 4, 7        N/A
2              Highlights
5, 8           N/A
3              Horn
0              N/A
# and *        Quit game & return to Menu Screen

Configuring Your Controller

At the Main Menu, press the OPTION Button. To configure, press the button on 
the controller you would like to use to Accelerate. Then do the same for your 
Brakes. Reverse will automatically be selected.


At the Main Menu Screen, press the corresponding Button on the Joypad to access 
the available options:


 You may want to take a practice run before hitting the circuit. You have four 
 tracks in which to perfect your driving skills. To select a track, press the 
 Joypad Left or Right. The location of the course is displayed below. Press the 
 B Button to enter that selection and begin practice.

 Select this option to begin your racing season solo, against computer-
 controlled racers, or against your buddies (one at a time). You will begin by 
 entering your race name. To do this, press the Joypad Left or Right to align 
 the arrows with the letter, then press the B Button to select that letter. To 
 delete the last letter you entered, select "DEL". When you have completed 
 entering your name, select "END" and you will be asked to select your vehicle
 (see Selecting Your First Car).

Load Game

 You can load and save up to three racing seasons at a time. See Saving a Game. 
 (This feature is not available in Practice mode). On this screen you'll find 
 each player's name, his current earnings and his overall place in the season 
 standings. To continue a race season, press the corresponding Keypad number.


To access the Sound Mixer, press the OPTION Button during play. To adjust the 
music, SFX or engine sound levels, select the corresponding Button (to 
highlight a selection) then press the Joypad Left or Right to change the 
settings. When the sound is set the way you want, press the OPTION Button again 
to return to the race.


You begin your career with $28,000 - just enough to put you behind the wheel of 
a brand new Fiat Cinquecento or a Mini Cooper S. (For a listing of vehicles, 
see "The Monsters").

To select your car, press the Joypad Left or Right to highlight the vehicle of 
your choice, then press the B Button to select your car and go the Pre-Race 


The following is a description of what you'll see on the Game

1. Time

   Displays how much time has elapsed during the current race.

2. Gear Shifter

   Displays the gear you are currently using. (Your car will automatically 
   shift for you.)

3. Lap Icons

   Displays the number of laps you've completed.

4. Speedometer / Tachometer

   Displays how fast you are currently going, and your RPMs.

5. Directional Arrow

   During the race, a yellow arrow will appear above your car. It will point in 
   the direction of the upcoming turns.

   As you race your track advisor will provide you with some very helpful 
   advice. Listen to him, it could mean the difference between winning and 
   burying your car into a snow bank.


The following is a list of the different events you can enter. The type of race 
will be displayed on the Pre-Race Screen.

Single Player Race

  In order to race in each event - you must first qualify. If you fail to 
  qualify, you will not be permitted to advance to the next stage. If you don't 
  qualify, keep trying - or continue until you run out of funds.

Multi-Player Race

  Here you can compete with your buddies (one at a time) in an down-and-dirty, 
  off road bonanza. Unlike the Single-Player game, failure to qualify will not 
  stop you from racing in the next round. You will not, however, be able to 
  pick up any points or prize money for that stage.

Special Stage

  Bottom line: Bend the needle and don't blink until you see the checkered flag 
  - or that cow pasture. Here it's just you and your wheels ... against Father 
  Time. Best time wins. Watch the gear grinding!

Rally Cross

  This one's for all the life-eaters out there. Prepare to face both fierce 
  course conditions - and the most heinous band of computer-controlled 
  opponents to ever shred the earth. If this doesn't raise some hairs, consult 
  your physician immediately.

Skill Test

  This event tests your ability to quickly stop and start, back up and follow 
  course designed obstacles. Be precise or get disqualified.

Repairing Damage

  After each race you will be given a damage report - here you will find the 
  total cost to fully repair each part, along with your current earnings total. 
  The extent of damage to specific areas of your vehicle will be represented in 
  percentages. You can repair a part partially - or in full - depending on how 
  much cash you have.
  To repair damage to a specific part, highlight that component by pressing the 
  Joypad Up or Down. To repair that part partially, press the B Button. To 
  repair in full, press the A Button. When you are finished repairing your 
  vehicle, press the C Button to begin your next race.

Notes: The state of your vehicle will affect its performance, so it is 
  advisable to keep you car in prime condition (if funds are available).
  The only thing tougher than a rally car is a rally track. So be careful. Lots 
  of reckless driving can cause the handling and overall condition of your car 
  to deteriorate.
  Don't get too crazy out there-unless you have the funds to cover it.

Saving A Game

  Also, while on the Damage Repair Screen, you can save your game. To do so, 
  position the red arrow beside "SAVE PLAYER" and press the B Button. Then 
  select the slot (1, 2 or 3) where you would like to save that particular 
  game. You'll then go to the next stage with your previous results saved.


You have 6 cars to choose from, within three competition classes. Each car 
class will be available for you to purchase once you have accumulated the 
appropriate funds. Each vehicle handles differently and higher class vehicles 
are more expensive to maintain.

If you make enough money you can upgrade your machine: Group 2 cars can be 
bought from Round 3. Group 1 cars from Round 6.

Should you have sufficient funds "SELECT/PURCHASE NEW CAR" will appear on the 
Damage Repairs screen. If you wish to buy a new car highlight this option and 
press the B Button.

Choose your new car using the same procedure used to select your first car 
(Selecting Your First Car).

The following is a list of car classes available to you:

Group N

  Mini Cooper S
  Fiat Cinquecento Turbo

Group 2
  Vauxhall Astra 16V GTi
  Renault Clio Turbo

Group 3

  Ford RS Cosworth
  Toyota Celica CT-4


Round 1

   Location : England
    Climate : Mainly dry/thundershowers/flash floods (includes night racing)
      Track : Asphalt
    Terrain : Rocky mountain road

Round 2

   Location : Arizona
    Climate : Hot/dry, some thundershowers
      Track : Sand/gravel/cactus/road kill
    Terrain : Desert
Round 3

   Location : Italy
    Climate : Snow/arid
      Track : Asphalt covered with snow
    Terrain : Resort town
Round 4

   Location : Finland
    Climate : Cool/icy/snow
      Track : Asphalt
    Terrain : Forest/lake regions

Round 5

   Location : Kenya (includes night racing)
    Climate : Hot/humid
      Track : Sand/gravel/oasis
    Terrain : Bush/forest trail

Round 6
   Location : France (includes night racing)
    Climate : Mainly dry, some thundershowers, flash floods
      Track : Asphalt
    Terrain : Rocky mountain road

Round 7

   Location : Corsica
    Climate : Dry
      Track : Asphalt
    Terrain : Specialized course

Round 8

   Location : Sweden
    Climate : Cold/wet/ice/snow
      Track : Gravel
    Terrain : Forest trail


In order to record your best time in each event, you'll have to do some pretty 
fancy maneouvering. Here are some tips to better your overall time.

Pendulum Turn

  When entering a tight bend, steer away from the corner, then turn back into 
  it at the critical point. The back end of your car will swing out as the rear 
  wheels lose grip, allowing you to maintain maximum RPMs. Caution: You may 
  thrash many a quarter-panel at first, but keep practising - Pendulum Turns 
  will definitely save you time in the long run.

Handbrake Turn

  At a hairpin corner, brake as you turn into the curve. All four wheels will 
  lose grip and you should skid around the hairpin on the best possible line. 
  Don't be surprised if you let out a hearty "Yeehaww" while performing this 

Power Slide

  Skid around a series of tight or fast corners by steering sharply into each 
  bend (like a Pendulum Turn without steering out). Works best at 70+ mph.



   Money : Each one is worth 250 big ones.
 Nitrous : Gives you a short but very sweet-speed burst.
    Time : Stops time for five precious seconds.

Penalties (Special Stage Only)

  Nail a cone, receive a penalty. It's that simple. Drive carefully and use 
  that brake to make precise turns.


Stage Results

  At the end of each race the Stage Results Screen will appear. Prize money is 
  awarded if you qualify, plus bonuses if you break the course record or beat 
  the computer-controlled car on Rally Cross sections. Here you'll also fund 
  out the cost of your next race.

The Checkered Flag

  If - and only if - you're lucky enough to win all your races, you will be 
  crowned Power Drive World Champion. Now stop dreaming and get out there.

Weather & Visibility

  Climate conditions and the time of day vary dramatically from race to race, 
  affecting your car's handling and response. Make appropriate driving 
  strategies to overcome the weather.

High Scores

  If you're good enough to make the top three scores, the High Score Screen 
  will appear. Press the D-Pad Left or Right to scroll through the available 
  letters, then press the A or B Button to select the letter.