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Towers II - Telegames - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Towers 2 Manual

Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer

It has been several months since we've been in Lamini. The repairs to our ship 
are almost complete and the crew's morale is finally on the rise. We've heard 
no news on the wars in Airatose, we've heard no news at all. No information 
seems to reach or leave this dungeon of an island.

At first, when we ran aground, I thought this was paradise. But having to go 
through what we have, I would have considered being in one of Sargon's torture 
cells, paradise. At the time of the wreck, we were alive, and that's all that 
mattered. Now i realize, time soothes the emotions and things appear as they 
truly are.

As I've stated before there is no information, not just about Airatose, but 
anything. This island seems to be cut off from the rest of reality. No one will 
talk about anything, besides the current affairs here on Lamini. All the people 
of power seem to be extreme wielders of magic and there is no real outside 
trade. So how did these mages become so wealthy.

There have been rumors of Lamini's elite guards not returning from a quest. 
We've been asked to see Farale, the new sheriff. We entered Farale's office. 
A stout man in his later ages sat behind a desk. We quickly exchanged greetings 
and he began to speak about a lord named Daggan.

"Lord Daggan was once a good man, who held one of the high seats on the 
council. He was an avid astronomer, who made many discoveries. Then one day he 
resigned his commission, stating only that his research takes precedence over 
any problems we might have."

"Strange happenings soon followed. Mighty explosions were seen at his tower, 
but when examined, not a trace of damage. Also, he's been seen excavating bones 
out of the mystic's graveyard. When the council inquired about his doings, he 
flew into a screaming rage."

"At that point we knew he had gone mad, and must be stopped. All knights and 
sages who held a chair on the Lamini council, were sent to either make him come 
to his senses or destroy him. They never returned."

"Several well known thieves were spotted leaving Daggan's tower with bags full 
of treasure. We caught and questioned one of the hoodlums. What he confessed to 
us was truly amazing. He spoke of Daggan's guards being very dimwitted and that 
sneaking around them was very easy, especially for a man of his talents. He 
also spoke of strange beings, the likes that I have never heard. Eyes with 
large wings that fly and wield powerful magic. Creatures made out of the earth 
itself. Giant men made of iron, living fire and other unnatural beings."

"Also inside the tower, just lying around the floors were the bones and weapons 
of previous looters who were not so quick for Daggan's guards. Feces from 
animals, that were never picked up. This is very strange for Daggan, he was 
normally a very tidy and neat man. It seems that his tower, which is still in 
the process of being built, is falling apart. Normally we wouldn't have 
believed a word of what this thief was saying, but it was the way he told his 
story. You could just feel the unbelievable truth."

"Once again we ask you to help us with our problems. We feel that sending only 
one of you in, to stop Daggan, is to our best advantage. He would never expect 
only one man. Here is a letter from the thief. It gives pictures and 
descriptions of the creatures you might encounter."

"The reward we have to offer is very small, but anything you find in Daggan's 
tower is yours to keep. When you return, a small keep will be built for you. 
Thus you will always have a home in Lamini."


"Heed my warning of what I am about to describe. For death awaits inside 
Daggan's tower. I did not dare enter any further into this house of horros, so 
do not take this as the last word on all the terror that lurk inside."

Associates - "Throughout the tower, I'm sure you'll run into many of my 
associates. Many of those fools are still there, their greed leading them on. 
Most of them can not be trusted."

Custodian - "The custodian is the keeper of the lower levels. This lazy, ill 
tempered man, is responsible for keeping the tower sparkling clean. As humble 
as this man seems, beware."

Daggan's guards - "Lord Daggan has hired many guards to keep intruders out of 
his tower. These guards are not the most brilliant or fast, but they have been 
instructed to kill on site."

Floating Eyes - "I have no true name for these terrors. They appear as large 
eyes with wings. I have only found them in the back rooms of the tower, behind 
various secret doors. Constantly searching their surroundings for intruders, 
these creatures are relatively weak in nature but they harness great magical 

Iron Golem - "Should a man become a mountain and have the strength of a god, he 
would not stand a chance against these golems. This giant metal being was 
somehow bestowed with life."

Men of the Earth - "I was in heaven if only for a minute. Diamonds and pearls 
all about me. I heard it, and then I saw it. The earth itself moved and shook 
the ground I was walking on. I spun around to see a strange and distorted 
creature with no legs. His arms and body were as big as boulders and looked as 
if it was made from mud and stone."



When Towers II first starts, you will hear the chiming of bells and be 
presented with the title screen as the music starts to play. On the title 
screen are two options written in the sand, Incarnation and Continuation.

Waiting a short time, the Sheriff Farale, will begin to show you a short 
graphical story of the new problems in Lamini. Pressing any button or 'Option' 
will return you to the title screen.


Continuation can only be used once you have saved a game (saving a game will be 
explained later). Pressing the 'B' action button, will bring up a menu with 
your previously saved games. To load a game, simply press the button that 
corresponds to the one(s) displayed. If there are no saved games, the message 
"No Loads" will appear. If everything goes well, you will be where you last 
left off after a brief pause.

If you make a mistake and decide not to load a game, press the 'Option' button 
and this will take you back to the main menu.


Pressing the 'A' button from the title screen will take you to a screen with 
four pictures & names of worthy adventurers. Gerand, Tasler, Merton, and Andros 
are your character choices. Move the joypad to change your selection of the 
character you want.

In the center of the screen the character statistics will appear. If those 
statistics suite you, then press the 'B' button to accept the character. 
Otherwise you can reroll the statistics with the 'A' button.

STR (Strength) - Strength is used for determining how much weight the character 
 can carry. Also, strength can increase or decrease the amount of damage you 
 inflict and the chance of hitting your opponent.

INT (Intelligence) - Intelligence is used for determing how well you pronounce 
 a spell. If you pronounce it correclty it will be cast. If not, it fails.

WIS (Wisdom) - Wisdom reflects your mystical context. If your wisdom is high, 
 you are more adept at casting spells and thus will have more mana to cast 
 spells from.

DEX (Dexterity) - Dexterity determines how fast and flexible you are. With a 
 high dexterity you will naturally weave in and out of your opponent's attacks.

CON (Constitution) - Constitution shows how healthy and physically fit you are. 
 Any healthy warrior or mage in battle, is apt to live longer. 

The characters statistics can have a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 20.

The Story of,

GERAND - Born on a small island off the coast of Broken Wing. Gerand followed 
in the footsteps of his father, a great and well known duelist. Now 34, Gerand 
swears to rid this world of Sargons evil. He was on the way to Airatose, to 
help with their battle, before being side tracked to Lamini.

TASLER - Man of 19, he hates to be called boy. Continually ridiculed by his 
older and more experienced brothers, Tasler set out to prove that he was their 
equal and more.

ANDROS - Andros was once a trapeze artist in a circus. Performing for hundreds 
of children and moving from town to town. When Sargon started waging war, the 
circus soon disbanded as the poeple no longer had the money to afford such a 
luxury. Andros pledged to help stop this evil so the children could once again 
enjoy his antics.

MERTON - Student of the Circle Crest Mages and Heir to the Throne of Storion, 
Merton left his land utterly bored with his families continual squabbling over 
politics. Exploring the realm and challenging any mage that made a claim to 
power, he headed to Airatose to engage Sargon in a one on one duel.

Some characters will have an easier time in the dungeon. We suggest that you 
start the game playing Gerand. Merton will probably be the most challenging.


Once you've accepted your character, the program will take a few seconds to 
start. You will then find yourself inside a large room. From this point, you 
should save your game. (GO TO THE SAVING AND LOADING SECTION.)

To the top left of the screen is a red stone plaque with a picture of your 
character in it. Also carved on that plaque is an arrow pointing to the right. 
Underneath your character, are four slots for holding items and bags.

At the top of the screen, you will find two horizontal bars. One green and one 
blue. The green bar represents your hit points. This is how much life energy 
you have, before dying. The blue bar represents your mana. Mana is the mystical 
energy needed for casting spells. Some characters will be more apt at casting 
spells than others.

The top right of the screen is your compass. Right now it reads north, as you 
move about the tower it will change directions as you change.

To the right, and underneath the compass is the spell canvas. As you travel 
throughout the tower, you will find and learn spells. As this happens a 
representation of the spell you just learned will appear on the canvas. Right 
now the canvas should be blank.

The botton of the screen should be blank. Any text along with a massage canvas, 
will appear here.

The Jaguar Joypad

While in Movement Mode :

(A) Toggle to Hand Mode
(B) Attack with weapon in hand
(C) Cast active spell **

While in Hand Mode :

(A) Toggle to Movement Mode
(B) Action (pick/select/drop)
(C) Cast active spell **

** Must have a spell memorized by selecting the spell in Hand Mode, or by 
   toggling the spell with (7) on the keypad. Spell will remain active until 
   you change it.

While in either Mode :

PAUSE - Pauses game
  #1  - Flip/inventory
  #2  - Stats
  #3  - Sleep
  #4  - Slide left
  #6  - Slide right
  #7  - Spell toggle
  #8  - More/clear
  #9  - Map

While paused :

OPTION - activate Load/Save/Settings Menu
  (A)  - Modify music volume
  (B)  - Modify sound volume


Pressing the Stats button (2) on the keypad will display your character's 
statistics divided into three columns. In the first column, it displays his 
STR, INT, WIS, DEX, and CON. In the center his current FOOD, STAMina, HIT 
points current and maximum, MANA current and maximum, and WeiGHT current and 
maximum. In the last column is the amount of Damage you can inflict (minimum 
and maximum), your current Attack skill (how well you hit), Defense (how hard 
it is to hit you) and Save (your resistance to magic). All of the statistics 
in the second and third column will change throughout the game. Should your 
food & stamina become too low, it will have an adverse effect on your movement.


Should you become tired or need to heal and regain mana, press the Zzz 
button (3). The view screen will turn black and a message will say that you 
fell asleep. You can not sleep if you are hungry.

Intelligent Automap Feature

Towers II is equipped with an intelligent auto map feature. While traversing 
the tower, should you become lost, just press the Map button (9) to find where 
you are. The auto map will take the place of the view screen.

Moving the joypad left and right, or (4) and (6) on the keypad will change the 
level of the map that you are viewing. Every time the auto map is engaged it 
will bring you to your current level with a small blue dot showing your 
position. You will see a large tan area, with the gray depicting where you've 
been. Various X's, circles and squares are used to show obstacles you have 
encountered. Press the Map (9) button again to get back to the game.

Saving and Loading

If while paused, you press the 'Option' button, a menu with several options: 
Load game, Save game, and Settings will appear.

Load Game

Pressing the 'A' button will bring up a menu with one or two previously saved 
games on it. Press the button that corresponds to the saved games showing. 
After a brief time you are back where you once left off.

Save Game

Pressing the 'B' button will bring up a menu with two options: Cartridge Save 
and Memory Save. Press either 'A' or 'B' to save the game where you would like. 
Your game is now saved so you can return at a latter time or continue playing.

A Word on Saving and Loading

Because of the limited size of the Jaguar's EEPROM, there are two types of save 

The first is a full game save. Both the Cartridge and Memory Saves produce this 
type of save. Here everything is saved, maps, monsters, items, inventory, etc. 
However, this save only works while the Jaguar is on. Once the Jaguar is turned 
off the save goes away.

The second type of save is the Minimal save. Only the Cartridge save option 
produces this type of save. It saves only what is needed, in order to fit on 
the Jaguar's EEPROM. This save will work even if the Jaguar is turned off. To 
know what to expect, the Inventory, spells, and stats are saved. Along with all 
doors that were unlocked, essential traps and teleports. Also, monsters are 
partially saved. So if you kill one group of monsters they do not come back 
when you load the game.

The Game will automatically default to a full save game if one is available.


In Towers II you can toggle how the buttons work. Normally, 'A' is the Toggle 
button, 'B' is the Action button, and 'C' is the Spell Casting button. Pressing 
'C' with this menu will toggle these settings.


Move the hand pointer with your joypad to your character's picture and press on 
the arrow in the bottom right of the plaque with the Action Button 
(initially 'B').

Your character's picture should have flipped around to show the silhouette of a 
man and several small boxes located around him. These are the areas where 
you'll equip the items you find around the tower.

The top left box is where all the necklaces and amulets go. The box in the 
top-center should outline the character's head, all head gear goes here. On the 
next row, the far left box is carved with a small dagger. Any active weapon 
should go there.

The next box outlines the body of the character, all armor, cloaks, and body 
items go here. In the box to the right, shields, quivers, and any miscellaneous 
items go there. The next row directly underneath, are for gloves and rings. At 
the bottom, a box that outlines the feet of the character -- as you may have 
guessed -- are for boots and shoes.

Underneath the character window are four boxes for holding items. When you put 
the bag in one of these areas, it will open up eight more spots directly 
underneath. These can be used to store any item, weapon, and armor as long as 
you are strong enough to carry it.

You can always check you stats to find your current and maximum weight.

Special Note

Whenever you place an object on your character, be sure to check your 
statistics to see if it benefited or hindered you.



By pressing the toggle Button (initially 'A') will put you into a movement 
mode. Everything except for the compass, mana bar, and hit point Bar will 

If you push the joypad up, you will start to move forward. By pushing the 
joypad to the left or right will cause you to turn in the appropriate 
direction. You can also back up by pushing the joypad down.

If while holding the option key you push the joypad to the left or right, you 
will start to side step in that direction. Pushing the (4) and (6) keys will 
also side step you as well.

Picking up & Dropping Objects

To pick up an object, move relatively close and press the Toggle button. 
Everything will appear on the screen and the hand pointer, or whatever is in 
it, will also appear. Now move the pointer, with the joypad, over the object 
and press the Action Button. The pointer will now turn into the object and you 
can place it in your inventory. If you decided not to keep it, you can place it 
back on the ground or throw it. Just point the object somehwere on the screen 
and press the Action button again.

Opening and Closing Doors

To open a door, simply move in front of it and press the Action button, while 
the pointer is over the door. To close a door, just press the Action button 
while the pointer is over the door's opening and it will slide back into place. 
Many doors in Towers II are locked. These doors can only be opened by various 
keys or switches.

To unlock a door, you must be holding the appropriate key and then maneuver the 
pointer (which should be a key) over the door and press the Action button. You 
will hear a click as the locking mechanism opens. You can open and close the 
door as normal from this point on. To search for a secret door, just point the 
pointer on the area that you think can open and press the Action button. If you 
choose correctly, the area will slide open.

Using Chains and Levers

In various areas of the tower, you will come across chains and levers hanging 
from the ceiling. To use these chains, move the pointer over the chain and 
press the Action button. You will hear a click and see the chain lower or 
raise. You must be facing the wall when pulling the chain.

Facial Activities

Throughout the game you will find items to eat, drink and read. Simply pick up 
an edible item move it over the characters face and press the Action button. 
You will hear a satisfied crunch, and just know that you ate well.

Should you find a need to indulge yourself in one of the many potions scattered 
about the tower, just pick up the vial, move it over the characters mouth and 
press the Action Button. You should hear a gulp, as your character consumes the 
delicious liquid.

When you are curious as to the writings on a scroll, just pick it up and repeat 
the same steps like the food and potion. The writings will appear on the 
message canvas. Sometimes at the bottom of the canvas, the message "more" will 
appear. This means that there is still something to be read. Just press the 
More (8) button on the keypad to continue the text. if there is no "more" 
message, pressing the More button make the message canvas disappear.


In Towers II there are several characters that you can interact with. To see 
what someone has to say, simply maneuver the pointer over that character and 
press the Action button. You must be within speaking range. A character will 
never talk if he is frightened or hostile.

If you intend on giving a character an item of yours, hold the item over the 
character and press the Action button.

When you have objects in your pointer hand, be careful not to throw the item at 
them, it could make them mad. Get within arms reach before giving them an item 
or attempting to communicate with them with an item in hand.


Hand to Hand

Hand to hand combat is performed by being in movement mode and getting within 
striking distance. To strike out and bludgeon your enemy, press the Action 
button. If you don't have a weapon equipped in your left hand, you will punch 
with your fist.

If you hit your enemy you will see a brief blood spot and hear the sound of 
your weapon slicing through his side. If your enemy hits you, the screen will 
briefly flash red, and you'll hear a disgruntled grunt.

Using a Shield

For added protection, pick up the nearest shield and equip it on your 
characters right hand. To use the shield, simply press and hold the Action 
button. Your character will make a quick attack and then hold up the shield to 
help block oncoming blows. The longer you hold the Action button, the longer 
the shield stays up.

Missile Weapons

Out muscled? No problem, just equip your character with the nearest bow (right 
hand) and quiver (left hand). Stay out of arms reach and fire away (Action 
button). You will hear the delightful pluck of the bow string, as an arrow 
races away to find its mark in the heart of the nearest enemy. Pay close 
attention to the number of shots fired. Finding yourself out of arrows as a 
guard is running your way can prove to be painful.

Throwing Objects

Pick it up, aim it on the screen while in the hand mode, and press the Action 
button. The object will soon find itself sailing across time and space. 
Remember that every object has a different weight. Depending on the strength of 
your character and the weigth of the object will dictate the distance it will 
travel and the damage it can do.

Spell Casting

To cast a spell, you must first find a scroll with a spell on it. By reading 
the scroll, you will duplicate the spell on to your spell canvas. When the 
spell is on the canvas, maneuver over the picture representation of the spell 
and press the Action button. It will then say that you memorized the spell. You 
can also toggle which spell is memorized with the Spells (7) key.

To speak those magical words of power, press the Cast button (initially 'C'). 
If at first you don't succeed, well, you know the rest. If you cast a spell 
that has a delayed or continual effect, a spell representation will appear on 
the left side of the message canvas. When the spell ends the picture will