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Region: Bugs Bunny Release

Joe Cody of has sent us word that a previously unreleased version of the Atari 2600 game Bugs Bunny will be released at next month's PhillyClassic3. This version of Bugs Bunny is straight from programmer Bob Polaro, who will be on hand at PhillyClassic to hand out copies of the game as well as sign autographs. According to Joe Cody, this version of Bugs Bunny is more complete than the current version available, with a simultaneous two-player mode being one of the biggest additions. Included with the game will be be a full color reproduction box, color instruction manual and cartridge label.

Here is what Joe Cody had to say about this upcoming release:

"This is the complete version of the game which was demonstrated by Bob Polaro during Classic Gaming Expo 1999. Our games code is copied from the prototype held by Mr. Polaro since 1983. The incomplete prototype of Bugs Bunny is widely known and available for download on several sites. Our game has never been dumped, and as far as I can tell never had a screen capture taken or shown.

The story of how Bob came into possession of the only Bugs Bunny prototype with the finished game code is quite remarkable. Bob was the sole programmer and game designer on Bugs Bunny. Bugs was made into a lab loaner and play tested against Snoopy and the Red Barron some time in late 1983. Bugs lost the competion, although Bob reports it was more popular than Snoopy with the younger players. Bugs went back into development. Bob made a huge improvement by adding the second player option. Both players play at the same time, one as Bugs Bunny, one as Elmer Fudd. Elmer's hunting lodge was added as was the ability for Bugs to steal Elmer's bullets. The intermission and title screen remained. Bugs contains an original Easter Egg which has not yet been found and was long forgotton by Bob. This complete version of the game was readied for a Fall 1984 release by Atari. The project was unfortunately shelved at the same time Bob was let go from Atari in early 1984. This coincided with sale of Atari to the Tramiels and the removal of Warner Communications (Warner Bros.) from Atari's ownership.

In 2001 Bob contacted our firm,, and a partnership was created to bring Bugs Bunny to the classic gaming community. We decided to give it the full treatment: full color reproduction box, color instruction manual and cartridge label. We like to think that we've 'completed' a missing title from the original Atari 2600 game library.

Of very special note is Bob's continued support and enthusiasm for the project, evidenced by his agreement to travel from California to PhillyClassic3 to hand out copies of the game and provide autographs to any interested collector. Bob Polaro will be available at the booth during the show to meet with collectors, talk about Bugs Bunny, sign copies of the game and so on. This is a limited opportunity as no provisions have been made for signatures on demand after the close of the show. Total production run 250 copies. Show Price to be determined, but comparable to other recent releases."

Update, April 18, 2002: has announced a Bugs Bunny Easter Egg promotion at the upcoming PhillyClassic 3 expo. The Atari 2600 Bugs Bunny game scheduled for release on Saturday 27th at 12:30pm contains a hidden message from game programmer Bob Polaro himself, Bob and Graphic Artist Alan Murphy's initials. Be the first to successfully find the initials, crack the Bugs Bunny Easter Egg, and win two weekend passes to Classic Gaming Expo 2K2 including two nights at the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas compliments of

Bugs Bunny Box

Bugs Bunny Screenshot

To tide you over until PhillyClassic3, you can take a look at our existing Bugs Bunny entry, where you can look at additional screenshots as well as download the currently available binary image to try in your favorite emulator.