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Syndicate AtariAge News

AtariAge offers an RSS 2.0 news feed for syndication:

What is RSS?

RSS is a Web content syndication format. In simple terms, it is a file that we create that contains our latest news headlines. You can use that file to display the same news on your home page. Once you set it up, it's automated so that you never have to update it and you automatically get the latest news from AtariAge on your web site.

How to I subscribe to AtariAge's RSS Feed?

If instead you simply want to view RSS feeds available on AtariAge and other sites, you have many choices. There are quite a few standalone applications that will allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds on desktop and mobile devices for a variety of operating systems.

Additional Help

RSS 2.0 Specification - the specification we use on AtariAge
RSS Feed Validator - validate your RSS feed
Userland RSS Resources - links to many resources