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Ocean Depths - Atari Jaguar
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System: Atari Jaguar
Company: Starcat Developments
Model #: n/a
Year of Release: 2004
Media Type: CD-ROM
Number of Players: 1
Controller: Jaguar Controller
   Lars Hannig (Programmer)
 North America
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Ocean Depths - Box

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Ocean Depths is a new Jaguar CD-ROM release by Starcat Developments that is actually composed of three different parts:
  • Ocean Depths - Enter the foreign realms of Ocean Depths. Ocean Depths is a relaxing 3D ocean tour, with great looking graphics. Those familiar with "Ambient Monsters" on the NUON will have an idea of what this section is like.
  • Eerievale Demo - Eerievale is the a Jaguar horror adventure game in development by Starcat Developments. This playable demo is a taste of what can be expected when the full game ships.
  • JagMIND - Do you think you're good at cracking codes? Now you can play the classic game of Mastermind on your Atari Jaguar. Your objective in JagMIND is to guess the sequence of four color pegs chosen by random by the computer. How many guesses will it take you?
Ocean Depths is the first Jaguar game to include mouse support using the Starcat Developments Mouse Adapter. It's also one of the first homebrew Jaguar titles to be fully encrypted, eliminating the need for a Bypass Cartridge.

Ocean Depths can be purchased in the AtariAge Store.

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The Atari Times (by David Sherwin)73%
The Atari Times (by JagChris)55%
Average Score: 64%

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