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Atari Jaguar Manuals

Atari 2600 ManualsMost games for the 2600 really aren't all that difficult to figure out and thus the need for a manual isn't so great. There are some exceptions, for instance, you wouldn't want to have a go at Space Shuttle without the manual (and overlays!), but most 2600 games you can just plug in and go. However, it is nice to have the manuals for reference and of course the completionist will want them for his or her collection. Besides the raw instructions on how to play the game many manuals also contained a back story (really!), colorful artwork and even tips from the game's designer. Most 2600 manuals were printed in full color and were typically delivered in booklet style using staples to keep the pages together.

At present we do not yet have scans of many 2600 manuals online, as it takes some time to scan, crop and resize the large number (hundreds!) of manuals available for the 2600. These will be coming online soon, but in the meantime we do have a sizeable collection of HTML manuals that you can browse.

Title Search:

TitleCompanyMan HTMLProfile
Double Dragon VWilliams 
Space War 2000Self-Published 
Mad BodiesSelf-Published 
Protector: Special EditionSongbird Productions 
Club DriveAtari
Fight for LifeAtari 
Hover StrikeAtari
Hover Strike: Unconquered LandsAtari
Memory TrackAtari 
Blue LightningAtari
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Atari
ProtectorSongbird Productions 
Ultra VortekAtari 
Theme ParkOcean 
Zero 5Telegames 
Iron SoldierAtari
Iron Soldier IITelegames 
Iron Soldier IITelegames 
Trevor McFur in the Crescent GalaxyAtari
Flip OutAtari
Zool 2Atari
Kasumi NinjaAtari
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionAtari
Ruiner PinballAtari
Vid GridAtari
White Men Can't JumpAtari
Wolfenstein 3DAtari
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsAtari
Evolution: Dino DudesAtari
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureAtari 
Tempest 2000 SoundtrackAtari 
Towers IITelegames
Breakout 2000Telegames 
Soccer KidSongbird Productions 
Defender 2000Atari 
Tempest 2000Atari
Air CarsICD
Brutal Sports FootballTelegames
Atari KartsAtari
Primal RageTime-Warner Interactive 
Power Drive RallyTime-Warner Interactive
GORF ClassicSelf-Published 
BrainDead 13ReadySoft
Dragon's LairReadySoft
Space AceReadySoft 
Alien vs. PredatorAtari
Checkered FlagAtari
SkyhammerSongbird Productions 
Super BurnoutAtari
Pinball Fantasies21st Century Entertainment
Attack of the Mutant PenguinsAtari
Myst DemoAtari 
Troy Aikman NFL FootballWilliams
World Tour RacingTelegames
FlashbackUS Gold
Supercross 3DAtari
RaymanUbi Soft
Fever Pitch SoccerAtari 
Cannon FodderVirgin
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryAtari
Val d'Isere Skiing & SnowboardingAtari
Missile Command 3DAtari
Hyper ForceSongbird Productions 
International Sensible SoccerTelegames