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2003 Oklahoma Gaming Expo - Page 2

The Oklahoma Gaming Expo was held September 20th, 2003, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the show's first year, gamers gathered from all over Oklahoma to play, buy, sell and trade video games of all types! AtariAge was at the show with several game systems setup to play and a large assortment of homebrew and other games available for purchase. And of course, we were armed with a camera so we could get photos of the event!

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Boxed games at the Warpzone Video Games table.
More games, let's see, Channel F, Super Nintendo, NES, Genesis, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, did I miss any?
Tons of NES games!
Several boxed game systems, including a Sears Video Arcade box complete with yellow Sears "I-am-not-stealing-this" tape.
From left to right, Adventure II, Space Invader Collection, Homestar Runner, and Bounce!
The unreleased Jaguar game SpaceWar 2000.
Neo Geo fans getting some hands-on time.
One of two MAME cabinets at the show.
A HanaHo Arcade PC cabinet.
There was a healthy assortment of game systems setup for play--odds are good that your favorite system was there!
Two Atari 2600 systems flanked by some Commodore games and systems.
Phosphor Dot Fossils had several game systems on display, including a Playstation and two Odyssey 2 consoles (one of which had "The Voice" module attached).
OKGE organizer Jesse Hardesty takes a moment from his hectic day to pause for a photo (this was taken during setup).
Jesse brought some of his own game systems and games for people to enjoy. This is Andrew Davie's Qb, and to the right is Qb: Special Edition in its wooden box.
Space Dungeon for the 5200, complete with the 5200 controller coupler. Notice the blue LED in the 5200.
The recently released Jaguar Painter.
"These homebrew games are nice, yes, but don't you want a pink Galaxian shirt?"
A selection of homebrew games from Jesse Hardesty's collection.
More Neo Geo action.
Shane Kukiattikoon takes on more challengers with his Mario Kart Challenge. At the end of the day, Shane played over 200 rounds and was only beaten at 4.

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Pictures by Albert Yarusso