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2003 Oklahoma Gaming Expo - Page 3

The Oklahoma Gaming Expo was held September 20th, 2003, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the show's first year, gamers gathered from all over Oklahoma to play, buy, sell and trade video games of all types! AtariAge was at the show with several game systems setup to play and a large assortment of homebrew and other games available for purchase. And of course, we were armed with a camera so we could get photos of the event!

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Another happy AtariCart button customer.
Attendees trying their hand at the various games being demonstrated at the AtariAge booth.
Checking out the NOS (New Old Stock) 2600, 7800 and Lynx games at AtariAge.
This display case housed several rare Atari prototype hardware pieces on loan from Atari Items on display included the JagDuo prototype case, the 5100, a clear 7800, an Atari 2600 Jr. keyboard, and the Mindlink.
Adventure II was very popular throughout the day, being enjoyed via an Atari 2600 joystick thanks to the Redemption 5200 adapter.
Also popular was Paul Slocum's Homestar Runner RPG, being sampled here by a fan.
Another shot of Adventure II. Someone found the chalice!
Bounce! and Climber 5.
Climber 5 and JoustPong. In the foreground is the Space Invaders Collection cartridge for the ColecoVision.
Tank AI--finally, a single player version of Combat!
Homestar Runner RPG and BackFire, which made its first appearance at the Oklahoma Gaming Expo.
Many Space Invaders fans were glad to see a faithful rendition of this classic game on the ColecoVision.
JoustPong--a simple, yet addictive melding of two classic games.
Enjoying a game of Space Treat.
The three tournament machines in action. The object was to score the most points in a set amount of time in three games--Frogger for the 2600, Raiden for the Sega Genesis, and Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar. The winner received a Video Game Bible, Robotron for the 7800, a gold Quadrun cartridge, and a beautiful Zaxxon handheld.
Another shot of some tournament participants.
A closeup shot of the prizes.
Some fast-paced SCSIcide action in the background while someone scopes out an assortment of 2600 carts.
Strike Net had several PCs on hand for LAN gaming.
There was a large assortment of games for many systems--we don't think anyone went home empty handed!

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Pictures by Albert Yarusso